13. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Lovingness, kindness and gentleness give human Beings 
a new countenance and give the earth a new face. 

If you wish to see your exaltedness, so look where you have 
not looked so far. If you wish to uplift into the Light, then pay 
your whole attention toward the Light in you, and toward the 
still existing blockages, which deprive you of your own beauty.


Beloved Siblings from the Realms of Light!

The gentle release of deeply rooted blockages is the appropriate 
work of each human child in this time. The Light works and the 
violet ray of transformation, which I direct to your being, are 
able to bring to you clarity, self-trust and wisdom.
When I ascended into the Light thousands of years ago, I saw 
the remaining mankind standing at the abyss and their hopeful 
prayer for Light and joy, for a life in peace, reached me.
I returned from the world of the Light to the world of great 
shadows and remained on earth until today.
I am amongst you, in order to serve you with my knowledge, 
with my love and with my wisdom. And I remain among you 
until the transformation of this mankind has been completed 
and every human Being has attained perfection.

The Ascended Masters, the ascended ones into the Light, 
which have preceded you, are like Gods. Our actions are 
affected by Love and are carried out with compassion.

Nobody will be abandoned! 

We act unconditionally due to our Light and nobody is too 
small for it, because we know the origin of each entity and 
we see human Beings as what they are. 

Nobody is unworthy in order to return to God and we 
will not abandon anyone, also if an individual human 
Being has given up a long time ago. 

In God’s name we act among you as Ascended Masters of 
the White Brotherhood and we remain with you until this 
sacred planet of divine beauty forever uplifts into eternity.
Each one of the Ascended Masters is represented on earth 
and our presence is increasingly recognized. Heaven and 
earth are joined for life; human Beings trust God, and 
God quenches the spiritual longing of human Beings.

For today’s time God, the prime Source of All-That-Is, 
has transferred to me the task of liberating human souls
from blockages and let Love flow to them, until they love 
self and until they exercise kindness and lovingness toward 
self. I work through the healing violet ray of transformation. 
The touch with my Light is gentle, my closeness is experienced 
in the energy of lovingness, and my Light brings forth the 
greatest healing power when a human Being devotes to 
healings full of trust and devotion.

From now on it is essential for the advanced light entities 
on this earth to consistently maintain the steps in 
transformation and to continue with them, which contains:
1.) no interruptions
2.) no fear
3.) no restrictions

„Small Mistakes“ 

Everything must be put into the Light and very often it is 
the many small blockages, which make it impossible for 
you to gain the perspective for reality, for the great whole.
The process of uplifting continues independent of the many 
“disturbance fields” of space-time. It is time that you remain 
independent and are not influenced by the disturbance fields 
of this time quality, of the energies, which want to weaken 
you and want to keep you away from realization.

A new level of protection can be attained in these days and 
a new level of consciousness, as you willingly, unconditionally 
and unrestrictedly devote self to God.
In most cases it is not the great issues, which are still waiting 
for redemption, instead, the light messengers of this time have 
reached a level, wherein the “great issues” have been worked 
through for the most part and have been released into the Light. 
Today existing blockages still emanate from the fact that many 
small mistakes, inconspicuous belief patterns and unasked taken-on 
behavior patterns have a negative effect on an entity. The “spiritual 
zest” is halted subtly and unnoticed and these human Beings ask 
themselves: “What happens, because nothing happens?”

It is necessary to pay undivided attention to still unredeemed 
issues, which are regarded as negligible, to look at them and 
call on the sacred Light of transformation. Today each human 
Being should devote full of commitment to the task of uncovering 
one’s essence, and can also do it, because whoever aims 
wholeheartedly for it, for him conditions will be manifested, 
to be able to also do this!

Thereby the world of outer appearances changes and you begin 
to look at the course of time with the eyes of an awakened one, 
which means: To look at your reflections without being reflected.

Come in 

Far from individual dramas the gentle transformation of an 
entity may occur today. As you have chosen it for yourself, 
it will be given, as you do not pay enough attention to your 
small issues, they become greater and greater until they 
seem overwhelming. What can easily be handled in the 
small becomes an insurmountable hindrance, as it has 
fully grown.

Think about it, it is a timely offer!
Why suffer or carry heavy loads, if it is given to you from 
God’s abundance, when we carry you and when you can 
heal everything and you can perfect yourself?

Everything is put into your heart.

You were born into this world in perfection and you will 
leave this world in perfection at our side, the Ascended 
Masters, the White Brotherhood and all entities from 
this universe, which have attained enlightenment.

I am
The open ear for mankind, the open door for 
human souls and the open heart for you: Come in.

I am

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