2. Juli 2015


The Path of Our Society to a Pedophile World Order 
and a Way out. Presented by means of Gender-Insanity, 
Feminism and the Sex Education, not to be considered 
taboo, in Kindergarten and Schools.

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Great Britain, Vatican, Brussels
The British Royalty, the Vatican or the behemoth in Brussels 
are continually brought into connection with pedophile networks.

»The British Elite sinks into the abyss of shame.
Sex orgies with children, disappeared files and cover-ups: 
The pedophile scandal deepens the chasm between the 
British people and the political elite. Their reputation is 
already at the bottom. « (Die Welt) 4

»'Shame of the Church' has a grip on the Vatican
The dismissal of 384 priests due to child molestation shall 
confirm the hard line of the Vatican. Yet only in the case 
of a high-ranking perpetrator will we know 
how serious the Church really is.« (Die Welt) 5 

»In Great Britain the greatest child molestation scandal, 
which ever occurred, is being revealed! It is about organized 
child abuse, wherein elite networks from politics and prominence 
are entangled, in connection with Satanism – and certainly also 
with secret lodges.
The police investigate in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 
And these are the unbelievable facts, which belie those, 
who considered such cases as conspiracy theory:
– Thousands of victims,
 – 1433 suspected child molesters,
 – 135 from TV, Film and Radio,
– 76 Politicians,
– 43 from the Music Industry,
– 7 from Sport,
– as well as employees from schools, nursery schools, 
churches and sports clubs,
– many crimes are decades old,
– 216 suspects are already dead,
– Names have not been revealed,
– the Police expect 116,000 complaints until 
the end of the year.« 
(Michael Grandt) 6
And also the voices that the convicted serial killer Marc Dutroux 
has supplied European High Politicians and the behemoth in 
Brussels, do not want to be silenced.
Today one wants to no longer consider sex with children taboo 
and what has been a crime until today shall become norm. 
Evil becomes good, as well as war is peace long ago, even if 
the US and NATO armed forces bomb countries of their choice 
back into the Stone Age, leave behind uranium deserts and
commit one massacre after another under the cover of 
democratization. »Newspeak« pure, also here.

This is a human society no longer worth living.
The hunt for our children has begun, and everything 
is upside down.

In order to clean up such a world, where there is a lack 
of love, where truth is reinterpreted as a lie, evil is declared 
as good and right is considered wrong, requires great 
Foremost it requires divine providence and our common 
effort, so that this evil is banned from this earth, 
together with its roots.

Planet Earth

Mother Earth also suffers great agonies.
Mother Earth offers us everything, she is “over-abundant   
»quillt über« (© Jean Ziegler)” in food. Only the dark Orion 
elites want everything for themselves and every tree, every 
river, each plant and everything that grows on earth, they 
want to attach a price tag on it. Instead of granting every 
human Being, due to their birth, free access to all of life’s 
necessities (water and food, housing and possessions,
 education and becoming aware), we human Beings 
are exploited with gruesome methods (i.e. mind control 
via scalar waves, chemtrails, junk food and gene food, 
vaccinations, etc.) and due to wage slavery.

And now also our children!

Whereby our youngest ones, due to early childhood sex 
orientation, shrivel into consumers and subordinates, 
who have lost any orientation, are foreign to themselves 
and are removed from their families, for the perverse elite, 
the 0.01 percent.


After the industrial revolution (18th and 19th century) has robbed
families of their fathers and “feminism” or “women’s movement” 
has taken mothers way from their children, now the children 
themselves are withdrawn from the parents. 

»Feminism is our invention for two reasons. In the past only 
one half of the population paid taxes, now almost all, because 
women go to work. In addition the FAMILY IS BEING DESTROYED, 
and thereby we attain power over the children. They are under 
our control due to the media and are indoctrinated with our 
messages, and no longer are under the influence of a functioning 
We have created a BROKEN SOCIETY of egoists, who work 
(for a supposed career), consume (fashion, beauty, brands), 
whereby we incite women against men and destroy the partnership 
and the community of a family, thereby they are our SLAVES and 
they even find this as good. « You do not believe this?

Here is the interview with Aaron Russo, as Nick Rockefeller tried to 
“recruit” him, and as a proof of “their power” told him that the 
Rockefeller Foundation has invented feminism.Remarkable are 
also the statements about 9/11, the »War against Terror« and 
the chipping of mankind 7 (see source 7, YouTube, at the end 
of this article).

Childcare Centers full of Tears

Today we therefore have reached the extent that children are 
totally withdrawn from the parents and turned over to childcare 
centers and Kindergartens, the sooner the better. I myself see 
again and again, when I pick up my beloved son (4 years and 
2 months old) from Kindergarten, one he likes to go to since the 
fall of 2014, how small the children, which are in the adjoining 
childcare center in the same building, really are. Some can barely 
stand on their feet and must do without mama or papa for half 
the day.

The parents, under stress due to the job, bring them and pick 
them up, thereby look at their cell phone, work the whole day – 
with the children as an attachment – and are driven ones in the 
hamster wheel of the system. I miss life, because these pitiful 
human Beings, adults as well as children, are driven by mere 

And with the children, who at the hand of mama or papa 
leave the center, I perceive a peculiar paleness, a hopelessness 
and grief. With all? No, but with almost all of them!

And it would be bad enough, if it were just one!

Sometimes I get tears in my eyes with such scenes, it is 
abominable what is sold as a boon and what it is in reality: 
a crime against the youngest ones and the ones
needing the most protection!
Instead of directly giving the money, which a place in Kindergarten 
costs (in Germany and Austria about €1300 per month), so that 
the parents may have a real choice, the ones entitled for the 
up-bringing are extorted and due to their precarious job are 
kept at the existence minimum.
There are surveys saying that more women wish that they could 
remain with the children, want to remain with their children, if 
the financial situation would allow it. These surveys are ignored 
by politics, because what may not be cannot be. From development 
psychology we know how important the first 3 years of a child 
are for the development of a sense of basic trust.

And babies in childcare centers can never develop this kind of trust, 
because the entrusting binding to the mother is not given. And foremost 
single mothers indeed have no other choice as to leave their children in 
the morning and pick them up in the evening. What is expected of these 
women is unimaginable. And we are being sold the fairytale that it is 
possible to unite »Job, family and children«
(Heidi »Dumb« Klum sends greetings).

The high-gloss pages of the magazines and television are full of 
this nonsense. Human Beings are kept in a hamster wheel and 
did not choose it themselves! This must be clear to us regarding 
this nearly perfect crime. 
Because whoever must fight daily for survival, has no time to 
heal self or to be conscious of self. And he also has no time to 
look through this conspiracy of the 0.01 percent against all 
of mankind:

»The individual stands like paralyzed in front of a conspiracy 
theory, which is so monstrous that he can simply not capture it.« 
 J. Edgar Hoover (Founder and long-time head of the FBI, freemason)
In conclusion: The tour guide of the NWO have reserved the 
role of stupid slaves for us and it is up to us, to reject this role!

Say NO! Say STOP!

You will not get us!
You will not get us, or our children!
You will miss the goal of the New World Order NOVUS 
ORDO SECLORUM (on the back of the one dollar bill), 
because we ask you to turn back or to leave this earth!

You will be driven from this planet, which you give no respect 
to and from human Beings, to whom you have exalted yourselves 
as almighty judges, hounded out like bandits and criminals – 
which you are!

The last judgment will decide your ultimate fate, 
yet most of you will not escape earthly justice.
Be not so sure, even if with your stolen money, you have 
purchased great parcels of land in Paraguay (Bush, Clinton, 
Merkel) for the time after the third World War, because you 
want to save your own skin, while you deliver your counties 
to the knife, wherefrom you were supposed to 
protect them from damage.

You are the gangsters of this time; you are bandits and parasites, 
which do not stop in front of our children. You will be held responsible 
for your misdeeds and crimes in front of mankind! All of you!
»The ax has been set against the root! « (© Bible)

Sex Educators without Taboos

The state therefore has its own interest in our children! 
After the mothers followed the fathers into pay slavery, so that 
they also become tax liable, now it is necessary to destroy the 
whole family.
Hetero-Families (Father-Mother-Child) do no longer exist in the 
school student guides or are portrayed as a minority.
The mother-father-child relationship is a discontinued model. 
Expressions like »Mother« and »Father« are eliminated.
Today it says »Parent 1« and »Parent 2«, so that also those, 
who have chosen one of the in the meantime 4000 genders, 
may play papa and mama:
»Scientifically the existence of at least 4000 varieties of gender
is known.« (Lucie Veith, Chairman of the Federal Association 
of bisexual human Beings‚ “Gender Gaga” p. 42) I ask myself, 
which science Veith refers to and why the public knows nothing 
about it?

»The chairman of the Teacher Association, Bernd Saur, 
warned in the magazine ‚Focus‘, not to subject children 
to unsustainable infringements, due to sex educators, 
which are completely unfettered, publicly completely 
without taboos, because “topics like sperm swallowing, 
dirty talking, oral and anal intercourse and other sexual 
practices including group-sex constellations, preferred 
positions or the important question: How do you manage 
a whore-house” shall be discussed in class. The Education 
expert of the Greens, Sandra Boser, was outraged with the words: 
‚What Bernd Saur says is disgusting.‘ Thereby he only recited from 
“educational material”.

For a conversation in public, the judgment of “disgusting” 
was done, but tomorrow in school it is “education”«, 
writes Kelle on page 92 of her book.
Indeed: It is much and powerful what brews on earth at this 
time! We will experience a storm, like it has never been before, 
and the downfall of this civilization cannot be compared to 
anything before, because it pertains to the whole world 
and not just a part of mankind.

Yet in the greatest calamity we will partake of the greatest Grace, 
and the more intensive the inequalities appear on all fronts of 
society, the closer is the solution, and the dissolution and
overcoming of this Orion matrix.

It is up to us!

And exactly this is the reason why we, who hold the Light and 
count on Love, are incarnated in this world in great numbers!

We are the Light, we are Truth and we are Life, in a 
world that cries for Love and yet its elite denies the Truth, 
destroy Life instead of honoring and maintaining it.

Due to our example human Beings receive strength and courage,
human Beings grow beyond themselves and become capable to 
see things, to call them by name and oppose them. We are the 
transformation and due to this fact, society must transform itself – 
and that it does, we experience it nonetheless day for day with 
all the here revealed horrors.
Our Light wears out this darkness more and more, and it will 
dissolve it like a bad dream as soon as we awaken. 
Therefore today, more than ever, it is up to us! Each one of us.
But let us continue to turn the pages in the book of end time 
and let us spot the unmistakable signs for it.
As we have already explained, the crazy ones hold the 
rudder in the manifested world.

We are indeed guided by maniacs, psychopaths rule us!

This is a fact, which no longer can be denied, because it appears more than obviously.

Alone what »Juncker the Drunker« (© Nigel Farage UKIP), 
the EU Commission President (© When it gets serious, one must lie) 
displays as a picture of his “Glory” (nice to see on YouTube, source 
number 8 at the end of this article) is fatal and yet hardly more 
than everyday life in the political events of this time.
The decadence can be seen in these politicians and they 
notice it the least.

Therefore they usurp foremost to make decisions for us, 
decisions, which we do not want – continuously:

We do not want any wars. 
We do not want any hunger deaths.
We do not want any refugee dramas in Lampedusa.
We do not want TTIP!
We do not want Genefood in Europe!
We do not want a ban on cash!
We do not want water privatization!
We do not want a seed monopoly for Monsanto!
We do not want any EMS.
We do not want any gender language, and no traffic 
light symbols of men and women.
We do not want any new taxes, which flow into the bottomless
barrel of a State, which has been bankrupt a long time ago, 
while the State continues to remain bankrupt.
We do not want any disclosure of our bank accounts.
We do not want any new light bulbs.
We do not want »Smartmeters«, the »intelligent« current meter, 
in order to be much better observed.
We do not want cell phones or television sets, which listen 
in and eavesdrop on us!
We do not want any NSA-facilities for eavesdropping in our country.
We do not want any Chemtrails and no Geo-engineering.
We do not want any HAARP facilities.

We do not want and did not want much, and our politicians
have forced it on us, who are obligated to corporate fascism.

And foremost the majority of the population, mothers and fathers,
reject the early childhood sex orientation, because they know what 
kind of horrible results this produces: »Children, who are sexually 
stimulated, can no longer be educated. « (© Sigmund Freud)

The overwhelming majority of human Beings in Europe and 
certainly also in the whole world rejects or has rejected all of 
this and still much more, yet we have received all of this and
it is still on its way to us!

Something goes fundamentally wrong here and always against us, 
the citizen. On the other hand our politicians make common cause 
with the multi-national corporations and so one hand sweetens the 
other, and they are all dirty.

What can still be done?

As was already mentioned in the beginning, it is necessary to 
consistently continue our own transformation. There is no way 
around it until the last of all days. In the meantime the last great 
scene is building up and a mighty storm is brewing.
This is part of the purification and not a process, 
which should send us into fear.

Beyond that it is necessary to give this system answers:

10 Answers

1) Let us answer, whereby we publicize the evil of this system – 
one can no longer depend on the mainstream media. They 
have become part of the problem a long time ago and they 
are not part of the solution.
2) Let us answer directly to our politicians, whereby we write them 
mails, express our displeasure, because they fear nothing more 
than the people no longer being willing to buckle.
3) Let us answer to our mainstream media with letters to the editor, 
until their servers collapse, cancel our subscriptions, so that they 
can read their own garbage.
4) Let us answer, whereby we take up the word in our neighborhood, 
speak out the facts and call things by their name.
5) Let us answer, whereby we stay away from the ballot box.
6) Let us answer, whereby we give up the unconscious consumer 
slave, whereby we deny purchasing what the cartels offer us.
7) Let us answer, whereby we stand up for our conviction, whereby 
we protect our families, friends and foremost the children, and we 
are also willing to go to jail or subject ourselves to other sanctions, 
because they cannot incarcerate everyone.

If all revolt, the elite will be in the minority! 
We must become aware that we are the majority 
and are being suppressed by the minority.

8) Let us answer, whereby we carry our will into the world, 
that we remain 
oriented toward the Light on the inside and never allow evil to force us on 
our knees.
9) Let us answer, whereby we say No, when all nod and 
say yes when all have agreed on a No.
10) Let us answer, whereby we maintain our own high vibration, 
so that on day X we enter into the Light, because this Orion 
matrix will be torn down and erased from this world, and 
remaining will: the remembrance of a great experience, 
which equaled a nightmare, which we ended together 
with the Light forces.

This »great time« on earth is for each one of us foremost also a 
time of great challenges. In every nook and cranny this society 
breaks apart and before the new one is anchored it is necessary 
to keep one’s nerve and to remain in the Light and Love vibration.

Please let us consider one thing: We have come in order to uplift 
this earth, and we have also come in order to eliminate darkness 
from this world.

Due to the power of our willpower, due to the power of our 
determination, due to the power of our tenacity.

It is up to us to repeat the truth consistently, as the lie 
is repeated, so that we can create a balance until the 
truth prevails and the Light has triumphed.

No Place for »Elites«

Regarding the topic of early childhood sex orientation, 
we have the choice to let this happen with us or to reject it openly.
This requires a firm decision, like fathers and mothers had done in 
Germany, when they stood in front of their children for protection 
and public authority descended on them. 

In conclusion: There is no place in this world for the elites, 
which incessantly bring suffering to mankind, which continue 
to defile Mother Earth and even do not recoil from the greatest 
of all crimes, namely to rob the soul from the children.

»Population reduction« with the opposite polarity sign, 
because  we are not the plague of this planet, instead 
it is the 0.01 percent elite, which have declared this 
planet and mankind their sole property and have 
proclaimed themselves as rulers of  this world.

Birgit Kelle formulated the concluding statement in »Gender Gaga« 
perfectly: »If the people do not fit the ideology, then there are 
only two possibilities: Either one changes the ideology – or the people.
Gender mainstreaming has chosen the second possibility. 
It is time that the people contradict. « (Gender Gaga, p. 181)

And it is time that we let our politicians, corporate heads and 
presstitudes blatantly understand that we completely reject 
this Pedophile New World Order (PNWO): 

that enough is enough, that we are fed up 
and that they can kiss our a….! (You Tube) 9

Jahn J Kassl 

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Protection of Children – ASANA MAHATARI:

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