1. Juli 2015


The Path of Our Society toward a Pedophile 
World Order. Presented by means of Gender-
Insanity and the rampant “Early Childhood 
Sex Orientation”, recently even in Kindergarten 
of our Youngest Ones.

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

»Early Childhood Sex Orientation – The Willy-Doll-
Pederast-Policy«,  »Sex Education in Kindergarten«, 
 »Sense of Shame unwelcome«, »Exhibitionist-Willy-
Doll Lutz«, »Perversity as Protection? «, 
 »Enforcement Custody for Parents« 

These are the subtitles of a perfectly mouthful article by 
Falk Schmidli, which the Kopp-Verlag picked up and was 
published in Lichtwelt1. 

»War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, 
perverse Games are Protection against Perverts«, it continues 
and in summary our “Civilization of Newspeak” can be entirely 
reduced according to Orwell’s description in 1984. 
(»Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen 
Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled
language created by the totalitarian state as a tool to limit 
freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the 
regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, 
and peace. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s 
construct is classified as "thought crime". 
The language follows, for the most part, the same 
grammatical rules as English, but has a much more 
limiting, and constantly shifting vocabulary. Any synonyms
or antonyms, along with undesirable concepts are eradicated.) 

Gender Gaga 

And a highly recommendable and yet easy to read book 
from Birgit Kelle,  »Gender Gaga«, wherefrom I will continue 
to recite, has among others the following subtitles: 
»From Delivery Room to going off track«, »Female Zebra Stripes«,  
»Gendergaga-60 Ways to Leave Your Lover«, »A Whorehouse for 
Everyone as Part of the Curriculum« or »Gender appropriate 

The Gender-Insanity therefore has reached a new climax. 
This becomes more than obvious in the example of “Early 
Childhood Sex Orientation” already at the age of Kindergarten (!), 
whereby the “Sense of Shame” is driven out of the youngest ones. 
(»The loss of the sense of shame is the first indication of insanity« 
 © Sigmund Freud), and a totally unacceptable sex behavior shall 
be conditioned. 
Thereby the souls of children are mutilated and hearts broken, 
this is how the system educates the slaves, which become 
incapable of Self- or Outside-reflection.

An insane system needs insane human Beings, 
who keep the system alive and due to gender 
ideology it is complied with.

Decadence and Perversity

It becomes more and more apparent, how decadent and 
unacceptable this Orion System has become and how fall 
height and fall velocity to the downfall of this “civilization” 
exponentially increase. While “Butt Grabbing” actually causes 
public outcry in Austria and shall be put under stronger punishment, 
children in Kindergarten and in school must handle porno catalogs 
and have to endure porno education. In Germany there are cases, 
where children had to throw up and left class entirely irritated.

And there are cases when parents want to protect their children; 
they are taken into enforcement custody. Germany is a forerunner 
of this idiocy, even though the Austrian government makes every 
effort to steal the march on Germany. 
What is tabooed among adults, namely direct sexual suggestions, 
is asked of our children. The earlier they know about fucking the 
better, this is the motto. 

Birgit Kelle asks: »Must my nine-year old really learn in basic 
school how to put a condom over a wooden penis, because 
otherwise there is the danger that by mistake he gets the girl 
sitting next to him pregnant?« (…)»These must be very special 
teachers, as an example, to invent pantomime games, whereby 
students shall present expressions like “darkroom”, “coming too 
early”, “sadomasochism” or “porno” as funny games in front of 
the whole class. This is included in an instruction pamphlet of 
the Institute for Education and Media in Berlin-Brandenburg 
(LISUM.)« (Gender Gaga S83) The solution?

Nip Things in the Bud! 

Everywhere where we can, we must fight against it. 
We must stand up and raise our voice!
We must show the elites that enough is enough, 
that we are fed up and that they can kiss my a..! (You Tube)2
This is one thing.

