18. Juli 2015


Message from the Light Reading on June 26th, 2015 in Vienna 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Access Portals to 5D are open! 

I am amongst you!
I have come in order to herald to you the good news of 
the new reality: From today on the access portals to the 
5th dimension and to inner earth, which exists on this 
vibrational level, is open!
Each human Being, who from now on wants to be accepted, 
will experience this reality and will receive all healings, 
which are in waiting or are still outstanding.


High Priest and the Light, which is regularly 
revealed to its siblings on upper earth.
Therefore today I acknowledge and affirm the 
great gift, which is manifesting in these hours. 
(meaning: the „Crystal Cube of Ascension“, which 
has been presented during this Light Reading. rem., JJK)

„Crystal Cube from Atlantis“ 

But what is the special, the extraordinary characteristic 
of this gift, the „Crystal Cube from Atlantis“?
They are the abilities and the energies, which emanate from 
it, and it is the fact that each human Being, who has activated 
this “ascension crystal” and works with it, can experience a 
direct encounter with the Ascended Masters, the Archangels
and high Light entities.

The time of uncertainty in these interests is over!
Closeness and intimacy in a new quality can from now 
on be experienced with your siblings from the Light. 
This is of great significance, because in this certainty, 
in this trust, great healings may occur. 

From now on you are entirely put into your self-
responsibility and your rebirth occurs in the 
countenance of the Light. 

Furthermore, this gift means, as it is activated, that you 
remain constantly bound to the frequency of the 5th dimension.
This vibrational frequency also means that your awareness will 
change rapidly. You will partake of a jump in consciousness to
an unbelievable extent and these 3D and 4D worlds will very 
soon be only a shadow, before they will finally dissolve 

For today and for this message, the manifestation of the 
„Crystal Cube Atlantis“ on upper earth means: that human 
Beings can more easily leave this matrix, that they ascend, 
whereby they enter into their innermost and experience the 
long-desired spiritual upheavals and gain new insights!
You shall know, we in Telos are also outfitted with such 
crystals and they render us great, valuable and wonderful 

Enjoy this gift; at this time there is not a second 
one of this kind on earth.

Beloved Ones,
Now I direct my Light also to the “status of things”, 
regarding the developments on upper earth.

“Status of Things” 

Know: The dark forces thin out.

More and more shadow entities, greys, dark ones or
representatives from dark levels of this universe must leave 
this planet. Even though it may not necessarily look that way 
to you, it is a fact. The last deadlines have expired and now 
these forces are leaving this earth. 
Nonetheless the still existing dark ones stoke fear and they 
try to rule mankind by all means. Yet in all corners of this 
world this power slips away from them and from now on 
this will become more visible to you week by week.

In addition it is to be noticed that the Love vibration 
increases on this upper earth.
The Light affects this and it also affects that everything, 
which until now has carried out a comfortable and secure 
existence in darkness, will and must show itself! 

The more revelations come to light, the more 
obvious it will appear that one power is at work 
here that enables this. And this power is: 
God’s Light! 

Beloved Ones,
From now on you can enter an entirely new level of 
consciousness! What therefore are the requirements, 
which are asked of you?

1.) Complete Devotion
2.) Complete Self-Love
3.) Complete Trust in God
4.) Unconditional Love

New Consciousness 

We have reached the point in time, when still existing hate 
in the hearts of Light warriors and Light entities will be 
redeemed on upper earth. Today the maturity of more and 
more human Beings is given and the tools are ready for it. 
A great time fulfills itself, the return of the living Christ is 
being fulfilled, you are being fulfilled and no force in the 
world can hinder this.
With today’s date the last still acting systems, which 
blocked the Light influx from the Central Sun, have 
been removed and are ineffective.

The liberation of the energy from the “Crystal Cube 
of Ascension” affects this. This has been the actual 
reason and cause for the fact that this manifestation 
has been foiled and blocked in such a manner.

It has occurred! The Light has prevailed! Celebrate!

I am with you. I am you.


The "Crystal Cube of Ascension" is immediately available. 
The Workbook (Illustrated Book), in order to be able to work 
with the "Ascension Crystal", is exclusively available in German. 
An English version is in preparation. 

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
by language barriers and therefore every human Being, 
no matter what one's language is, can experience the
Light Reading lifestream or on location. 

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