14. Oktober 2015


Message from the Light Reading  
on September 23rd, 2015 in Vienna 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz


I am amongst you!
I am one with all human Beings, one with all Life – 
on this side and beyond the visible.


I bless you, who follow this transmission.
I love you infinitely.

Beloved Ones,

Inner peace prepares the ground for your happiness. 
Peace is the foundation whereupon everything light-filled 
grows and is the ground whereupon Love spreads. Peace, 
once it reaches the heart, is “contagious” and this power 
of the individual has the quality to change everything.

Yet what is peace? And whereby is genuine peace to be 
distinguished from “hollow peace”?

Peace, Discord, Hollow Peace 

A deeply anchored condition of peace can be read 
from three conditions in a human Being:
1.) Your steady willingness for transformation, 
until spiritual reality is revealed.
2.) Absolute devotion to God.
3.) The unconditional willingness to do everything,
in order to be open for God’s Grace. 

Peace develops entirely on its own, as you merge 
totally with your assignments and with your divine 

Discord is everywhere, where the search of a human Being for 
earthly satisfactions is still ongoing. And “hollow peace” can be 
found with all those human Beings, who have already manifested 
first insights, but close themselves off to deeper transformation 
processes. Why? Because the “half awakened ones” like to surround 
themselves with this hollow peace, in order to divert from the open 
issues. The pretense of inner peace only serves to shun the 
confrontation with the inner as well as the outer.

Whoever does not harm anyone, will also not be bothered, 
so the motto, or whoever always smiles, can rarely be met 
with unfriendliness.

This is a method, which many light workers like to fall back 
to, in order to maintain the semblance of a redeemed Being. 
They do not need friendliness or smiling, in order to demonstrate 
peace. They are what they are, and does not matter to them, 
how their gestures and actions are observed from the environment.

Peace is the path toward happiness and to bliss; genuine, deep 
and realized peace-consciousness. This brings reconciliation with 
life, you begin to relax and you begin to accept all events of life 
like a gift from God’s hands.

Happiness befalls those, who are fulfilled and are in peace with 
their assignments, with their work, with whatever they are 

You shall not do what you like, instead you 
should enjoy what has been assigned to you. 

Reverse your thinking. Nothing on the outer decides over 
happiness or misfortune, instead how you really think, how 
you feel and act. The cause of misfortune in this world is the 
discord in the great majority of human Beings, which they 
carry in their heart. Therefore it is of essential significance 
that you know your heavenly assignments for this life and 
entirely merge with it.

The birth into bliss consciousness is reached, as soon as have 
made peace with everything, which here and now determines 
your life, and have accepted it, and as soon as you welcome 
your life in every fiber of your Being, the way it is.

Whoever quarrels with his “fate”, discord will pave his way. 
Whoever does not know his blueprint, gets lost in the labyrinth 
of this time and is in danger of being devoured by unbearable 

And yet there is another higher step beyond happiness: bliss.

Those, who are entirely joined with God, and never fall out 
of this oneness, attain this!
There are those among human Beings, Masters, who are worthy 
of this title. To a certain degree, happiness is still dependent on 
outer influences, even then, when a human Being lives according 
to his blueprint. Yet bliss obeys transcendental laws and once the 
condition is reached, it remains eternally; from then on human 
Beings are an immutable eternal consciousness, which is aware 
of this fact on all levels of one’s Being.

Therefore what is the significance of peace and bliss consciousness 
for this time, for a time, when great events are expected and great 
changes are looming?

1.) Based on your inner peace, you create your own reality. 
And it differs crucially from the projected reality of the outer.
A peace-loving light warrior fights with prudence and with 
wisdom, while a human Being, who is in discord with self, 
quickly loses the control over self and over the events. 

Whoever lifts his sword out of hate, will lose 
his life, whoever does it out of Love, will gain it. 

2.) Peace always brings forth peace, because in the long 
run nothing can be withdrawn from or be closed to a peaceful

Meaning: No matter at which place you deploy yourself for 
change, remain in peace internally. Remain in deep trust to 
God internally. Nothing can and will happen to you.

Anchor the kingdom of peace in your self. Whereby?

Whereby you bring all conditions, which care for unrest
in you, into the Light and thereby dissolve them.

To attain peace and happiness means to a certain stage 
of development untiring transformation and consciousness work.
Only thereby do you come reliably to your desired goal of perfection. 
Happiness does not develop by itself; instead it is attained due to 
consistent “Karma-Yoga”. Still the maxim is valid: 

Redeem yourself before you go about redeeming 
the world! Know: Mother Earth will redeem herself, 
and will heal herself! Mother Earth does not require 
human Beings for that.

Whoever would like to support Mother Earth in her rebirth, 
does this most effectively due to one’s new orientation of 
one’s life. Whoever would like to serve Mother Earth, 
must be reborn and entirely strip off one’s old personality. 

You have already redeemed much, and you have covered a long 
distance. And what is ahead of you is the final stretch, the part 
of the way, where the greatest appearances of tiredness appear.
And at this point it is necessary to entirely pull down to you God’s
presence and His Grace. The time has come, because this moment 
has come. Often bliss consciousness becomes attainable in the most 
difficult hours, and when all possibilities are exhausted, miracles occur, 
many of them will be given in the coming days, weeks and months, 
and many already exist.


And finally happiness means to experience oneself as never-dying 
„Spirit“. Much misfortune develops, because this aspect is blinded 
out in daily life. You are eternal and immortal spirit! If you are 
always aware of this, your perspective of your whole life changes
– and you enter the ground of bliss consciousness.

The transmutation of earth goes on, the transformation
continues on all levels.

Center yourself in your heart; there is the safest 
place in this time. 

Concentrate less on world events, but more on your own life. 
Ask Heaven that it reveals your assignments, so that you no 
longer follow undetermined assignments.

And foremost: Devote yourself entirely toward God!

For God everything is possible, how much have human Beings 
forgotten this. Remember this in this great time as great things 
are asked of you.

I am and I remain among you.

I love you infinitely,

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light
Reading lifestream or on location. 

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