17. Juli 2015


What we must do now

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, 
“but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, 
and we’re winning.” Warren Buffet (born 1930, 
estimated private wealth of 72.7 billion Dollars).
Source: New York Times 11/26/2006.

And this class warfare has now also fully erupted on European 
soil! Greece is hit with an economic crisis, like Warren Buffet 
could not wish any better. While the rich get away unaffected, 
the poor become even poorer. The proposal of the Greek 
Government to collect a one-time contribution from the 
Greek oligarchs failed because of the NO from the European 
Union. So much about that, so that one can better understand 
what the issue is with this crisis and on what side the EU really 
stands. While the Greek salaries have been reduced by 40 percent 
in the last 5 years, and the cost for food has increased again by 
10 percent, („the ugly ossified dwarf, the smart aleck„
© Georg Schramm about Wolfang Schäuble) demands this, 
the Anglo-Saxon corporate fascist fall over this country like 

Greece has been opened to exploitation and the Greek Syriza 
Government mostly ignored their own referendum, when 61.31 
percent voted against the austerity policy of the creditors.
This is stuff for revolutions, because more and more Greeks 
have less and less to lose.
Tsipras’ days seem to be counted.

Yet how could it come that far?

The Author William Engdahl in his article „Griechische Schuld 
und die Perfidie der Syriza“ http://www.lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2015/07/griechische-schuld-und-die-perfidie-der.html speaks about the “betrayal” 
of the Tsipras Government on their own people and the feeling of “guilt”, 
(…) „it would never have come that far, if the Greeks did not feel guilty 
about the indebtedness of their country.“

Guilt as Leverage 

From my perspective there is a lot of truth in it, because guilt 
feelings always build up enormous pressure and always bring 
forth the most curious behavior patterns and blockages.
The guilt, which was put on Jews, because until today they are 
held responsible for Jesus’s crucifixion, which never occurred, 
alone shows what all is possible, if a human Being or very many 
human Beings believe something or if a responsibility is enforced 
on them due to the collective consciousness of mankind.

The „original sin“, which the Roman Catholic Church invented, 
is another example, which makes it obvious how far-reaching 
such lies are, which have an effect on the behavior of individuals 
or on whole nations. Free and self-determined action will then 
become impossible and things take their course, as it is also 
in Hellas, which now precedes all other countries in the Euro

Bankruptcy Vultures over Europe 

Because the bankruptcy vultures already circle over the entire 
Euro zone and they will also not stop with Germany with actually 
2.16 billion Euros in debt, with Portugal, Italy, Spain or France 
certainly not. For myself the actual agreement between the EU 
and Greece means a new low point in the already very rich history 
of low points of this European Union. 

And especially now, as it is necessary to act reasonably, to 
consider what is common instead of what separates, a policy
is pursued, which at the end of the day incites people in Europe 
against each other and continues to do so.
Thereby there is foremost one person, who at the foremost 
front acts as a US procurator for the Euro zone, the role of
a merciless executioner: Wolfgang Schäuble – heartless and 
devious, cunning and without scruples.

With his pro forma Chief, the in every respect outside controlled 
and gradually wilting daughter of a pastor, Angela Merkel, as 
Chancellor in towline, Schäuble dictated to the Greek Prime 
Minister Alexis Tsipras the conditions for the economic capitulation 
of Greece. This is a victory for High Finance, entirely according to 
the taste of Warren Buffet. Greece has been liberated for 

The New Fascists 

If Yanis Varoufakis and Alexis Tsipras are part of the system or 
part of the solution, I cannot really judge it from this distance, 
yet how the EU appears and whose child it is, there is no doubt 
about it: It is the new fascists, which Theodor W. Adorno 
(1903-1969) warned about, as he said: „I am not afraid of 
the fascists in the mask of fascists, instead I am afraid of 
the return of the fascists in the mask of democrats.“ 

Juncker, Schulz, Mogherini, Tusk, the commissioners 
elected by nobody, Schäuble and Merkel, they all are 
representatives of this new fascism in the mask of 

