24. Oktober 2015


Call for the Resignation of the Chancellor 
of the Federal Republic of Germany

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

"I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the wellbeing of the 
German people, enhance their benefits, avert harm from them, 
uphold and defend the Constitution and the statutes of the 
Federation, fulfill my duties conscientiously, and do justice
to all. So help me God.“ Oath of Office (Constitution of the 
Federal Republic of Germany, Article 56) 

Step down, Mrs. Merkel! So that further harm 
may be diverted from Germany and from Europe. 
So help you God. 

Because you have broken this oath of office many times and 
as Chancellor of your people, you have betrayed your people 
many times. In the example of the migration crisis your total 
political failure and the multiple organ failure of the German 
political elite becomes quite obvious. 

„Her failure simply cannot be overlooked.“

(…) „I truly did not expect that Europe would voluntarily 
commit suicide, like Gauck, Merkel and others demonstrate.“ 
Václav Klaus, Ex-Premier of the Czech Republic 
(Kronen Zeitung, 11.10.2015)

Thereby the impression that you prefer new immigrants rather 
than your own increasingly awakening citizens is not entirely 
fanciful. Maybe it is with you like with the pathological Germany 
hater and Yugoslav war monger (Kosovo War March 24th to 
June 10th 1999. In the course of this operation NATO dropped 
28,018 bombs, not counting cruise missiles but including uranium 
ammunition.) Joschka Fischer, who said: „German heroes, like rabid 
dogs, should simply kill the world.” Joschka Fischer, The Greens, 
Ex-Foreign Minister 1982, in the Zeitschrift PflasterStrand

Fact is: Your policy is directed against your own people and 
you do „what 80 Percent reject. Therefore democracy 
becomes a disturbance factor". 
Philosopher Jürgen Habermas (*1929)

The small village Emmerzhausen in Westerwald can also 
experience this. For the community of 665 inhabitants  
1500 asylum seekers were announced, then 2500, then 3000 
and now one talks about as many as 4000 to 5000.*

Increasing the Sensation of Threat? 

"It is the task of politics to increase the sensation of threat 
in the population", this is what you said in front of the CDU 
executive board on 2/3/2003. And until today and foremost 
with regard to the historical refugee crisis, you have more 
than succeeded. Are you proud of that? Instead of averting 
harm from the people you stoked their “sensation of threat”. 
Are you still quite all here? Alone for that you belong in front 
of a court of law and not in the Chancellor office!

The „Maastricht-Treaties“ were broken, bank bailouts and ESM 
were declared as “without alternatives” and the NSA surveillance 
was made presentable under your time in office. You declared 
Russia and its President Putin as enemies, under enormous 
losses for your own economy and with the risk for world peace; 
and you reinterpret the immigration crisis by means of a 
“welcome culture” to an obligation, a “debt guilt” for the 
German people. How long shall the German people still feel 
guilty? And foremost, what for shall this generation, which 
due to your policy you rob of their future, be guilty?
Human Beings can hardly get over their astonishments
and more and more ask justifiably, if you, Mrs. Merkel, 
have gone mad?

How does it say so appropriately with William Shakespeare? 
„This is the pestilence of our time. Mad ones lead the blind.“ 
 (King Lear)

And apart from the catastrophes, which were foremost caused 
by you, you are in the process, by means of TTIP, to eliminate 
the European as well as German States of Law and transfer to 
the globally operating corporations the rule of law over Germany 
and the rest of Europe: 
„What I also heard from EU circles, is that the idea and the initiative 
for TTIP supposedly came directly from Angela Merkel. She was the 
one to urge Barack Obama to create a joint American-European area
of commerce, which includes economic, as well as financial and military 
areas. It is certain that from the European side only four persons are 
involved in the negotiations, directed by the EU commissioner for trade. 
Four persons decide in secret about the interests of 500 million 
citizens, without having a mandate to do so!“ (What you shall 
not know 2, Michael Morris, Amadeus-Verlag)

Merkel no longer can do Democracy! 

Mrs. Merkel: You cannot or do not want to do Democracy! 
Just as little as Mr. Gauck wants or can.  

