15. Oktober 2013


Report I: The light is red. I wait with my scooter for a free drive.
I observe how on my left side an older man and a young woman
are quarreling. The man complains about a criminal damage of a
near-by facade that has nothing to do with him, for which he makes
the woman responsible who is downloading things from her car.
He begins to take pictures with his cell phone camera and the
“duel ” comes to a head when the woman gets mad with him
and with a heavy blow thrusts his cell phone on the road.
It tumbles directly under the rear tire of my scooter.
The man picks it up and the woman runs into a shop with
a threat to call the police, whereupon the man cowardly and
crouched, looking around again and again slips away.
The light changes to green and I drive off.

This man I perceive as rather devious and autocratic,
someone who is accustomed to reprimand others, to judge others,
and someone who always believes to be right and behaves mercilessly.
The woman seems not to tolerate any injustice and she knows how to
defend herself. Both have in common that they display the same energy.
(End of report)

This scene shows how the people now behave on the levels,
at which the polarity has not yet been overcome. The world
that was dominated by patriarchy begins to crumble as the
female energy starts to fight back. It is clear that once the
evil feels caught in, it disappears cowardly from the scene.

This man represents the old power structures of the darkness
on the 3D and 4D levels. That is known so far, what makes this
scene so important for the ascension process, is that it happens
in close proximity to Jahn, that is to say, the conflicts on the upper
4D levels break off, the people start to fight back, but too late for now.
And the ascending humans remain untouched by all that, as the cell
phone under Jahn’s scooter points out and the fact that Jahn revs up
and leaves this situation behind him. The young woman represents
the hope on the upper 4D levels that defies the dark forces.
The awakening of the feminine energy (young woman) is a
symbol of this.

Overall, this means that the events have started.

Report II: In the gym a man tells in the wardrobe of his
misfortune and always repeats this one sentence:
“They (the doctors) have not even noticed that two vertebrae
were broken …” ( End of Report )

And that is the point. The levels are now separated (broken)
from each other and nobody notices it. The comprehension of
the holographic image of the world is not too widespread among
the warriors of light. The worlds are “broken”, detached from each
other and even the doctors (representing here the light warriors,
who should know it) have overlooked this fact – the broken
vertebrae – on the X-ray image.

Vertebrae are indicative of the fact that humanity’s spine will be
now broken, so that it can enter into a new healing process.
Micro-and macrocosm now learn their fate. Those people are
affected in the space-time structure who have so far enjoyed a
fairly comfortable existence at the expense of the ascending persons,
as they fed on their energy without providing food from themselves.
Both images suggest that it now comes to the fore and that the
events have taken their announced course.

It is me, live and stay attuned! Look around you, without looking
back. Remains vigilant without intervening. Be courageous without
arrogance. Be ready without impatience. Continue without stopping.
Love life without being entangled. Display your light without intruding.
Preach the truth naturally and self-evidently. Look upon the sky,
and remain rooted in the earth. Expect God and be ready to leave
this world.

It’s time.


Imminent Epic Transformation of Gaia - BABAJI: