28. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Report: The swimming trunks that I hung on a hook after
swimming has disappeared. In the breast pocket of a shirt that
I did not wear for a long time, I find, while dressing, 30 euros,
as much as the trunks once cost. Money that I have personally
forgotten in this pocket. Then, I sit in the dining area of the club,
and the waitress tells me of her great difficulties with her teeth
on the upper right side. (End of report)

Light and truth facilitate now your path that was previously
lined with many hardships and paved with various surprises.
I am ASANA MAHATARI and I speak to you now, before I pass
the scepter of light onto BUDDHA. about the fact that the people
whose demons were now removed and still are being removed,
feel naked and thus appropriate foreign “garments”, so that
they feel properly dressed.

For the Light Warriors, to whom this happens,
this has no consequences, the “loss” is always immediately
compensated (loss of trunks and the discovery of the 30 euro
after that shows this, note JJK ). People who were now freed
from the demons are faced with a new situation and they did not
know at first what to do with this freedom and ease. Hence these
people are now trained towards their destination, during which they
like to decorate themselves with “borrowed plumes”.

“Toothache upper right side” points out that it is very difficult
for these people to fulfil their soul contracts, namely to complete
the path to the light. Only under huge pains, which means that
they are constantly confronted with their own unredeemed patterns
while they encounter all the time their “misfortune“, can they move on.
Because they must first let go off these constraints, before it goes
directly to the platform of ascension in front of the gates of light.

This is a radical and very rapid process today. The “Cosmic Break”
is used extensively now. People will be put back on track, realigned,
before the new levels of heaven sink upon this earth and before the
people commence with their ascension and be heaved into the realms
of love and happiness.

I am with you,

I am the one who arrives, who looks at the glory of God
– and in the misfortune lies now for those who were
freed from the demons the greatest fortune.


It is important for the budding enlightened and the enlightened
ones at this time to regain their composure, and yet to follow alert
and vigilant the events, to shape them and to accompany the
“Caravan of the Prepared”. Further pronouncements of ascension
potentials, which would have been only meant for the public, will
no longer be given until further notice, although they will continue
to be shown directly to some individuals, if it is appropriate.

The secret of your enlightenment – and ascension means instant
enlightenment - will not be kept a secret only for yourselves,
but will nonetheless remain hidden from those, who seek to
thwart your ascension.
The naked, freed from the demons humans now dress themselves in
new, but foreign garments, by stealing energy from the purified souls,
without the latter suffering from this damage. But also this state will
end abruptly because the mirror of God exposes now each and every
theft and inadequacy and it is very hard to be caught in “the act” all
the time without changing the behavior.
Once a certain number of “naked humans at this time”
are shrouded in new and their own clothes, which are bestowed
to them from the light, this cosmic break in the process of
ascension will be over.

Find the solution to the puzzle in the reality
that all of you are. Any postponement of the point in time
of ascension is an illusion and has no correlation with the
actual cosmic events.
Find the key of timelessness and you have overcome this time.

I am the Enlightened

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