8. Oktober 2015


Underwater Earth  

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Dream: All of mankind is kept in check under water. 
A nearly impenetrable metallic protection mantle surrounds 
this underwater earth. Only two human Beings stand outside 
of it, but are haunted and pursued by the “system”. 
One of them is myself. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream picture shows that every system is to be 
overcome, that this matrix can be left and it also shows, 
how complete the control over mankind is in one of these 
The element of water points to the fact that this control 
is exercised on the unconscious level and that this fact 
withdraws from most human Beings.

This dream picture shows a world, which in the process 
of ascension is already decoupled from 3D and the lower 
vibrating 4D, and conveys the impression of what kind
of tasks the light warriors of the first and last hours 
have undertaken in these worlds. And as you free yourself 
from this matrix, you thereby prepare a gate to the Light 
for the remaining and unconscious mankind. 

You are door and gate opener for the remaining 
mankind and many of you have chosen this service
and many of you perform this service now. 

It is a clear dream picture, which shows all of mankind in 
captivity and yet it demonstrates that also such a world can 
be escaped from, as two human Beings, who stand outside 
in the dream, confirm.

Their pursuit is part of the dynamic on these levels, 
nonetheless no one of the haunted ones can be reached 
or be brought back into the old world, because these 
human Beings are on a different vibrational level 
(like in the dream, as we are outside of the metallic
ring, whereby we can see our pursuers, while we 
remain invisible for them. Remark, JJK) 

In this scene 

dream and reality flow into each other, because the 
worlds of the remaining ones create their own ascension,
at another time, under new conditions and under God’s

Freedom is the gift for the ascending ones and you
let worlds partake in this freedom, whereby you act 
as a gate opener to the Light for the remaining ones.


I perform my service on the bridges between worlds, 
and I lead you safely from one to the other level of 

And in many worlds you are in service with me, 
so that in a far away time will be fulfilled what 
you can experience in these days: 
Ascension, rebirth and beatitude in God.

I am That I Am

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