16. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Let yourself be led by the river of your life,
Give yourself to the flow of your life.
Recognize the source, your origin and the 
course to the mouth of the river; 
everything enters the ocean of Love.

At the end of his time each human Being returns 
to the father and mother of all life.
Be aware of it, your life on earth is only a short 
instance in God’s glory, a guest performance in 
illusion, because your reality expands into infinity.

Remain loyal to your soul, remain obligated to your 
assignments, be always aware of your origin, because 

The impermanence is the illusion, which is now 
being broken through, and only the unredeemed 
fears are still a hindrance on this path. 

Redeem them now; liberate yourself from sin, which has been 
imposed on you, which prevent you from returning to the Light. 

Life is eternal, death is an illusion and fear 
is the fallacy of the ignorant one. 

Remain deeply anchored in the earth,
Yet rise above the limitations, which you are 
exposed to in this world and until the last hour 
will remain exposed to.

You are not what you see.
You are the invisible spirit that has decided eons 
ago to participate in the great game of illusion – 
as a human Being in a world of misperceptions.

The journey is completed, and your life is perfect.
Rear up, get up, and let yourself be absorbed by the Light.

From now on you belong to God alone.

In infinite Love
From the

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