22. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Returned to earth a long time ago in order to remain 
among human Beings until the end of time.
I am the Light in a time of darkness, I am goodness in a 
time of hard heartedness and I am Love in a time when 
hate is redeemed and when mankind takes up the path 
toward the Light.

I am the orientation for every seeker,
I am the way for every heart, which 
aches for God and longs for Heaven.

And today this flame of longing for eternity is being 
awakened in you, so that you remain vigilant in these 
days, when you encounter new challenges on the inner 
as well as the outer, and when you face on the inner as 
well as the outer your own ego, or you feel exposed to 
a world full of egotism.

And now I direct myself to those Light entities, who already 
carry the Light, who have already realized parts of their self, 
and who begin now to concede power to their ego and push 
back their self. Many Light figures of this time, it is the light 
entities of the first and last hours, not only enjoy themselves 
in their light, instead also carry it conceitedly in front of them 
and they say: “Look, what I have achieved, look, what I have 
done, look, who I am, look, what I accomplish, look…., look”. 
The lower self rises up and the divine self is neglected until 
it is atrophied.

What is described here?

Here it is talked about the budding ego-addiction of light 
entities and it is now necessary to work against this process. 
It is a reflection, which is of great significance, as the path of 
Love shall be maintained and the world of the Light shall be 
entered into.

What Kind of Power does your Ego have? 

Whoever carries his “spiritual successes”, his “magic capacities” 
in a self-important manner into the world and among human 
Beings, is meant, and these human Beings are invited here to 
examine themselves regarding this circumstance.
What kind of power does your ego have in your life?
This is the question of questions in the time of times.

And what kind of power do you allow your divine consciousness? 
It is easy to distinguish this, because: Wherever the ego acts, 
the self fades. Meaning, the ego claims a “good deed” for itself 
and you can see it in human Beings. 

A good deed, which comes from the self, leaves only 
one trace behind: the Light of Love without shadows. 

This can also be seen in human Beings. 
Meaning further: The motives for a “good deed” are manifold 
and today it is called for to examine these motives. Go back 
to the origin of a light-filled action, follow your true motives 
and recognize the possibilities for growth in this process.

Where the “I” instead of the “I AM” stands in the center of 
a life, the trace to God is lost and the Light on the inside 
fades. The path through the sluggish energy of darkness 
is predestined.

Whoever puts oneself in front of others, fellow human Beings, 
brothers or sisters, will be handed back; whoever elevates self 
above others, who touts one’s abilities like puffery, will be 
unmasked, because the time of truth also reveals these lies.

I direct myself toward those light entities, which, based on 
specific abilities, lift themselves above other human Beings. 
I direct my violet ray of transformation, which I am working 
with, into the hearts of those human Beings, who pounce their 
fellow human Beings and lack attributes like lovingness and 
kindness, forgiveness and mildness: 

Liberate yourself from the vanity of the ego.
Liberate yourself from arrogance and come back 
to the path of the humble warrior, who understands 
the course of this world and who can look into the 
hearts of human Beings. If you lack kindness, then 
acquire it. If you lack compassion, attain it. 

How can the kingdom of Heaven be entered with an 
excessive ego? Therefore I ask all human Beings to 
examine themselves according to the presented 
circumstances. Direct the Light toward your innermost. 
There is still an opportunity for it, there is still sufficient 
time for it, and there is still time to go back or to turn 

It is written in the chronicles from eternity for this time: 
Prophets will fall and light warriors will remain behind, 
because they have given themselves to self-addiction 
instead of to God.

It is announced, and it is given! 

From now on give your “light-filled” 
deeds a new signature, whereby you 
free them from the shadows of the ego.
The ego has no place in Heaven and 
dissolves in the Light, like the morning 

I am

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