30. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

For the enlightenment there is only one exercise: LIFE.
To scoop from the fullness of life and to recognize the fullness
of life in all things. Enlightenment is easy when the obstacles to
this end are overcome and the paths of error are abandoned.


Today, the task has been assigned to me to bring you the Good
News - now the wings of ascension are being tailored for you.
Affected are all those, who, after the cosmic break ends,
will ascend to heaven and will not return back to this time- and
space structure. There are only few, but enough to announce it
today, so that you can align your being in joyful anticipation and
attune your energies to it.

This moment of heavenly glory will occur out of “Nothing”
and it will happen just as the moment of enlightenment happens:
suddenly and in an instant. life will change and a person will be
transformed back to the deity who he is. And for these people
now big wings are tailored and for those, who already have them,
the wings will be reinforced at all levels and complemented with
further qualities of light, so that this flight to freedom can occur
away from all disagreements.

Who wants to have a glimpse into the final knowledge,
he will have it, no matter under what circumstances and
under what conditions. And so it is happening now that the
unenlightened still meddle in people’s lives in order to control
the people and this will be only terminated after the people are
willing by themselves to prevent such access to their essence.
While the demons are gone, many people are being left disoriented,
and now wish only one thing, namely, to have their old life back.
Thus, the forces of darkness intrude now more then ever and make
the confusion in these people’s hearts perfect.

As if this deception is not enough, these people hang on
to the illusion, everything is now clarifying for the good,
as if everything in their lives revolves towards the light
and is on the way closer to the glory of God.

I, the Enlightened, say to you: Enlightenment is being sought
by the least, but enlightenment and ascension cannot be
separated from each other at the end of the day.

The greatest time of God’s grace will be fulfilled, and here
and there people will accept this gift of the Creator with gratitude.
The liberation of the people from the evil stench that the demons
carried in their lives comes into full effect in those people who are
now becoming conscious. Much is possible only now and is imminent
for these people, what the enlightened ones of this time have already
experienced – the unity with God and the ascension in the realms
of heaven.

It needs no further introduction to this.
Ideas are only obstacles that can prevent a lot,
as an expectation always blocks the Incredible.
Be whole and conscious “Buddhas” as you experience
yourselves whole and complete in this life and on this
level – and this means to learn to experience yourselves as a
transcended deity who remembers only by the physical body
to be a human being.

To speak of ascension and enlightenment,
this is what has been assigned to me. Those who
are concerned, know about the great joy that this
fact elicits on both sides of all worlds and in every
awakened consciousness – and in me, that I am,

the Awakened