29. Oktober 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz 

Dream: I perceive the worldwide dying of an 
incredible high number of human Beings. 
It is not clear what they die of, it seems that a virus
has broken out. For me this is a heavy and very sad scene.  
(End of dream) 
Report: After I wake up and while I think about this dream picture, 
I am becoming aware of the nightly situation with my beloved son 
NOAH, before I went to bed. Around one o’clock in the night he cries 
and screams, just like 6 days ago and portrayed in the message 
“Days of Truth” http://www.lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2014/10/days-of-truth-asana-mahatari.html 
And leaves his bed in a hurry and remains frozen like a rock. 
Thereafter he crouches on the floor in an embryonic position 
and stares into space for two minutes without moving his eyes
or eyelashes. I ask him “Did you dream?” he replies “No”. 
I pick him up slowly and take him to his mother into bed. 
(End of report)

Shakedown in full Progress 

Beloved Ones,

These scenes bear witness that the shakedown of this world 
is in full progress. The dream picture and the nightly awakening 
of Noah show that the great upheavals are in the immediate 
vicinity of this your field of awareness. The “separation of the 
Galaxy reaches space-time” has been announced to you, and 
these are further consequences of this fact.

Intensive Days 
The days of truth have truly begun and several children and 
adults as well as awakened human Beings experience the 
cosmic upheavals “at close hand” due to their cosmic 
These human Beings perform their work as Creator Gods and 
thereby are included in the complex process regarding the 
ascension. Explicitly it is to be mentioned that these events 
do not occur on the level of dreams (Noah negates this),
instead this occurs in different worlds, which are in immediate 
vicinity of this world or are overlapping this world.

The “days of truth” are fulfilled on all levels of Creation and the 
light warriors of the first and last hours are therefore involved in 
these events to a very great extent. 

You are “guardians of this world”, 
accordingly are your assignments and 
correspondingly are you willing to act.

Souls and soul fragments, lost and confused soul fragments 
of a Being seek their new home. The “dying of many human 
Beings” in the dream symbolize this. 

Worlds go under, worlds develop, and in the midst of 
this dynamic stands the awakened human Being, 
stands you. 

Infinite rivers of Life flow through you and all energy fields 
of different holograms are purified by you. These processes 
are still a determining part of the transition. In addition 
your bodies are “reconstructed”.
This means that the chemical structure of your body 
changes and everything is oriented toward the 
multidimensional awareness of all Life.

These are processes, which challenge you 
very much – in every respect.
You experience at close hand the different courses of the 
mutation on different levels of All-That-Is (like Noah during 
the night and me in my dream, remark JJK), you are directly 
involved, which means: To experience the releasing fright
and the manifesting beauty of the mutation.
Furthermore this time continues to bring forth the 
dark, until it becomes light and stands in the Light.

The great cleansing jobs are in full progress; everywhere 
the hidden relicts of old time show themselves, on all levels. 
And the time has come wherein everything on this level will 
also become visible.
This dream picture and the report bear witness and confirm this. 

Remain firmly anchored, remain the Source of Light, 
now, as the Reality begins to surpass any imagination. 

We, the Ascended Masters are with 
you and I am amongst you.

In infinite Love,


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