4. Oktober 2015


Honored Readers! 

The free of charge availability of “spiritual nutrition” 
requires money for the Lichtwelt Verlag. Many readers are 
entirely conscious of this and therefore we receive regular 
financial energy balances for the availability of messages, 
other information on our homepage and information via 
our newsletter. Some readers have already arranged for 
monthly contribution and support our work monthly with 
a fixed amount, which is very useful to us, because we can 
thereby calculate more reliably. For that, even any seemingly 
small amount of financial assistance, we, my brother Karl, 
who is in charge of the business, and myself, who is responsible 
for the content, would like to say wholeheartedly thanks to  
all of our sponsors. 

Yet it is also true that a still substantial part of the actual 
1500 newsletter subscribers and the average 1500 to 2000, 
with peaks of 7000 daily readers of the blog so far have not 
made any arrangement for an adequate energy balance.
Thereby we are fully aware that many readers foremost 
now with the breakdown of the financial system and the 
economy experience financial difficulties and would like to 
make donations, but simply cannot do it.

We continue to invite these readers to strengthen themselves 
from the rich offerings of the Lichtwelt Verlag free of charge, 
because those are not meant here.

Addressed are those readers, for whom on the one hand 
our work is a valuable source of nutrition for their soul and 
who on the other hand have sufficient financial means and 
simply have not thought about an energy balance.
Sometimes it only requires a reminder, in order to activate 
behavior in us, which we are already ready for. 
And in this short letter, I would like to point our 
readers to this. 

„Who shall pay for this?“ 
Many times we face this question in the Lichtwelt Verlag.

Yet irrespective of this we would like to continue with 
our present approach. Which means: 

1.) Free access to the messages, so that every human 
Being, independent of his financial status, receives the 
ability to orient self spiritually and to receive strength.
2.) No advertisement on the Lichtwelt homepage, so 
that the pure vibration of the messages and of the 
Lichtwelt portal in total remains guaranteed.
3.) No investors, who tie their investment to 
conditions, which are not suitable for our work. 

And in order that we can do this, we need 
your energetic financial support. 

Follow the call of your soul, whereby you nurture 
what nurtures your soul. 

In Gratitude and in Love

Jahn J Kassl    Karl Kassl 

Online: http://www.lichtweltverlag.com/de/grobritannien-uk/foerderer/index.html (For your donation please click the link!)

Newsletter with messages (free of charge): 

The Lichtweltportal is free of advertisement and declines 
any direct linking, in order to guarantee the clarity of the 
homepage and the pure vibration of its contributions. 
The light world publishing and the author do not lead 
any correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
published on this website. Translated by Franz.