21. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov 
Who is waiting in the house will be still waiting,
who is weeding the weeds on the field will be taken
from the field.


Beloved brother, beloved sister, we all are one.
Why then the big differences? Why some will ascend,
while others will not? Why there seems to be a double standard,
now that the Creator spreads His mercy over the whole world?
And why are there differences even among the light warriors that
seem like heaven and hell, now that new worlds are created at a
stroke and old worlds are dissolved?
Questions upon questions and the answers are missing.
So it seems to many who are waiting today and have retreated
in their homes, in the hope that the Creator may have mercy on them.
Is this the way that you want to go as sovereign beings? Is this the way
how you want to be heaved – to return idle back to the kingdom of
heaven? No, that will not and can never be the way.
It ‘s all done, and the worlds separate and will be heaved,
built and released – and there is still much to do.
Nothing of what has been announced to you will be canceled.
The great revolution is taking place and you will experience these
hours to a certain degree, because, after all, you are the ones,
who gave birth to these events, because you have initially fought
against the conditions of this world and then you have transformed
these conditions within yourself, so that you have reached the
Kingdom of Peace.
Nevertheless, these unbearable conditions still continue to exist in
the world visible to you, as if there were no radical changes.
I say unto you that at every date of ascension, that has been announced
to you from the light levels of Being and has passed without any seeming
effect, more than just one new world was created and more than just
one old world was dissolved! This should fill you with awe.
I say to you: with every ascension portal that opens, huge groups
of people are heaved into the realms of Light and huge groups of
people are plunged into the dark worlds. This should convince you
of the factuality of this process.

And why don’t we know anything about it, you ask?
Why only the seers can see these events at this time,
why are these facts concealed from me?
Because you have so decided! Because this is exactly that part
of the game on the earth in order for you to trust God like a blind
man trusts his inner orientation and his cane. For before God you
are all blind until you attain enlightenment. The cane for the blind
is embodied by the masters, who now act in this world, as they guide
you and lead you until you develop a complete trust – in yourself
and in God.

And you are guided by your orders, to which everything is
subjected in Being, and only a few are bestowed with a direct
insight into what is happening at this time because in the life
history of such an individual appropriate features and potentials
are recorded.

Where does the restlessness, impatience, which now plagues many
people with respect to ascension, really come from? Where do the
inner doubts come from that scare so many people that already
stand on the ascension ladder to make an U-turn and go back to
the old world? All this only because the events have not commenced?
No! Because you are still unable to perceive these facts in their
multidimensional complexity and because you have not acquired
entirely the deep trust in God.

Ascension is a matter of confidence and inner certainty and
not a matter of points in time that may be realized or seem
to fail to appear in your eyes.
Like a woman who stays at home and expects in deep trust the
return of her husband from a long sea voyage, so you now have
to decide how to await during this long period of time between the
 “build-up of Ascension” and the “discharge of ascension “. However,
do not await idly, but be involved in the ongoing enrichment of this
level of Being, your life and your environment with your light and fill
it with your love.

Why are there even among the light warriors different
perceptions on ascension that appear like day and night?
Because knowledge can only be allowed to the extent, to which
a human being is freed from the collective behavior patterns,
from the dross of time, i.e. he has freed himself through rigorous
transformation work. And many light warriors of the present time
wear implants within themselves from the ancient times, from the
unredeemed Atlantis energies, the unredeemed energies of Lemuria
and many other epochs that date further and further back in time.
Why is this so? Because these people do not want to remove these
implants, even if they ask for this on their human level. Why is this?
Because the soul is blocking this, in the knowledge that the time has
not yet come for it.

Many people who have “officially” chosen the path of the light and
have proclaimed to use their lightsaber, want to remove all their life
problems at a stroke, that is to say, without closely examining them.
This is impossible because many life issues demand the absolute
attention of the individual and cannot be solved in one action,
in one fell swoop.
Therefore, I urge you every day to do more,
to work hard and to never put your hands in your lap.
Transformation occurs while you are active and to be active
means to dedicate yourself “with skin and hair” (German saying)
to your own perfection. In this endeavour nothing can be skipped,
and that is why only very rarely can God’s grace unfold all its strength,
for it takes a mature soul and a very willing soul. Then all miracles are
possible. In summary: do not worry about your ascension,
because it will come at the appropriate hour. Instead take more
care of that you use the time until then to lift up your position as
higher as possible,as to accomplish ascension.
I have announced to you the great revolution and it is coming!
In the souls of the ascenders it has long been kindled, because everything
is overthrown and rearranged anew and returned to the divine order.
In the visible world, it is important to keep calm and continue being active
to grub the weeds as ever. Because he, who neglects the soil even for a
day should expect on the next day a sprawl of weeds and on the third
day already a field, where sound wheat only shimmers between the lush
thriving weeds. You should not be deceived by the obvious and drift into
frustration! Internalize the structure of Creation, as best as you can as
“blind men” – because before all discharges manifest themselves at this l
evel, they will occur at places, where revolutions are hardly possible.
Is there nonetheless a delay in the ascension process?
In a certain sense and for the people who are not yet fully adjusted
to the new vibrational conditions, Yes! For this purpose the space-time
structure is arrested shortly before the people, who will ascend, will be
catapulted out of time. Then, there is silence and every man is confronted
with his legacy.

This short “break” is necessary to adjust the vibrational
fields of the ascenders to the vibrational fields of the higher realms.
Therefore, today many people have the impression that time
stands still and nothing is changing. This is a conundrum because
while this is happening, this world is still further rotating and at this
very moment many people begin to despair and fall off the path.
This last summit victory belongs only to the selected few,
as many turn back now and descend to the base camp without
ever having reached the summit. And I say unto you, It’s all part of this
fascinating process that has lured you to this earth, has attracted you,
as bees are attracted by the flowers and the beekeeper is attracted by
the honey. All knowledge is revealed to the people gradually and only
at the point, at which a person is ready to see the divine truth of
universal knowledge. In the end everything happens very quickly.
The last step to the summit is accomplished in a moment of bliss.
However, the steps up to there drag out mostly, as if there were
neither summit nor the view of the mountain summit.

Now assimilate this time. Assimilate the fact that you have already
experienced many “world sunsets”, that you are tested, articulate
and knowing. Assimilate this and recall that you stay up to the last
minute on deck before the soil is removed from under your feet and
you subsequently – rather than go down with the ship, walked upon
the water as if you had never done anything else.
And please assimilate this: miracles happen where the soil is prepared
for miracles, and the soil, in which the biggest miracle thrive, is:

In love and with the attention of a mother who protects her newborn;
determined and demanding, like a loving father, who imparts his
adolescent children the wisdom of life, that is how I support you all.
I am the mirror in which you recognize yourself.
Look into it, and accept you completely, so I can also accept
you, and so that you lose all illusions. What you will find is trust.
Confidence in the course of time and the flow of all life – and trust
in God, so that the time, in which actual or seeming changes and
shifts in the ascension process have unsettled you, ends.
Your soul needs this confidence and peace, this deep
inner peace – to remember.
I am

Under False Flag - ASANA MAHATARI: