6. Oktober 2015


Do “earthly” issues belong in a Lichtwelt Blog
or in a Light Reading? Or, why do these issues
exactly belong there? 

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Fundamentally: Spiritual awakening is impossible without 
the recognition of earthly limitations, because what shall be 
overcome and be recognized, is being negated. Furthermore 
spiritual as well as earthly issues are an integral part of our 

1. Because “earthly” issues determine our daily life 
and because our own transformation as well as the 
transformation of the planet occur out of this matrix.
2. Because “Earthiness” and “Spirituality” form one unit, 
whereby spiritual consciousness penetrates earthiness.

Consciousness does not blind out anything! 

Also if many of us internally no longer belong to this world, 
nonetheless the excesses of this time surround us step by 
step. And what surrounds us may never be denied, 
even if internally we have already overcome it. 
 If it were differently, we would no longer be here. 
This is a simple and logical fact. 

The „Light- and Love-Illusion“, whereby life is simply 
dislodged with this reality, is not very helpful in solving 
today’s problems of mankind. Our Light and our Love on 
the other hand indeed! But only once darkness and hate 
have been overcome in ourselves and we have taken notice 
of the darkness and hate, which today exists in this world.

Our consciousness navigates us safely through this time, 
as we interact with our consciousness. Meaning, without 
sweeping unpleasant things under the carpet, to become 
aware and be aware of all things, which appear to us. 

An awakened consciousness does not blind out 
anything instead it accepts everything. 

And exactly there goes the journey of a human Being, 
who awakens, who addresses his own open issues and 
who faces the events in this world with an awakened
spirit and a clear mind.

In this regard all issues, which the spiritual world transmits 
to me or I myself publish on the Lichtwelt Blog, or via books
or Light Readings, serve the purpose of all of us becoming 
aware. There is no other reason and no deeper sense in the 
Lichtwelt project. The Light, which is mediated to us in a 
manifold manner, therefore serves not only to increase our 
inherent vibration and to heal our spiritual injuries, instead 
also to illuminate the darkness in this world.

Micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos are one, and we are here, 
so that we fulfill our assignments and not to build spiritual 
pipedreams or Light-castles for us, which keep us from
fulfilling the assignments for this earth and for this mankind. 

Yes, we have to fulfill our heavenly assignments on 
this earth. Falsely understood healing concepts and
the negation of “earthiness” have pulled the teeth 
from New Age and can quickly feign rash insights 
for each spiritual seeker, but do not bring any 

Life is also Politics!

And Life is also then politics, if we turn away from it with 
shudder, as actually. It is of no use. If we want to change 
something in the overall situation of human society, if we 
want to participate and create, then we must address the 
things, which we see running astray, and foremost 
VERBALIZE them and fight against them with all available 
means. Often our invisible siblings from All-That-Is are 
reminding us of that.

Yet thereby we remain the “immovable observers”.
Meaning that the abyss we look into, can no longer look 
back to us, because we have dissolved the resonance field 
for that. 
The more effective are our deeds and the more powerful 
is our demeanor against evil, which spreads in these days. 
And our demeanor today is more necessary than ever 

In summary: We do not become invisible, if we close 
our eyes, nor do the things around us disappear, as we 
put our head into the sand. Equally little can a wild animal 
be tamed, if we take flight; instead only then, if one accepts 
the challenge. And I will entirely consciously accept this 
challenge also for the future, whereby I direct the Light 
to “earthiness” as long until the spiritual reality of all
Life penetrates it.

Jahn J Kassl 

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