14. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones , my children!
What to expect, when will it come?

It should be expected that all events, all profound
transformations that will lead to the ultimate change
at all levels, will occur simultaneously.
Many options were now discarded and today only
one option remains, namely, that the whole planetary
transformation occurs in a single stroke.
That is to say, while the social upheavals, starting from the dark
forces will take place in a surprising coup, it will happen that at the
same time the surface of the planet will be transformed by the
magnetic field (magnetic pole reversal).

A step -by-step ascension or experience of it is excluded today,
we are already too far advanced in the timeline, so that this could
not be accomplished now “by and by”. This means further: incredible
forces of nature will be unleashed and in the middle of these days the
dark ones will pursue their heinous game.
In those days as specified to you, and it will only be a few days,
all the people who have felt disoriented, will completely lose their
orientation and those, who felt anchored firmly in the ground,
will not know how and what happens to them. Only those, who are
sufficiently prepared spiritually, emotionally and mentally for these
events, will be able to harness their fears and not succumb to these.

“At the same time” means that all cosmic and earthly events that
are drawn by the people themselves in their reality will occur within
a few days. Like in a theatre, one scene will follow the next one
without any interruption until the last sequence is played and spooled.
This dynamics will affect all people, the ascending ones and those who
will return into the darkness.

The moment of ascension can not occur in several stages today,
as all timelines have been exhausted. Mankind has chosen this grand
finale, and all revolutions will obey the cosmic script and will ignite
worldwide simultaneously, so that when the ones have long ascended,
the others will be confronted with a “fait accompli” – but too late!

With this brief perspective on the current quality of time,
I assure you that all people will be taken care of, and that even
those, who will return to the dark caves, will ascend when their
circle of life is fulfilled in this reality. “Tacks will be now pounded
with the head” ( A German saying that a solution will be brought
about at any price, note George)! The Creator does not need any
embellishments, because true is what cannot be misunderstood
by anyone.

When will it comeBe ready – any time.

I am the love and the life, He, who follows me,
loses himself completely and regains his eternal life .

I am

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