20. Oktober 2015


Regarding the question, which is often asked of me, 
how to recognize a “light warrior of the first and last 
hour”, I would like to give an answer with this short 

A Chinese Master and the Wooden Box 

It happened once that a Chinese master had an American 
disciple. When the disciple was going back the master gave 
him a present, a small-carved wooden box, and he said, 
"One condition always has to be followed; if you give this 
box to somebody else, then the condition has to be fulfilled. 
Promise... because I have been fulfilling this promise, and 
this is not a new thing, it's a very ancient thing and for 
many, many generations the condition has been fulfilled."
The disciple said, "I will fulfill it." It was such a beautiful 
thing, so valuable, so ancient, he said, "Whatsoever the 

The master said, "The condition is simple: you have to keep
it in your house facing east. And this has always been done, 
so be respectful to the tradition."
The disciple said, "This is very simple, I will do it."

But when he put the box facing east, then he came to 
understand that it was very difficult, because his whole 
arrangement in the drawing room became absurd. That 
box facing east would not adjust. So he had to change 
the whole arrangement of the drawing room to be 
harmonious with the box. But then the whole house 
became absurd, so then he had to change the whole 
house. Then the garden became absurd! 
Then he felt exhausted.

He wrote to the master: "This box is dangerous! 
I will have to change the whole world -- because 
if I also change my garden, then next it will be the 
neighborhood...." And he was a man of sensitivity, 
that's why he felt like this. (From: OSHO/ 
The Mustard Seed, Chapter 11: Choose the Eternal)

In conclusion: As you, Honored Reader, possess such 
a wooden box, have turned your life upside down and
you have faced the box to the east, then you are certain 
that you are a light warrior of the first and last hour.

Mahavatar Babaji says: “Whoever would like to support 
Mother Earth in her rebirth, does this most effectively 
due to one’s new orientation of one’s life. Whoever 
would like to serve Mother Earth, must be reborn 
and entirely strip off one’s old personality.” 
(From: Bliss Consciousness*)

In Love
Jahn J Kassl

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