21. Oktober 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translatd by Franz

Beloved Ones,
The change of worlds continues!

Irresistibly the old pillars of society are torn down and the new 
sustainable foundation for the new earth is erected. Time continues 
to press toward its end and in the meantime the great world blaze 
is ignited; it is a fire wherein human Beings and Mother Earth are 


Persevere, go on, remain strongly anchored in your decisions and 
be loyally devoted to your assignments. Orient yourself toward the
Light from Heaven. You are protected, God protectively holds his 
hand over your lives and God knows your ways, your being and 
your becoming.

The incarnation in this time segment demands everything from 
you. Please continue to be willing to give everything for it, to 
overcome time and space and to strip off your lower nature 
like an old garment. Indeed: Our effort is great, as our reward 
and our inheritance will be great, an inheritance, which we will 
start after this time.

Yet I will not console you for the tomorrow, and I will not 
postpone your happiness for the beyond! Just the opposite. 
Today, here and now you will establish the Kingdom of Heaven, 
as you realize your position in this great endgame and as the 
deep meaning of your existence is unveiled. Great assignments 
have brought you here and due to the fulfillment of these, the 
earth and you fulfill themselves. 

Be aware how valuable, how sacred and how exalted 
your action is in this time, and be aware what you have 
already accomplished. 

Be aware how much Heaven supports you in all your matters 
and be aware that God is omnipresent in the midst of your life.

Divine Service on Earth 

Never do you have to burden yourself alone with the load 
of the world. You are many, we are many, and each one of 
you shoulders and carries his part. We are a genuine oneness 
in God and we are in divine service on earth.

It is irrevocable that this world, as it exists today, goes under! 
Mortality yields to eternity, the darkness to the Light, hate to
Love. You begin to experience the living Christ, whereby the 
shadows dwindle and the veil between the worlds dissolves. 
It is a process, which occurs while you stand in the field, a fact, 
which happens when you do not surmise it or are rarely aware 
of it. While you believe that this matrix is effective, it loses its 
effect, while you believe that you cannot overcome it, you do 
overcome it, and while you see yourself hopelessly held captive 
by the system, you attain freedom.

Whoever performs his service on this earth with his whole 
strength and devotion, is hallowed, is honored and remains 
committed to God’s protection. Be aware of which “wood” 
you are “carved” of, recognize yourself in the highest, of 
highest quality, and look at your strength and glory.
Nobody is like you!

And the great challenge of these days exists for you 
in the fact to continue your work in the vineyard of the 
Lord, to continue to toil the field and to illuminate the 
outer darkness with your inner Light.

More than ever your Light is needed, more than ever this mankind 
needs the example of a few, who overcome all resistances and 
prevail over the low in self, like doubt, sluggishness, hopelessness 
and fear. It is time, when light warriors shall perform timeless actions, 
meaning to orient actions toward eternity and toward the great and 
long “timespans” out of eternity.

The dark forces, which held this world at bay, orient their actions 
over generations, a fortiori you light warriors of the first and last 
hours shall orient your actions toward thousands of years in this 

Your life in this world is barely more than an instance in God’s
reality, and yet your deeds determine the fate for thousands 
of years in this transforming world.

Bail strength from the Source, be aware of your actions 
and perform your sacred work on earth until you are called 
by God, in order to occupy your new homes in Heaven, 
whereby you return to the Source of All-That-Is as an 
enlightened entity.

For every human Being we have reached the most 
demanding section in the ascension process, because 
the chasm between darkness and the Light opens visibly 
for all human Beings. It is necessary to understand this 
and to capture it as a natural part of the transformation.

And while this human civilization, led by the decadence of
its old and dark masters, experiences the last days of its
existence, human hearts transform and the Light prevails. 
Indeed: Downfall and ascension occur simultaneously – 
on the fixed day, at the fixed hour. 

Remain anchored in God, and your protection is absolute!
Remain devoted to Heaven and to your assignments, 
and then everything will be fulfilled, and you will see God. 

I am with you and I have come, 
so that we fulfill our work in this world. 
In Eternity.

I am

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