7. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov 

Loved ones,
you, who now encounter the incredible and will,
before you realize it, arrive in heaven.
Remain courageous, resolute and fearless because the
faint-hearted can neither achieve a victory over themselves
today, nor over the world.

The scourge of man is his cowardice.
Where does this come from?
Cowardice is rooted in repeated disappointment,
in the repetitive pain throughout the incarnations and
hence the people retrieve their words and their actions
when they should rebel and be determined.
Today, it is easy to overcome this cowardice. Why?
Because of the constant light inflow from the Central Sun
that enables this transformation. And yet the people remain in
this state of deficiency which can never satiates a human being
but always leaves him exhausted.
The brave shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.

A coward is unknown to heaven and such one only finds
entrance after he has overcome his cowardice, so that he knocks
with straight posture and an open heart on heaven’s doors.

A second reason to be mentioned that promotes cowardice is human
complacency. Complacent people never leave a warm place of slumber,
they avoid storm and rain and are constantly basking in foreign gloss.
Complacency and cowardice mostly go hand in hand and are only shaken
off when a person has repeatedly attracted by this behaviour suffering,
disaster and drama.

And so it is happening now. In order for the comfy to awaken,
the cowards to become brave and the idle to be able to rise to
new higher deeds. On this human cowardice rely the dark ones,
because they know how lazy and discouraged, how “soft-laundered”
mankind is, because they ensure this state themselves through the
constant distribution of vibrations of fear.

However, this does not release the individual from his responsibility!
Because in return much has been given to you by Heaven, you were
endowed with protections and numerous transformation opportunities
were opened to you. All you needed to do, was to just accept them.
But, alas! The broad mankind has denied this, it has rejected the
masters from heaven and has turned down the mercy of God, just
like fools who refuse the saving bridge over a raging river.

No, my children of men, the true worth of a man is only revealed
when he, wherever necessary, performs his deeds bravely and fearfully,
chooses his words clearly and leaves no space for speculations.
Do you have that courage to take a clear position or are you scared
and retreat in fear of the consequences? It is not wisdom that commands
you to silence, but your concern for your own well-being, that is why
you are muzzled and locked like a grave.

You are a coward, when you are supposed to lead or
leave the show in your professional field, and you are a
coward when it is necessary to speak a clear word in your families.
You are a coward, when it is necessary to distance yourselves by
deeds from the usual mush of political correctness and you are a
coward, when it is necessary to bring out your light in a rather
natural manner from under the bushel and to put it on the hilltop.
You are a coward, you, who wish to ascend but do nothing to contribute
to it – neither in the world, nor within yourself. Yes, you are meant,
you, who wrest more or less the messages from heaven, only to
have sometimes more, and often less faith in them, and you, who
only pick the raisins out of this cake. In this you are like the birds
that pick the raisins out of the cake, but they still have a greater
entitlement to do this than you, because they vibrate in every
moment of their lives in harmony with God.

You are most defiant to change and you fail most of the time in
your daily dealing with trifle things, which you are not ready to
perceive or abandon at any price in this world.

And to all surfeit, you still “risk a big Ascension lip”
(a German saying for somebody who boasts very much)
and then you pretend to be a connoisseur of this process,
while you know little more than a deaf man hears and a blind
man sees.

No, my dear children, it does not work this way,
nothing will come out of it, because the coward is unknown to me.
You abstain from falsehood, but then you circumscribe the truth in
such a way that it is no longer perceivable at the end. This is cowardly!
You abstain from clear words, so that you do not hurt yourself, and
“formulate over seven corners” (a German saying for being circuitous),
so no one knows what you are aiming at. This is cowardly!
Your pretend to do activities that have nothing to do with your perfection
and you deceive the whole world as if you were on the way to the light.
This is cowardly!

You parade compassion when you are among those who expect
this from you, but your heart becomes as hard as steel when you
change the environment. This is cowardly!
You display your emotions and mental conditions randomly
and you adapt perfectly to the respective environment, while
you consider yourself in self-aggrandisement as great revolutionaries.
That is cowardly and stupid.
You believe you could change the world by reciting wisdoms
from the books and parroting them like apes, but not a single
word can reach your heart and no light can spread in it.
That is cowardly and presumptuous.

You are half and often not even that, and want to reap a
full ascension. That is cowardly and outrageous.
You’re like a chameleon that for every opportunity unpacks the
right dress, only to slip undetected throughout life and avoid any risk.
What is it, I ask you? And now you should finally ask yourself!

The big change is known to you! Nevertheless, you remain petty spirits,
pusillanimous and you are barely able and willing to soar to a really great,
unique and sublime life. And a really “great life” is founded in the fact that
you dissolve unconditionally all the old structures that are rotten (and there
are many more of those than you guess in your wildest dreams).
Have you done that, are you capable of doing it?
Do you still wish to catch up before the storm of the
universe flares up and sweeps over this world?
Nothing will remain as it was, you have been repeatedly told.
Only you, yourself, are still the same ones that you were,
when you arrived in this world.
Too insignificant, to modest, too miserable,
too imperfect is your transformation path, and so it happens now
that you will realize at the end of time that you have blocked yourself
because of your cowardice, and therefore you have taken away the
momentum from your ascension and thus you have taken yourself
away from your ascension.
You need clear words, if you want to make use of the short
period of time that is remaining until the arrival of the ultimate events.
You need the true affection of the heavenly powers and not watered-down
disquisitions, that present themselves as preposterous messages of light.

You need the truth and not the cheap claptrap out of the mothballs
of the half- and fully ignorant. You need the truth like the desert needs
the water, you need the love as a child that constantly demands the
mother breast.

You need the unencrypted Word of God, before it gets dark on earth,
and before you, in case you do not change instantly, will remains in
the dark.

I have come to confront you with the truth – there is no more time
left for anything else. Go, go, get rid of your cowardice and say boldly
what it is and be courageous, where this courage is demanded from you.
Without courage, mankind would still live in dark caves, and know
neither fire, nor fireplace.

Without courage the path of transformation is nothing more
than a hollow theory, the jump into the abyss and into the
arms of God – a pure speculation.

Determine your status now! Where am I?  
Overcome the greatest cowardice now: admit to yourself
that you are a coward – and change this. Instantly!
Put aside what is holding you back from jumping into the
abyss and into the arms of God. Get rid of cowardice
– as long as there is still time. Because the cowards inherit
the heritage of this lost world, while the brave will be the
true heir of heaven.

I have come to hold up a mirror in front of you.
Have the courage to look inside and recognize yourself in it.


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