26. Oktober 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Meaning, very consciously begin to decouple yourself 
from the rapidity, which the outer world predefines for 
you. Entirely consciously take one step at a time. 
Thereby patience is your master. 

The more rapidly the world of outer appearances 
turns, the slower your inner life clock may tick. 

Then you come safely to your finish line, because 
with patience everything is attained. The significance 
of these days lies in the fact that the dissolution processes 
of this matrix continue at a so far unique velocity. It is a 
velocity, which you may not keep up with, because your 
soul and your heart frequency are attuned to a “slower”,
the spiritual mode of Life. Therefore it is valid to 
consciously slow down your life. 

If you are in haste, take a detour, and instead 
of taking two steps ahead, take one back. 

Today this is of great significance, so that you 
may find peace, silence and calm. 

Whoever rests in God will redeem all affairs 
in time and also will not miss the ascension. 

Transformation is needed then, as you consistently 
pursue it, but not that you force it. And also the 
ascension cannot be forced or be attained with haste. 

Time will continue to accelerate and therefore 
it is important that you slow down your life further, 
so that you consciously pause and set your steps 
with slowness and patience. 

With this attitude you can redeem all your still 
outstanding issues in great inner peace! Nothing 
remains undone, because you know that you act 
in the rhythm of your soul and in the knowledge 
of your immortal consciousness.

There is no longer any time left for earth; the change 
has begun. Human Beings know this and they begin 
to fall into new hustle and bustle. Quickly doing this, 
still quickly getting done that. NO.


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