The right, according to your opinion, has to come from you 
and not from the people. And you certainly experience the 
increasing concerns, worries and fears, justifiably presented 
in the streets of Germany, as a “disturbance factor”. 
But probably you may have a slight hint to which disturbance 
factor you, Mrs. Chancellor, in the meantime have become for 
the human Beings in Germany and in Europe. A look at the 
alternate media would be sufficient and would be worthwhile 
for your own self-determination.

The Merkel Diamond Hand Gesture 

Purchased opinion polls and reports in the main media, 
given under orders, are totally useless. Nobody becomes 
invisible, because he closes his eyes, because, despite your 
constant strategy of voter deception, it is impossible for you
to maintain the semblance of a responsible politician without 
thereby concealing from your citizens your deep rejection of 
democracy. It no longer works, human Beings look through
their “Mutti” – they cannot eat this much crap.
Thereby also your body language reveals who you really 
serve. You never let any opportunity pass in order to delight
the world with your occult NWO-gesture, like with the 
“all-seeing eye” (Merkel Diamond hand gesture).
If this is the handwriting of a German Chancellor, 
then it is good night Germany – and Europe. 

„Germany disappears more and more, and I find 
this simply terrific.“ Jürgen Trittin, The Greens, 
FAZ from 1/2/2005

I am of the opinion, not Germany, instead ex-politicians 
like Joschka Fischer and politicians like Jürgen Trittin 
and you, Mrs. Merkel, shall disappear!

Paraguay, where you own a piece of land, provides a good 
place in order to sit out the crisis, which you have only to 
thank for yourself. If you are also “welcome” there is 
another question and is not the issue here.    

„Where injustice becomes the law, resistance 
becomes a duty“. Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956)

This is a “duty”, which more and more human Beings 
in Germany comply with. Germany awakens and human 
Beings rise up. This is on the horizon of all levels.
And this, Mr. Trittin, I find “terrific.” 

The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on 
a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right 
which Heaven itself has ordained” George Washington 

Mrs. Chancellor, pay a truly great service to Germany: 
Step down! So help you God. 

It is, because the “eternal rules of order” are unfamiliar 
to you, like the “Holy Water” to the devil.
Your agenda cannot be interpreted in any other manner.

That you will have to meet this request, if not today, 
yet in the foreseeable future, is probable, also in 
politics it finally counts: 
„Life punishes the one, who comes too late.“ 
Certain for me are only that the German people, 
despite your ruthless NWO-Agenda, have been 
touched by "the propitious smiles of Heaven" 
a long time ago.

And an obvious sign of that is the fact that 250,000 human 
Beings in Berlin have gone into the streets on 10/10/2015, 
in order to stop TTIP and CETA.
These are human Beings, who have taken their future into 
their own hands and do not want to leave it up to the 
“markets” or the politicians, like you.

I believe in reason’s gentle tyranny over people! 

I’m not talking about their shrewdness. I know they call a 
donkey a horse when they want to sell it and a horse a donkey 
when they want to buy. That’s the kind of shrewdness you mean.
But the horny-handed old woman who gives her mule an extra 
bundle of hay on the eve of a journey, the sea captain who allows 
for storms and doldrums when laying in stores, the child who puts 
on his cap once they have convinced him that it may rain: these 
are the people I pin my hopes to, because they all accept proof. 
Yes, I believe in reason’s gentle tyranny over people. Sooner or 
later they have to give in to it. Nobody can go on indefinitely 
watching me—he drops a pebble on the ground—drop a pebble, 
then say it doesn’t fall. No human being is capable of that. 
The lure of a proof is too great. Nearly everyone succumbs
to it; sooner or later we all do. Thinking is one of the chief 
pleasures of the human race.(From: Life of Galileo) 
Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956)

May reason also return or come to you, Mrs. Merkel.

Jahn J Kassl 

*Rhein-Zeitung: http://www.rhein-eitung.de/region/lokales/altenkirchen-betzdorf_artikel,-Wie-viele-kommen-auf-den-Stegskopf-1500-4000-oder-5000-_arid,1376772.html 

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