6. Juli 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz 

Dream: I see an escort of vehicles driving past me, one, 
even though I encounter such scenes quite often in my 
daily life in Vienna, which I have never seen of this kind! 
Limousines and motorcycles shimmer silver-metallic and 
have armor, which seems out of another world. 
The convoy drives past me and makes a right turn, 
before all disappear behind a great gate. I think to myself 
that I see the return of the devil, because this scene equals 
the mood in a batman movie and is ghostly; but foremost 
there is a ghoulish  energy coming from this convey. 
(End of dream)

Beloved Ones,


A new time epoch begins in this world.
Dark forces bring themselves to safety and, before they 
must leave this world, want to strike out for a final blow. 
Yet the time for it is gone and 

Nobody will destroy this mankind or this world! Nobody! 

The degree of human realization guarantees this, because even 
though some developments pass very hesitantly and most human 
Beings still take pleasure in the third dimension, the number of 
awakened ones is awe inspiring and increases daily.
Those, who manage the Orion system, sustain it with enormous 
effort until last. This is an expression of this time and there is no 
way around it, because the game, which all of you have agreed 
to, continues until all parameters for the planetary change 
and the upheaval of society have been fulfilled. 

And until then those human Beings and groups of human Beings or organizations, which have determined the fate of this mankind,
are held captive in their roles.

The time has come, when the “elite of the elites” must get to 
safety from human Beings and must be careful, because revolts, 
which are building up, will put everything into the shadows, which 
has occurred so far, yes, indeed, also on this level the ultimate 
discharges are still ahead!

I am beginning and end; I am ALL-THAT-IS.

Today I proclaim to mankind: 
The switches for the new Age have been set 
and the events are hot on the heels. 

I am That-I-Am of all worlds and all Life,


Elija Prophecies 1-48 – JAHN J KASSL: 

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