Most likely Tsipras only had the choice between the pest and 
cholera. It was either to accept Schäuble’s dictate of total 
submission and in return receive liquid money for it, or a 
chaotic Grexit, which certainly would have meant anarchy 
and possibly a military putsch in Greece.
Schäuble ruthlessly blackmailed Greece: 
„Chondros: These cruel proposals – and the designation of 
“cruel” does not come from me, instead it was also designated 
like that in several press reports in Germany – one cannot truly 
accept it in Greece without ifs, ands and buts, These are not 
acceptable proposals, these are not good proposals, they are 
measures to continue to deepen the economic crisis in Greece, 
but also to plunge the population even more into a humanitarian 
crisis. In as far I must say that this agreement is the result of 
hard blackmail, and not a truly open and honest negotiation 
between partners.” 
Question: …Just now you talk again about blackmail. 
How should the Bundestag representatives in Berlin believe 
that you would implement these reforms, if you describe them 
again as blackmail? 
Chondros: There is no country in the world, and is not us saying 
this, it is the OECD, which in the last years has implemented more 
reforms than Greece. There has been no country worldwide, which 
in the last months since August 2014 out of its own strength has 
punctually fully paid their state debt in the full amount, meaning 
without any outside financial assistance. This is only Greece. 
From August 2014 until today Greece has paid back 17 billion
Euros out of its own strength. And thereby I must still underline 
that since August 2014 the agreed upon, the undersigned finances 
from our partners did not come. Meaning if these last months or 
almost a whole year somebody has not upheld their agreements,
it was not Greece, but our partners.“1 
(Giorgos Chondros, Member of the Central Committee of Syriza) 

That from now on neither Schäuble nor Merkel may show up in 
Greece, at least being bombarded with foul eggs and tomatoes, 
does barely amount to anything for those two.

Also the comparison with Hitler, which is being increasingly 
placated in Greece and is employed, drips off from these thick 
skins like rain water from a rain cover.
The majority of German citizens themselves may possibly 
greet this attitude of Schäuble and Merkel.
And they are certainly not alone in this. Finally nobody can 
be interested in transferring still more money to Athens, 
while at home it is needed at all corners and ends. That 
the one possibly has nothing to do with the other is 
equally true as it is also another story.

For the actual context it is helpful to know that Greece so far 
has always punctually met its financial commitments from its 
allowed credits, as it was mentioned in the above interview.
That new credits are not a solution to pay off old interest was 
perfectly clear to the Syriza government from day one. The in 
the meantime resigned Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, no 
matter what you think about him, has repeatedly brought up 
exactly that topic. 

…“YV: It’s not that it didn’t go down well – it’s that there was 
point blank refusal to engage in economic arguments. 
Point blank. … 
You put forward an argument that you’ve really worked on – 
to make sure it’s logically coherent – and you’re just faced 
with blank stares. It is as if you haven’t spoken. What you 
say is independent of what they say. You might as well have 
sung the Swedish national anthem – you’d have got the same 
reply. And that’s startling, for somebody who’s used to academic 
debate. … The other side always engages. Well there was no 
engagement at all. It was not even annoyance, it was as if 
one had not spoken…” 2 

Fact is: Nobody of our responsible ones wants to be confronted 
with this systemic question! To ask it is already enough to be 
treated like a pariah and to be looked at by the system preservers 
with curious eyes and to be excluded.
Nobody is willing to eliminate the compound interest system, 
because it causes these upheavals in the first place.

„Enough is enough“ 

says Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, to whom Schäuble’s 
humiliating procedure against Tsipras became too much. Renzi 
naturally does not act out of empathy, instead out of the perspective
of someone who is affected, because Italy’s debt has climbed to the 
record value of 2.22 trillion Euros. This amounts to a debt of 37,000 
Euros for each individual and Schäuble certainly knows how to deal 
with the Italians once the hat burns there.
But also Portugal, Spain or France is barely in a better position 
than Greece and even the relatively small Austria with 2.8 billion 
Euros is indebted beyond all measures.
Nobody has any financial wiggle room left and the locusts of 
Warren Buffet or George Soros stand ready.

Nobody will and nobody can ever repay these debts! 
Thereby we do not even talk about the USA with almost 
20 trillion Dollars in debt. Or about Japan, with an indebtedness
of 7.8 trillion Euros, which is 240% of GDP. Thereby Japan is the 
unchallenged record holder among all 195 countries on earth, 
and even Greece’s 176% look almost solid against it.

Global Indebtedness of 173.86 Trillion Euros 

After the 2008 financial crisis and the longest and deepest global 
recession since World War II, it was widely expected that the world’s 
economies would deleverage. It has not happened. Instead, debt 
continues to grow in nearly all countries, in both absolute terms 
and relative to GDP. This creates fresh risks in some countries 
and limits growth prospects in many.
Debt continues to grow. Since 2007, global debt has grown 
by $57 trillion, raising the ratio of debt to GDP by 17 percentage 
points.* Developing economies account for roughly half of the 
growth, and in many cases this reflects healthy financial deepening. 
In advanced economies, government debt has soared and 
private-sector deleveraging has been limited.
Reducing government debt will require a wider range of solutions. 
Government debt has grown by $25 trillion since 2007, and will 
continue to rise in many countries, given current economic 
For the most highly indebted countries, implausibly large increases in 
real GDP growth or extremely deep reductions in fiscal deficits would 
be required to start deleveraging. A broader range of solutions for 
reducing government debt will need to be considered, including larger 
asset sales, one-time taxes, and more efficient debt restructuring 

Shadow banking has retreated, but nonbank credit remains important. 
One piece of good news: the financial sector has deleveraged, and the 
most damaging elements of shadow banking in the crisis are declining. However, other forms of non-bank credit, such as corporate bondsand 
lending by non-bank intermediaries, remain important. For corporations, non-bank sources account for nearly all new credit growth since 2008. 
These intermediaries can help fill the gap as bank lending remains 
constrained in the new regulatory environment.
Households borrow more. In the four “core” crisis countries that
were hit hard—the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and 
Ireland—households have deleveraged. But in many other countries, 
household debt-to-income ratios have continued to grow, and in 
some cases far exceed the peak levels in the crisis countries. 
To safely manage high levels of household debt, more flexible 
mortgage contracts, clearer personal bankruptcy rules, and 
stricter lending standards are needed.

China’s debt is rising rapidly. Fueled by real estate and shadow 
banking, China’s total debt has quadrupled, rising from $7 trillion 
in 2007 to $28 trillion by mid-2014. At 282 percent of GDP, 
China’s debt as a share of GDP, while manageable, is larger 
than that of the United States or Germany.* Several factors 
are worrisome: half of loans are linked directly or indirectly to 
China’s real estate market, unregulated shadow banking accounts 
for nearly half of new lending, and the debt of many local governments 
is likely unsustainable. It is clear that deleveraging is rare and that 
solutions are in short supply. Given the scale of debt inthe most 
highly indebted countries, the current solutions for sparking growth 
or cutting fiscal deficits alone will not be sufficient. New approaches 
are needed to start deleveraging and to manage and monitor debt. 
This includes innovations in mortgages and other debt contracts to 
better share risk; clearer rules for restructuring debt; eliminating 
tax incentives for debt; and using macroprudential measures to 
dampen credit booms. Debt remains an essential tool for funding 
economic growth. But how debt is created, used, monitored, 
and when needed discharged, must be improved.“3 

That nobody can repay the steadily increasing debt, because 
new credits have to serve old interest, is clear to any 
elementary school student.

On the other hand our politicians will not 
open up to this fact. Why?

From Chaos to New World Order 

Because the world and social cohesion shall be willfully destabilized 
and destroyed as long until human Beings call for order, and on 
account of their need will accept any order – 
also the New World Order!

„Divide and conquer“ is the principle. 

The fascist High Finance as well as their established 
political structures target the removal of the constitutional 
state and want to call out the dictatorship of corporations. 

Therefore at any financial crisis “privatization” is praised as the 
panacea, as if a one-time effect would somewhat improve the 
situation overall.

Cancellation of all Debt 

Yet human Beings are not stupid, even though the 
ones addressed here believe as such.
And more and more human Beings know that there 
can be only one solution for these dislocations: 

The worldwide cancellation of all public debt, 
the worldwide cancellation of all private debt 
and the abolishment of compound interest! 

Only a new beginning with an unconditional basic income, 
the unconditional availability of one’s own home and the 
unconditional right of each human Being for education 
and awareness schooling are the solution.

More and more of us know this.

And we also know that the politicians and the corporate heads, 
which knowingly or unknowingly work for the 0.01%, the 
determining families on this globe, sit at the comfortable 
feeding troughs of this globalized fascism, and they will 
do everything in order to maintain these conditions. 
Who likes to abolish self?

I almost do not know anyone.
Therefore it is up to us to demand this and stop this steamer, 
which goes in the wrong direction and goes directly into the abyss. 
„On a steamer, which goes in the wrong direction, one cannot
go very far in the for you right direction.“ 
Michael Ende (1929-1995), German writer

It is up to us 

Not to let the CIA drilled IS fighters march through Europe and 
to Vienna, whereby we point to this complicity today of NATO 
and the USA with these “God warriors”. The Vietnam War found 
an end in 1975 only because an awakened society wanted it 
and not because Gerald Ford wanted an end.

