8. Oktober 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Uplift yourself. Wake up!

The fire of Heaven redeems sin,
The fire of Heaven redeems suffering.
God is the only and eternal reality in these days of mankind. 
Days, wherein human Beings find themselves in the eye of the 
cyclone and transform themselves, in order to depart into the 
many Heavens.


This world is in God’s care!
All human Beings find themselves on their experience timelines, 
where the optimal insights for further existences are won.
The magnetic upheavals occur actually and simultaneously on 
many – and these become ever more – 4D levels. And Jahn has 
been involved in this synchronicity for the last three days: 

Dream I: I see how a massive tsunami 
and cyclone lower over the whole earth. 
Human Beings flee into their houses. However there 
they are expected by military and police henchmen, 
who go from house to house, and literally massacre them. 
A gruesome intensive scene, which still affects me during 
the day. (End of dream) 

Dream II (a day later): The first dream repeats. 
Yet this time in a milder form, the terror decreases. 
(End of dream) 

Report (after dream II): I am on my way to childcare, 
in order to pick up my beloved son NOAH, as three men from 
a funeral service come towards me from the house, where childcare 
is located. A recently deceased person in a grey coffin is transported 
away, on the shoulders, with the soulless honor, which is peculiar to 
a public funeral service. (End of report)

These scenes describe the actual events on the
different levels in different 4D worlds.

Jahn is now involved there, because the magnetic turning 
point also comes ever closer to this world.
The fire of sin, the fire of suffering also burns on this level 
of experience and everything will be redeemed in the fire of Heaven.
With much less terror, as this dream describes, yet for the unknowing 
ones formative enough, in order to gain new insights for themselves.

These scenes, described here, illustrate that the impacts truly come 
closer and closer until this world is also totally captured by this 
moment of transformation.

Wake up, as long as there is still time for it! Uplift yourself. 
There is still an opportunity for it, still and until the last moment in 
space-time, before the veils of forgetfulness lower again – for 
those, who have forgotten themselves.
Nothing can happen to those, who have fully entrusted themselves 
to God, nobody can do anything to those, who come home to God.

Yet suffering and pain must also capture many human souls in 
this world, because the unresolved deeds are turned over to the 
fire of Heaven, until they dissolve.
Death is the temporary and great Master of these days.
And it is death, which brings new life and offers a new reality for 
human Beings. Nothing dies forever, nobody gets lost eternally and 
even those, who in unique self-forgetfulness have served the different 
princes of darkness, will either be rebreathed into the Source or they 
receive new opportunities to redeem their evil deeds and flood their 
soul with Light.

This level has been captured by the next phase of transformation 
in the ascension process. In some locations above already turns 
below and below to above.
Recognize the signs of time, recognize the events in this world, 
another prelude to the great final act, which occurs on the day, 
which is close; out of one gush, out of one great throw, which 
the Creator holds ready for this world.

This last battle is short and the human spirit prevails 
over the manmade weapons. Time fulfills itself.

Wake up. Uplift yourself! 

You are almighty and you are almighty by means of and in God. 

I am among you

I am

Human Beings becoming Gods – BABAJI: 

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