30. Oktober 2015


Conversation with Babaji
Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Bulls in the China Shop 

JJK: Why do very often exactly those human Beings, 
who have much to redeem in themselves, believe that 
they should or may give good advice to others?

BABAJI: So that they divert attention from themselves. 
It is a substitution. Instead of searching for the dark spots 
in themselves, they research with minuteness of detail for 
eventual lapses or faults in others: it is a sign of spiritual 
immaturity. It is good not to concern yourself with such 
human Beings, because they claim energy, which is not 
due to them.

JJK: But why particularly in the esoteric scene are so 
many such human Beings out and about?

BABAJI: Because these human Beings, who have already been 
somewhat awakened, see, how much work is in waiting for them; 
and in an advanced environment they must protect themself with 
a substitution. “Hold the thief”, this principle describes it quite well.
Whoever is entirely unconscious has no need, for them it is like it is. 
But whoever wants to be recognized as “awakened” or wants to 
appear self-conscious, but is not, loses orientation to all issues 
and always equals to the proverbial “bull in the china shop”.

JJK: I perceive some human Beings as presumptuous. 
For example, there are those, who criticize individual 
publications on the Lichtweltblog, even though they 
are quite pleased in total.

BABAJI: Immature human children, who blame the river 
that it sometimes carries timber. View it, as it is, accept 
it and stay mostly away from such human Beings. 
Someone else is responsible for his or her situation. 
You have your assignments, which have nothing to do 
with the direct and personal pinpointing of this misbehavior.

JJK: „The Earth does not need human Beings in order to heal”, 
you said in the Light Reading: http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2015/10/bliss-consciousness-babaji.html and I noticed how I hesitated to write it 
down. This will be very unpleasant to many human Beings, who feel 
connected with Mother Earth and want to save the world, but thereby
very often neglect their own consciousness work.

BABAJI: It is your task to distribute messages, which are “
unpleasant” to some. Because it is deliberate to create exactly 
this effect in human Beings, who it pertains to. 

Only a healed human Being is of help to earth, a sick 
human Being is a burden, a great burden for her!  

Many light workers are not at all conscious of that. 

True nature protection means to purify oneself from all
impurities! To show one’s nature and not to entrench 
behind constructed healing and life concepts. 

The sign that a human Being loves Mother Earth is 
self-healing, and every thing else may blind human 
eyes, but actually has no relevance.

The internal life of a human Being, as it is not 
uncluttered and pure, is the greatest dumpsite 
on earth. 

Whoever cares for order and purity in self, has done everything 
for the ascension of Mother Earth and for one’s own transformation. 

Never get diverted from self, whereby you desperately 
worry about other matters, other human Beings or about 
Mother Earth. Look into your soul and clean it from the 
garbage of time, then the kingdom of Heaven will be 
surely yours. 

JJK: Will there be a “Judgment”, “God’s Final Judgment”,
in order to use a catholic image for human Beings?

BABAJI: No. Justice will be done to all and knowledge given, 
which they have missed, and great opportunities they have 
skipped. Yet many will sense this last hour as “Judgment”, 
because they are conditioned like that.

JJK: It really is a sad finding.

BABAJI: It is a fact, neither sad nor bad. It just is, a finding, 
which applies to most human Beings on earth. True seekers 
are rare also at the end of time. Some “turnarounds” are 
attributable to need and not to Love for God. It can be the 
beginning of a long discovery process, yet it is not the wit’s 
end. Babaji knows the intentions of each human Being. 
I know who you are and what truly moves you internally.

The Age of the New Prophets 

Is ongoing and many, who announce unpleasant messages 
for human Beings, are coined as dark prophets.
Carry these hostilities with dignity and like a medal, which 
gives you honor, because those, who do not soften of what 
is ahead, will be truly rejected by human Beings, yet will 
be honored from Heaven.

The lower nature of a human being, if not reflected, remains 
captive to the energies of the matrix; and it is an obvious
sign on which step in becoming aware a human Being 
stands, how much he seeks the beam in the eye of 
another and negates the beam in his eye. 

Light warriors rise up! You have much to do! 

Accompany the prophets of the end of time in their announcements, 
so that they can perform their sacred work and announce to the world: 
God’s return and the ascension of this mankind.

I am amongst you

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