It is up to us that we do not purchase what the cartels present
to us, because as long as we reflect about labels in order to 
increase our lacking self-worth, we remain part of the problem 
and are not the solution.
It is up to each one of us, to create the world, which one 
wishes for self, in oneself, because every change comes 
from the inside.

And it is up to us to look courageously at the inner 
and outer abysses without becoming the abyss itself. 
„Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process 
he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into 
an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.“  
Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900 (Work: Beyond Good and Evil)

Obama will continue to kill human Beings,
TTIP, despite European-wide resistance, 
will continue to be negotiated, and our responsible 
ones will also continue to lie to us good and proper 
and will exploit us.

Even Michail Borissowitsch Chodorkowski (Jukos), under 
Yeltsin most powerful Russian oligarch, recently stylized 
himself from the secure distance in Switzerland into a 
“democratic alternative” for Russia.
In the Western media Chodorkowski enjoys a certain status, 
and so this criminal, who was uncovered in the era under Putin, 
and was legally convicted for his State damaging machinations 
“planned fraud” (all crimes could not be confirmed) to 10 years 
imprisonment, is regularly mentioned as a “savior for Russia”.

This is a totally different story, but it shows more than obviously, 
according to what fashion one wants to tailor the new world:
Oligarchs determine, politicians implement their edicts 
and people have to knuckle under.
Democracy existed at one time, now it is fascism.
So far the script. Is there hope?

Yes: The Counter Public

Because already for some time a counter public has been established 
and has clearly positioned itself – foremost and especially in Germany. 
Human Beings no longer want politicians of the label Schäuble and 
Merkel and they fight against their capriciousness.
Lies are being uncovered, and resistance movements 
develop – “enough is enough” – truly for all of us.
In contrast to 1933, as Hitler grabbed power in Germany, 
alone today due to the Internet there is a “counter public”. 
The “lie press” loses their readers, thereby also the financial 
foundation. Layoffs are a daily occurrence and so are also 
increasingly worse reports. I am certain that today there are 
already enough human Beings, who awaken and that we 
become more and more, who oppose and who develop 
entirely new perspectives for this society and also introduce them.

Many still restrict their actions in writing or speaking, 
but more and more human Beings become active.
With all of this it is important to be at peace with yourself, 
to have established the kingdom of peace within self before 
you demand it from the outside! Hate is always a poor companion.

The power of the elite disintegrates – not to be overlooked!

What we must do now 

is, not to diminish in our work and utilize every possibility, 
in order to withdraw energy from this system, which means 
to sabotage it.
We must examine our daily consumption patterns, our manner 
to shop, and our manner to telephone or to watch TV. We must 
shun the system wherever we can.

What do we eat, and what do we drink?
What do we communicate with and how do we do it?
Do we appear in our neighborhood courageously and 
light-filled, do we defend our position?
Do we have a spiritual connection?
Do I have the ability to put the events of this time into 
the greater context without thereby denying the details 
or losing empathy for individuals? 

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for 
one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, 
you did for me.“ Mathew 25:40

These are important questions, which create consciousness 
and direct our entire attention toward us at first. And as soon 
as we have successfully revolted against ourselves can 
the work on the outside begin. Then our entirely personal 
moment, in order to carry the revolt to the outside, has 
come, because then we are no longer susceptible to the 
magic, which emanates from this matrix, good as well as 
bad, which precludes any outside control and infiltration. 
We become more and more. The Light prevails and the cradle 
of democracy will not be destroyed. 

„The world shall be saved with tenderness“ 
(Fjodor M. Dostojewski, 1821-1881), with empathy and love. 
And exactly these qualities are not created in human Beings 
like Buffet, Gates, Soros, Rockefeller or the Rothschilds, they 
are not capable of them. Their actions prove it. 

In summary: Class warfare rules, yes. 
But not between poor and rich, foremost between 
good and evil, between light-filled and light-starved 
human Beings. This is a struggle, which according to 
cosmic laws of the Light knows only one winner! 

1-Deutschlandfunk (DTF)
2-The New Statesman 
3- McKinsey http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/economic_studies/debt_and_not_much_deleveraging 

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