Furthermore it is necessary to continue the indispensible 
task of our own transformation – without ifs or buts.
Thereby we gain the courage, the perspective and the 
power of distinction, because it is time to defy the 
»Nest of Vipers« (©Bible) and thereby return to Love 
and back into our center – to the kingdom of peace within. 
This makes us strong and lets us take up the word at every 
available opportunity or lets us embark on appropriate actions.

Without a doubt: We are being forced to take up a fight, 
which we no longer wanted, and we will prevail.
»As long as you fight, because a fight was imposed on you, 
you remain free of further karmic entanglements.« Sananda

What the actual elites do to us, they do to the living planet 
Mother Earth – and have done it for centuries! Today it is 
time to say STOP!
It is time to face these impositions courageously and without 
fright, it is time for a radical change of all members of this 
society. Meaning, the “great event”, which the Ascended 
Masters again and again talk about in the transmitted 
messages to me, will remove this evil, because this totally 
perverted society cannot be healed any longer in an 
established manner.

Our elites simply do not want to face the reality of their 
urgent need for therapy and therefore it is no wonder 
that they will continue with their game until their own 

The horror of this “diabolic world order” has many names and 
many faces; we know them, because we face the suffering of 
mankind every day in the streets and in the pictures of the news. 
This ruling caste is incapable of turning back and has only one 
thing on its mind: to enslave all of mankind and to continue to 
exploit the earth.
And the attention is directed to the smallest and most vulnerable 
ones – the children – and at the same time the greatest of all 
crimes is done to them: the mutilation of their souls.

Pedophiles: »They like it«

I remember a, at that time highly respected, lawyer in Viennese 
society, regular guest in the coffee house, where I worked as a 
waiter 28 years ago. This man with two PHD’s, he was always 
regarded by us as “pedophile” and we employees internally 
gave him the to the point nickname “the perverse”, declared 
to me one day, just as an aside and equally bluntly, children 
like to have sex with adults, and he repeated: “They like it” - ! 
I was speechless. Fortunately, today this lawyer is behind bars, 
because in the course of a main police effort, a great pedophile 
network was dismantled in Upper Austria, he was arrested and 
was sentenced as a criminal.

And what does gender ideology and this single 
case have to do with early childhood sex orientation?

Very, very much. Following I will explain more.
Namely the experience reported here shows very clearly 
how such sick adults tick and how they misinterpret the 
entirely innocent access of children to their own sexuality, 
only in order to justify their perversion. One of these 
disturbed pedophiles, who is still running free, 
is without a doubt:

Daniel Cohn-Bendit 

»They want it«… certainly also this politician, of the Green 
modesty, prohibition and mores party (»I am not only a 
paper fucker« © Daniel Cohn-Bendit) is convinced of it.

The Green politician for many years was the front man of 
his party on the European level and is a prime example of a 
pedophile, who does not hide his tendencies, but for unexplained 
reasons, one has not been able, does not want to or could not 
hold him accountable. Read for yourself:
»In the meantime it turns out that under Cohn-Bendit’s responsibility, 
there are many more pedophile statements than was surmised so far
In ‚Pflasterstrand‘, a City magazine of the Frankfurt Left between 
1977 and 1990, one finds repulsive texts again and again.
‚Last year a six year-old comrade girl seduced me‘, it is said in 
1978 in ‚Gedanken eines Sauriers‘. ‚It was one of the most 
beautiful and most speechless experiences, which I ever had… 
and now it is also not important to write a treatise about the 
pros and cons of pederast.‘ Cohn-Bendit was the editor of 
Two years later he reasons in the issue about “target quotas of 
children”: “For all age ranges from May to June (regeneration time), 
for one to three year olds the honeymoon period is the whole first 
half of the year….the admissible highest target year has been 
lowered by two years compared to previous years (the year 
of the child) to 14 years.‘ One can read this as a suggestion 
of the discussion at that time about the admissibility of – 
how pedophile activists called it at that time - ‚Sex with Children‘. 
Cohn-Bendit made a comment to that effect on French television. 
‚The sexuality of a child is something fantastic. One must be honest, 
serious, with the really small ones it is something different‘, said 
Cohn-Bendit, ‚but when a small five year-old girl begins to undress: 
It is fabulous, because it is like a game, an insanely erotic game.‘

(…)‘I am not only a paper fucker, instead a convinced fucker 
with many phantasies and dreams, which are neither ugly or 
beautiful…only the gauging of what we have in us, what
indulges in our relationships, is difficult.‘« (FAZ)3

This entirely perverse sexual tendency of the “paper fucker” 
should foremost make also our authorities “speechless” and 
therefore I ask myself, why this mentally ill Green one has 
not been held responsible for his public display of his navel? 
Certainly behind closed curtains, he would get along 
dazzlingly with the double PHD from the coffee house.

And thereby it is frightening that Cohn-Bendit is only one 
of many of the »Greens«, who openly supports sex with 
children or the legalization of sex between siblings. 
Even the mainstream media, generally blind in one eye, 
have already noticed this:
»The Greens are all child fuckers.« (taz)» 
The Greens, like a honey pot for pederasts.«
(Die Welt)
»That pedophilia has been presentable, is confirmed 
by documents.« (Die Welt)
»Sex with children has been partially sold as an altruistic 
educational boon for children.« (Wirtschaftswoche)
»Additionally the animosity toward the governmental 
“repression apparatus” ensured that when in doubt one 
prefers to sympathize with pedophiles rather than with 
public prosecutors.« (Die Welt)

These summarized quotes, in the actual book by Michael Grandt  
The Greens, are supplemented with his own perceptions. On the 
back cover of the book, it says: »they allow themselves to be 
photographed in front of sunflowers, and they call themselves
the peace party. They appear as the glowing defenders of 
environmental protection and social justice. And they condemn 
mistreatment of children, foremost the cases in the Catholic 
Church, made public a few years ago. Yet whoever looks behind 
the scenes of the party “Bündnis 90/Die Grünen”, the true face 
is only then revealed – the ugly grimace of a moral party 
without any morals.« 

And on the inside cover it continues:
»I personally do not trust the Greens one iota. Not one! 
Their moral claim, their knowing better and their always 
raised index finger against others get really on my nerves.«
(All quotes are from the actual book by Michael Grandt: 
Die Grünen, 2015, KOPP)

»Early Childhood Sex Orientation« - What for?

»Early Childhood Sex Orientation« is the preliminary stage, 
in order to give acceptance in society to sex with children 
entirely according to the taste of the “convinced fucker” 

Quite cleverly this crime is portrayed as new “education” 
and is flanked with extensive gender measures.
Slowly, what was considered a-normal, is becoming normal, 
what so far was unnatural shall become natural, whereby 
children are confronted with pictures and situations, which
their souls can never handle, this shall be achieved.
The souls of children are incurably broken and the politicians 
are perpetrators themselves, if pedophiles, or at least co-
perpetrators, enact this worst-case scenario for the souls 
of our children in Parliament.

The perverse (in Latin perversus = contorted, wrong) is uplifted
to the norm and what is “right”, the inborn sense of shame and 
the slow and individual approach toward one’s own sexuality, 
is declared as fusty, antiquated, conservative and warped.

»1984« is surpassed – »Newspeak« across-the-board. And 
entirely incidentally one may ask, where did George Orwell 
get these future visions from and which sources did he use 
to write his novel.

War against Children

Every developmental and child psychologist will confirm that 
under such a burden children’s souls can never grow into healthy 
and self confident human Beings. Indeed, the sick politicians and 
their bosses (many at least with a pedophile artery or with 
gruesome pedophile past and present), instead of undergoing 
a thorough therapy themselves, want to adapt society to their 
own needs. In short:

Early childhood sex orientation is the first step toward a 
pedophile society, where sex between adults and children 
becomes the norm and shall no longer be punishable.

And the highest political circles have great interest in it.

(The second part with a way out will be 
published at this site tomorrow)

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