23. Juli 2015


Next Light Reading on Friday, July 31st, 2015
With a message from MOSES
Place: Palais Strudlhof, Strudlhofgasse 10, 1090 Vienna 
Livestream beginning at 6 pm local time (MEZ) 

Photography © 2014 Jens Schnabel, Munich

We Complete our Work

Beloved Ones!

We have spent many lives together in Lemuria or in Atlantis. 
We are the “Great Old Ones” of the first days and we are the 
“Great Wise Ones”, who are passing the last days of this 
mankind now.

Today we complete what needs to be finished and we create 
God’s kingdom in this world, entirely according to the image 
of those first days, as we were deeply joined with Mother 
Earth due to our Light and due to our Love.

Nobody among the unconscious human Beings can 
correctly assess or evaluate the dimension of your work.
How honored and respected your service and you are in 
the universe of the Light, only Heaven knows this and all 
those, who have entered into Heaven before you.

I am the energy, which joins you with the new earth.
I am the strength, which prepares you for the new earth, 
so that you may anchor yourself there, whereby you may 
merge with the Light of your home and with the siblings, 
which expect you beyond the veil.

I strengthen you and I walk ahead of you.
As you wish it, I stand by you, until the ocean 
parts again and you can enter into the world 
of the Light. 

Never did you have to stand on your own feet 
alone and you never will be, because the great 
number of Ascended Masters has entered into 
this world!
I am one of them from this circle, who we create 
new out of old; awaken the dead to life and answer 
hate with love. 

The course of this world changes in these days.
So it is.


Invitation to the Light Reading - MOSES:
Light Reading Live-Stream at 6pm: 
or http://www.streamago.tv/general/14522/

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light
Reading lifestream or on location. 

Elija Prophecies 49-65 – JAHN J KASSL: 

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