31. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Dream: In the following night, I get this dream:
In a overcrowded restaurant I need to get out and
squeeze myself between the tables. As I have to move
a flower pot to another table, at once three men start
to follow me and start to question me. They do not hurt
me but they look very threatening however. In return,
I come back to the place and ask the Chef to hand me
back my ounce of gold which he still owes me. Immediately
he starts to evade into lame excuses and disappears without
following my request. (end of dream)

I am, you, warriors of the last hours, SANANDA.

This dream completes the charted scene of the dust particle
(removing the flower pot) and even if it is less than that,
which is done by the light warriors, it is immediately registered
by the dark powers, while at the same time they refuse to settle
their own debt they have towards you and towards the whole world.

And the debt, in addition to the devastation that they have
already brought about to humanity, consists in the fact that they
are now taking possession of the last soul fragments of the
individuals leaving this world. Jahn embodies in the dream
the heavenly powers that call upon the dark to return these soul
parts (ounce of gold). This will not happen voluntarily, and thus
the way into a final battle is foreshadowed. It is of very short
duration and is fought on several levels of Creation almost
simultaneously. Then there will be silence, peace and quiet
for a long, long time – even in the highest levels of space-time Creation.

Report: After I woke up, I open, as I often do after waking up,
spontaneously a random book in order to get another validation
of that last dream or that message I had been receiving.
I can read as follows: “Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees!
You hypocrites! You travel around half the world to find just one follower.
And as you have found him, you turn him around and destroy him that
he shall deserve your double punishment in hell.”
( Bible , Matthew 23:15)

This is reflected in the terms of this message and the dream as follows:

1) The “hypocrites”, those are in the dream the ones wanting to
expose Jahn, even though they are not even ready to settle
their own debts.
2) “Travels around the world,” ie , the dark ones now do
everything in order to collect as many soul fragments as possible. 
3) “Double punishment in hell” means that these people are
completely emptied because dismantled of their soul and arrive
in a life(soul)less state in the subtle realms – wherever – and
therefore truly experience being in hell.
4 ) All of these actions fall back on those who provoked
them in the first place as soon as the light warriors of the
first and the last hours have won this epochal battle. Thus,
the wheel has come full circle.

Be prepared, nothing can happen to you.
For whoever is caught in broad daylight, ducks and
sneaks away only to creep up again under the cover of
night, until he gets what he wants.
Yet today with the big difference, that you, the light
warriors of this end of time will pursue all the dark
powers until the very rest of them has been wiped
out and until all their evil deeds are purged from the
face of this world.

In this specific context further knowledge will be provided
at the appropriate time and also Jahn will be staying tuned
in, if necessary, so that the people can meet the coming
days with confidence and courage.

There is nothing to lose, however, you will gain everything.
And so it happens now that through you, through your heroism
and your heroic exploits this world will eventually ascend into
the light. Or how do you call someone who surrenders everything
in order to serve humanity and who remains in every second of his
being true to himself and his cosmic mission?

Do you now become aware, in view of this situation,
of your real status within the creation and the honor 
that the heavenly realms are about to bestow on you?
And are you today also aware of the fact that all powers
of the light of the heaven are serving you and that it is not
you who has to be serving the heaven, although you are in
the services of the heaven?

I am with you. I am standing right with you in the front
line before this line shall raise like a transparent morning
fog and shall dissolve only to be replaced by the state of
space-less and time-less being.

I am

The Good News of Ascension - BABAJI, BUDDHA: