29. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Siblings from the Light! 

Exercise lovingness and be a place of refuge for 
every human Being and the source of living compassion. 

It is necessary to set right: Not to let oneself be absorbed by 
the suffering of fellow human Beings does not at all mean that 
the suffering of your fellow human Beings should be foreign to 
you or that you should overlook it.

Open your Eyes 

For the misery in this world, but foremost open your 
heart for the needs of your fellow human Beings. 
There is no lesser life, there is no worthless life, 
because everything emerged from the Source and 
was born out of God.  

Continue to set boundaries against energetic or physical 
infringements! This is a necessity of this time, so that you 
are never pulled into the vortex of misery, yet be vigilant 
and be an open observer of all life in this world. Recognize 
the increasing misery, under which more and more human 
Beings lead a miserable life, a life, which is barely worth 
living, a life, where the living are envious of the dead.
Compassion and lovingness toward your siblings from the 
Light on all continents is the hotbed, whereupon the change 
occurs and the transition happens.  

The injustice, the pain and the suffering, which 
your fellow human Being must experience, shall 
not leave you apathetic; instead it should entice 
you to actions, which eliminate them. 

Have courage, and do not back off! Do not let yourself 
be taken by misfortune, yet face it decisively in order 
to eliminate it. No human Being deserves his “suffering” 
and nearly every human Being wants to experience relief 
and happiness. 

The law of karma may not serve you as an 
excuse in order to look aside and to remain idle. 

Each human Being is kept alive due to God’s breath 
and in this wonderful manner is nurtured by God.

Path of Mindfulness 

Walk on this new path of mindfulness.
Look at the misery, without sliding into the misery and 
remain in compassion. Human society is a unity in front 
of God and has been kept in separation in this world. 
Empathy and love overcome this separation and prevail 
over those, who have caused this separation. Be aware 
of your power of Love without negating hate! Be aware 
of how narrow the degree of recognition 
is and how precisely it is necessary to recognize 
the right allocations.

Also lovingness requires this awareness from you. 
Like goodness and empathy, a realized soul radiates 
lovingness, because this soul thinks, senses and acts 
far from lower motives.

Before the fallacy that segregation without lovingness, 
rejection without empathy and the energetic protection 
without understanding and goodness spreads among 
light entities, I point to that in this message, because 
it is true:
Among light carriers of this time there are many, 
who no longer recognize the “lost mankind”, who 
do not see the misery of end time, and who back 
off from wounded human hearts, instead of giving 
them solace and be a Light in darkness.

The change of society in its root emanates from the 
light warriors of this time and as long as you are in 
service in this world, you are the ones who count, 
because you are the Light, the truth and Life, for 
those, who stand far from life’s abundance and still 
have not uplifted themselves from the suffering, 
which they have been subjected to. 

Each human Being deserves to be loved and 
be touched by the Light, also if this Love and 
this touch are rejected by so many human Beings. 

To feel empathy for all human Beings.
To exercise lovingness toward your fellow human Beings!
To meet your earthly siblings in goodness!

Nonetheless the necessity remains that you should continue 
to protect yourself from any infringement, that you remain 
vigilant and that you must clearly discern!

What am I dealing with?
This is the question, which counts today.

It is true: The drowning ones of this time cling on to you! 
And the greatest aid is the one that you do not avoid this 
reality; instead you go toward it and work against it with 
the means, which are available to you, there, where you 
are put. 

Do not deny anything, recognize what is, 
allow what appears, and accept life in its totality. 

Open your heart,
Without filling it with new burdens.
Open your being for this reality at the end of this time. 
And it is true: 

While darkness seems to be omnipresent, 
Light prevails. 

I am Love and Life

I am

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