31. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov
People come into the light and come to the other side
of the veil. And the light warriors who remain expect the last
major tasks. In accordance with your orders, you will now bring
about the final facts. Be courageous, brave and consistent in their
implementation. Because the dark powers do not give up and still
have the power to surprise you as their “souls” were enriched by
fragments of the evil.

This means that many dark ones now leave their physical
existence on this 4D/12th level. And they leave (usually unintentionally)
to the remaining on the earth “warriors of darkness” their “essence”
or their last soul fragments. Due to this fact, the latter gain access
to new forces and are inspired to new maliciousness. This message
has nothing to do with the fact that the demons were taken away
from the people, because this is another (astral) level. 
These statements relate only to the rulers of this world,
who extract their last personal gain in form of energy
and strength from the death of many people.

An unusual but important message, because: 
Never again shall the light warriors of this time,
the light warriors of the first hour enter unprepared
into a battle and be surprised by the dark princes,
so that they are wounded and ultimately hurt.

This means: Get ready for the grand finale. Be sure that you
will be accompanied by us in all aspects and guided on the
theatre of war and even more, we, ourselves, are the ones
who will draw our sword of light from the sheath and thus
stride along with you into this battle.

Herewith we describe: The last epic battle on the planet
before it is all decided for all – without any rest.
I speak today as the commander of the Galactic Federation
of Light and as the light itself to you. As the one, who at the
behest of God will terminate all the old and hidden games
on this level creation. Right now.

I am

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