3. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

in times of great changes, wherein great turning points of a 
world are fulfilled, the world is full of Saints, Masters and great souls – designated and experienced Light warriors; and the time is now! 

Do not be afraid! 


I announce to you today that God has become human! 
In many locations, in many places, God manifests in 
flesh and blood at many crystallization points of this earth. 

God is amongst you as one of you, in order to support mankind 
and this planet in this epochal as well as universal change.
Whenever a world transitions from one into another condition 
and thereby has to master many “critical situations”, whenever 
a civilization swings up to the next step in knowledge, God is 
then omnipresent in that world – in form and formless, in 
vibration and in Light. For all human Beings, who in view of the 
actual developments in this world develop quam or worries, 
this means: Do not be afraid!

The outcome of this change is certain!
Heaven’s assistance and God’s closeness are absolute.
God is amongst you human Beings, so that you can take 
the last steps, often they are the most difficult ones. 
Departing from the old and entering into the new time 
means immense efforts in strength for every human Being; 
and now God lifts you up and out of the dark. What today is 
threateningly building up in this world, will, even before it is 
totally unleashed, collapse in itself, sink into the void and will 
be removed from this world.

Until then it will continue to build and until then the Light flux 
to earth will continue to increase; and until then it is necessary 
to remain steadfast, to hold out and to put one’s roots deeply 
into Mother Earth, because whoever remains connected 
with Mother Earth, is protected by Mother Earth. 

It is significant as well to remain open to the above and to 
the heavenly forces, because whoever is one with Heaven, 
walks past death and the upheavals in this world pave 
their way far from such a human Being.

Upheaval is near!

I have come in order to bring to you the message of the 
nearing upheaval in this world on all levels: an upheaval, 
which changes everything and leaves behind all life transformed. 
The great events, which were announced to you, take their course. 
What is “distorted” by space-time, means that whatever is in waiting 
occurs then, as soon as the degree of vibration of the planet and the 
collective vibration of the ascending ones have reached the necessary 
degree. „Delays” are illusions in time, because in God’s Creation the 
Now exists, when all Life experiences itself in a “joint moment”.

I have come to you in order to give you courage and in order 
to strengthen you. Your decisions for ascension must be 
consolidated in you. Any germinating doubt must be uprooted, 
so that you remain a tower of strength in stormy times and the 
Light in the last moments of a dark time.

Much of what seemed impossible for you in these days feels 
therefore insurmountable, because you were never confronted 
with similar challenges in any of your existences in this world.
The unique event of ascension is for mankind and for the 
planet also a unique and absolutely new challenge.
Out of the sand of old time a new world rises up.
Life becomes dust, wherefrom the golden blooms on 
earth grow forth.

We are the unbound power of Heaven,
We are God’s almightiness, we were born out of God and 
we return to God. Look out for the changes, remain vigilant
witnesses of the downfall of old time and the beginning of
the new world.

Flood this world with Love; bring Heaven’s Graces to 
mankind, also to those, for whom the time of Grace 
has still not begun. 

Be the living example of a loving God, 
who knows his assignments and recognizes 
why he is walking on earth in this time. 
Bless all life, take a bow in front of creation 
and nurture yourself in the omnipresence of 
the Creator. 

I am amongst you,
God’s Power on Earth


Arrival of High Light Entities of the 6th and 7th Dimension

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