1. Oktober 2015


Conversation with Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Transalted by Franz 

JJK: Many pictures of destruction still hold 
within me, and certain emptiness is in me.

BABAJI: I bless you and those human Beings, 
who now partake of this short transmission.
3 days, Jahn. The 3 is the number within which 
spiritual energies anchor, and within which processes 
of insights establish in human consciousness. Tomorrow 
this process will be over for you and the dark “clouds” 

JJK: But what is this emptiness, which I sense?

BABAJI: The realization of certain circumstances brings
forth this emptiness and emptiness is always a condition, 
wherefrom new insights follow. Only an empty vessel can 
be filled.

JJK: Without direct divine intervention, 
will this earth be totally destroyed?

BABAJI: Yes, mankind is in the process of doing so.
And it will not occur. The number of “righteous ones” 
is crucial. 

A ring of Light surrounds this earth, a ring of heavenly
entities from different galaxies provide protection and 
these Light entities have and will continue to intervene 
directly on earth, in order to prevent what is not allowed 
to be. God is truly amongst you. Do not be afraid. 

Carry love in your hearts, and perfect yourselves on 
all levels. God’s kingdom is near and Heaven is your 
inheritance. Be vigilant and know that you are protected.
Under God’s care the old world will be overcome and the 
ascension occurs. There is no reason to be afraid or to 
solidify due to fear. God hears your call of need and it 
will be answered – nobody will be left alone, any of you, 
who trust God. What must show, redeem and manifest,
will occur, the new earth is in its labor pains, which is a 
painful process, at which end is the new beginning.

Rise up with the spiritual Light, which incessantly flows 
to earth, be ready to undertake great efforts, in order to 
reach the summit out of the valleys; there everything will 
be easy, everything is light there and we expect you there.
If you find yourself under my roof, everything is cared for. 
Therefore do not worry, now, as the worries of human Beings 
increase. God reveals himself to each human Being in his own 

Have trust in the reality that each life is immortal and
that only time creates the illusion of death. Trust in your 
immortality, because it is the reality of your Being in the 
infinity of Creation. I am amongst you.

Whoever calls me, I will stand by him, yet whoever 
knows me, knows my omnipresence and does not call me.

I am with you and in the universal language of Love 
I communicate with you. 
Listen into eternity and you are with me.


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