19. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: „The whole world heals!“, I hear a voice saying 
this and then until I wake up repeatedly: „Everything heals, 
everything heals, everything heals, everything heals…“ 

Beloved Ones,

The great time of Grace of the Creator has begun!
Infinite streams of Grace from the prime Source of
All-That-Is come to earth in these days. Gifts of great
power, sacred value and outfitted with God’s Spirit 
accompany and strengthen Mother Earth and awakening 
mankind on their path into the Light.


Amongst human Beings and a source of Light for the 
living Mother Earth, a place of strength, the undivided 
consciousness, which has been anchored in this world 
and which serves mankind – until the end of all days.

„The whole World heals“ 

This fact determines the course of this time.
Even though it seems unbelievable, also if fear 
inducing events appear in front of your eyes, the 
days are nonetheless imprinted with healings and 
not with pain and new experiences of suffering. 
The refinement of human Beings has begun and in 
the middle of darkness the swarm of “chosen ones”,
those light warriors who have chosen the ascension for 
oneself, because they have prevailed over their lower 
nature and thereby have attained access to the gates 
of knowledge. 

„Everything heals, everything heals“…. 
How true, how correct, and how wonderful.

In this message I will talk to you about the gift for 
Mother Earth, the gift, which is being activated in this 
time quality and which the loving Mother of all Life in 
this world has joyously accepted.

And this human race has prepared this 
gift for the living Mother Earth.
And this gift is defined by your unconditional 
willpower to fully subscribe to your further 

Crystal Cube from Atlantis 

At this occasion the time is ripe to transfer the 
“Crystal Cube from Atlantis” to mankind, so that the 
miracle of enlightenment in human Beings may occur 
and the uplifting of the planet may be fulfilled. 
This manifestation lifts Mother Earth to a new vibration 
and this means that all life partakes in great and far-reaching 
healings. The energy of the “collective Crystals”, meaning all 
crystals, which so far have arrived at the Lichtwelt Project, 
already have an effect and with the activation by each human 
Being, in order to work directly with the Crystal, this energy 
is increased and potentiated.

Yet this also means that the process of transformation of 
the individual and of the planet continues with a so-far 
unreached velocity and is accompanied by unimaginable 
discharges on the Mother planet. Because before the Light 
takes on the regency on this earth, before Love is omnipresent 
among human Beings and before the kingdom of peace begins 
in this world, everything warlike, anything dark and everything 
of evil must be burnt, banned or be transformed.

And so it is, and so it comes, and so it occurs:
„Everything heals, everything heals“… How true.

Mother Earth has gratefully accepted the gift of 
the unconditional devotion of many human Beings 
toward their own transformation and thereby the 
rebirth of the planet may be fulfilled in a new manner 
for many human Beings.

1.) In joy for the ascending ones and in 
absence of suffering.
2.) In deep trust in God for the ascending 
ones and far from doubt or hopelessness.
3.) In the certitude for the ascending ones that 
God is omnipresent and in the consciousness that 
they are under God’s complete protection.

Space-Time Phenomena 

Mother Earth has begun to anchor her whole entity 
on the highly vibrating level of the 5th dimension. 
This process begins to dissolve space-time. 
Thereby you increasingly lose the feeling for 
time and space is perceived differently. 
In these days pay attention to how your awareness 
changes, how your inner senses of clairvoyance, 
clairaudience, foreboding and intuition develop and 
refine. You are being reoriented and like an instrument 
tuned to the sound of Creation. Look at the sky, hear 
the breath of Mother Earth and recognize how each 
healing affects the whole and eases the healing of 
your mother planet. You begin to discover your
divine abilities due to the anchoring of Mother 
Earth in the high vibrational dimension.

Everything heals 

And with every further step of your redemption the 
veil, which still separates the worlds, becomes more 
transparent, until you arrive in the beyond and can 
enter into the new world. Mother Earth experiences 
relief due to all activations of the Crystal Cube.
This fact has an effect and is of immense significance 
for the further process of the uplifting.

You have offered this gift to the living Mother Earth 
and with each healing in the Light of the Masters, in 
the presence of the Archangels and in God’s Love, 
Mother Earth can release pain and dissolve suffering.

That, which you have decided to do, has an effect!
And you have decided to overcome resistance in yourself 
and you are ready to encounter the still existing shadows 
without any fret and with joy. You have decided to orient 
your life entirely according to the needs of your pure soul, 
so that it can vibrate in Love – until out of you the divine 
entity, that you have always been, remains eternally and
is now, transforms back, until you return into the Light as 
refined Gods. Mother Earth heals and takes her new place 
in this universe, so that also human Beings swing up and
ascend, because those, who are ready, experience the 
oneness with God in a time, which is very near.

The great days of mankind and the great days of the
living Mother Earth continue. The last act of creation for 
this world fulfills itself. The evil is removed from its roots, 
everything heals, becomes whole and Light is everywhere.


Master of the first and old days
I am guardian of mankind on its way into the Light.

I love you infinitely

Healing of Living Mother Earth – GOD: 

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