24. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,
new worlds are built and in these worlds those
who are neither fish nor fowl now find themselves.

Due to the heroic efforts in the “big battle” on the planes
of being invisible to you, which was won by the light warriors
of the first hour, it is herewith confirmed and now proclaiming
that a new period of grace has begun for mankind.

From now on every person, who staggers, who is undetermined
and could not or is not willing to comprehend these events of the time
receives the renewed opportunity to wake up. This requires the creation
of new levels, so that these people remain almost untouched by the
discharges, of which we spoke to you. None of what has been
announced to you, can be withdrawn, for verily:
Many people are urging into this epic drama and so they attract
these events like mosquitoes are attracted by the light.
And yet people receive repeatedly “one last time” the opportunity
to present themselves on the platform of ascension and to awaken.

War or Peace?

I tell you: war and peace. Because in the multidimensional Being
the ways to knowledge exist next to each other, and all mitigated and 
reinforced event chains as well. The confusion is so complete and yet
it is so easy. Every man will be now confronted with his inheritance.
That is to say:

1 ) The new grace period will be used by some people.
Their liberation from the demons will show its effect.
2 ) The new grace period remains unused by many people.
They will experience the disaster on one of the levels created for
them, the kind of upheavals that have recently been revealed to
you by the spiritual realms.

Neither fish nor fowl? Gone! The final long day, which will bring
to the fore the final decisions of all the people who inhabit the
upper 4D hologram, has begun. The revolution is coming,
the way is paved. Mildly, where you are, with great force where
it has been chosen that way. It is happening, in particular on those
worlds that have nothing to do with the already created 4D levels.
This secret will be revealed to you before the chaff is separated
from the wheat.
I am all-encompassing and omnipresent at all levels of creation
I am