8. Juli 2015


Report: In the dressing room area of the fitness 
club I hear the following dialogue:
FIRST ONE: How are you?
FIRST ONE: This is nice to hear.
SECOND ONE: Well, kind of, one just languishes.
FIRST ONE: I can only say, it could certainly be worse.  
(End of dialogue) 

After that I walk past the two men and see that the first 
one is a trainer of the club, therefore belongs to the staff, 
while the second one is a customer. (End of report)

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,

In this short scene it is demonstrated how far human Beings 
are distanced from self and from a clear perception of the 
environment. Furthermore it is demonstrated how far the 
chasm drifts apart between human Beings, which suffer 
under this system (incorporated by the customer), and 
the human Beings, which profit from the system 
(incorporated by the trainer).

Base Pattern of any Revolution 

Levels, which do not touch each other (one talks past each 
other, rem. JJK), projected onto the area of the world population 
means: broad mankind, citizens of all countries increasingly feel 
The critical mass increases rapidly and thereby those, who 
profit from this enslavement or participate themselves, no 
longer are aware of the consequences of this ignorance. 
Mankind’s history is full of such examples and the rulers 
never learn from it, because the majority are younger souls, 
which carry out a high office on one of the 3D or 4D worlds. 
And these souls exhibit a lack of wisdom, which entice these 
human Beings to many fallacies and many false decisions.
Thereby the events on this level of awareness of earth are 
predestined and history will repeat for all those human 
Beings, who resonate with the resonance field of these 

Energies will again discharge and “the staff” will 
not be able to set anything effective against it.

On this level the change, the revolts, begin on the lowest 
end of the pyramid, because there is an immense number 
of “informers”, human Beings, who profit from the system 
and for nothing in the world would greet a change.

This is the base pattern of any revolution; today with the 
difference that nearly the whole world is captured by it! 
The whole world.
While these discharges occur, the planet transforms itself 
and a new earth is born. The siblings from inner earth will 
make themselves be recognized, rush to your aid and Heaven 
will open to the light carriers of this time. The new dimension 
of All-That-Is will open up to you in these approaching days.

Next Phase of Discharges 

The next phase, which will lead to further discharges, 
is actually building up. This is a very powerful phase of 
redemption, which pertains to many areas of society and 
brings much evil to the surface. The slurry of old time is 
flushed out and some human Beings can barely bear the 
sight of it. 

The power of great historic events is inherent in these 
days. It remains to be seen, to what extent these already 
unveil now or to what extent still certain knowledge and 
pain loops are required until mankind uplifts in one gush, 
out of one throat and with one force. 

The closeness to such a ”great event” increases.
We reliably get to the eye of the cyclone under the 
protection of the Almighty. Thereby we remain unharmed 
and untouched by suffering. Captured by the wings of Angels 
we come to God and into the new world.
Truly: The chasm between human Beings widens.
The great swarm stands up and the rulers of impermanence 
forfeit their power, they lose everything.

Heirs of Eternal Life 

For these human Beings a new game begins in a new world, 
because the new human Being is liberated from any game and 
from now on lives in peace in a new world of kindness and 
harmony. Here we are talking about ourselves! 

We were empowered by God and we have entered the 
path of Love by ourselves so that foreign powers lose 
the power over us, and influence over our life. 

We are awakened and we see what is!
We are free of fear and the horror of these 
days also does not penetrate into our souls.
We remain pure, the dirt of time does no longer 
stick, we are awake and we look steadfastly at this world.
We recognize the truth and we follow the eternal Light: 
loyal to ourselves, bound to God and in the assuredness 
to inherit eternal Life in these days.

We are the ones, which count now.
We are many and become more and more.

Peace is with us.
Love is in us.
Light emanates from us.

In infinite Love

30 Reasons for Revolt – JAHN J KASSL:

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