2. Oktober 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

You have the choice!

The world changes its countenance, mankind transforms from 
the ground up and yet for the overwhelming number of human 
Beings everything remains as it was, because they are not ready 
to accept the Light from Heaven and to let it into their heart.
It is a great tragedy, which occurs in the middle of the upheavals, 
in the middle of the great events, because human Beings had the 
choice and they decided for darkness – the number of those is 
large, very large.

Efforts were not in vain! 

Nonetheless the world of the 5th dimension will be entered, 
of those, who wholeheartedly and with full devotion have followed 
the path of truth, the path of kindness, the path of the Light and 
the path of Love, and whose flame of life blazes until last. 

Your efforts were not in vain, your courage created the 
energy, which is needed so that the worlds separate and 
the one earth can uncouple from the other earth. 

It is a process, which has been ongoing for some time and 
which is gradually being fulfilled. The planet of “Free Will” 
creates new splitting images of itself and is newly born on 
many levels, in different dimensions and with all the human 
Beings, who today miss the train into the Light and cannot 
enter unto the platform into the highly vibrating world of the 

„Free Choice“ for 3D and 5D 

A world of “Free Choice” has been created for it, so that in 
duality human Beings can decide for the Light, so that human 
Beings, separated from God, can decide for God. This has been 
the problem definition of all self-conscious human Beings in this 
matrix. Duality always requires decisions, always needs a choice 
and it has been a free choice on this level of All-That-Is and has 
been the sole responsibility of human Beings.
On the highly vibrating levels of the 5th dimension and up, 
“freedom of choice” is no longer needed. On these levels of
the Light and in closeness to the Source, everything exists 
and lives in unity with God. In this consciousness every creature 
always acts in harmony with God and it is always in agreement 
with cosmic laws.

Like a fish is surrounded by water and accord to its nature lives 
in water, in these higher worlds an entity is surrounded by the 
divine breath and it acts and lives in this infinite abundance. 
Polarity has been abandoned, unity with God is the only reality, 
“free will” is no longer necessary, because everything goes forth 
from one breath and springs from one unity.
Thereby “individuality” on the 5th dimension of All-That-Is 
and beyond is maintained. Yet the individual perceives self 

It experiences self as a part of the whole and it alien to him 
to set actions, which run contrary to the divine whole.

An enlightened one has neither a choice nor does he need 
“freedom of choice”, because whoever is one with God has 
everything and lacks nothing. 

Know, whatever is of great significance for human
Beings on this level of All-That-Is, namely “free choice”, 
are insignificant on the levels of the Light, because 
whoever is one with God has overcome any separation 
and every choice means separation. To accept life in its 
totality, to deny nothing, to reject nothing, this is the 
reality, which an enlightened consciousness finds in 
it self. 

While the still less conscious human Beings sit between chairs 
or have the “agony of choice”, an enlightened one accepts life
in its totality and this: unconditionally.

Why is this knowledge of great value today?

So that those, who have entered the path of the Light, 
can release self from the paradigms of this time-quality.
The world of 5D is an entirely different one, exists far from 
polarity and obeys other legalities. On the other hand, in 
the 3D and 4D worlds it is of great significance to utilize 
“free will” and to make a choice.

As you remain oriented toward the Light, the metamorphosis 
begins and gradually you are enabled to accept life in its totality. 
The dark is recognized, yet loses its threat, its fright. This is the 
first step toward freedom and the more you act as a matter of 
course, the closer you come to the world, where the light does 
not cast any shadows.

Utilize „Free Will“ 

Therefore utilize, and as long as you as a human Being, 
your free will, so that you can keep your vibration high 
and you can pass on love.

Today, on the eve of the “great day”, this clear decision must 
be made by every human Being, who is willing to overcome this 
matrix, so that the resonance fields to the dark side of power 
may be dissolved in self. Thereby all connections to this matrix 
are dissolved and thereby you are ready on day X to also leave it.
In God’s creation everything is one.
Only that, according to the level, oneness is experienced as all 
encompassing or that it is necessary to aim against this oneness, 
even though the whole world is based on the law of duality and
possesses other modes of functioning.
This is indeed a great task for every human Being! To look 
through, what is, and to experience how it is possible to 
withdraw from this effect. This is the challenge, which 
more and more human Beings have exposed one self to 

To deny polarity in a polar world is stupid, to accept it 
and to overcome it is yet the challenge of each human 
Being on earth of the third or fourth dimension of 

Understand that you can orient your consciousness toward the 
Highest Light, without thereby denying the separation on this 
level. Thereby it is possible for you to either follow the play 
rules of this matrix, to change them or to overcome them. 
Consciousness is the key.

Enough for today. 

Look through, recognize and prepare yourself 
for the ascension, whereby you step inside. 

Love, be and act – fulfill your life in the harmony 
with All-That-Is.

You have been chosen; you are called – to take place 
at the table of the Lord, the Creator of all Life!
We have waited for you for a long time.

Where were you?

(Transmitted from the Central Sun)


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