17. Oktober 2013


Dream (first sequence):
An ordinary day, until everything turns into chaos.
Doomsday, nothing is as it was. Today I dream that dream again,
after I was seemingly “captured” by this image for days. However,
when I came today at the point, at which the doomsday scenarios begin,
I refuse to continue to dream and I wake up. As I fall asleep again,
the dream continues exactly where I got out and I refuse again
and now the dream takes a more tolerable turn. (End of the Dream)

Loved ones!

It is unbearable to see what is happening now and this dream shows this.
And it shows that you have it in our hands, what kind of U-turn you will
give to the events in your life. “In the middle of the game” you can change
the course, so to say, if you have this capability and awareness, yet only
very few people will make use of it.

Without a minimum level of consciousness no awakening can be
initiated. And this dream reflects this, as in the second sequence … 
I ‘m at a light reading, after the Earth has been destroyed.
In a small room, it is my home, the people are crowding around
from all over the world, very densely together. The light reading
begins and some are discussing their journeys loudly while the
light reading is already in full sway. I have to step in and ask
the people to keep their mouths shut (End of report)
… the people still do not understand what it is all about.

Even after the great events, they still do not behave appropriately
when they encounter the light vibration of heaven (light reading).
Therefore, it is extremely sobering for anybody who ascends and for
us from the spiritual realms to observe this. This situation was not
expected in this magnitude, as originally many parameters pointed
out to a fundamentally different behaviour and to different decisions
of the people.
Therefore, many epochs will pass before the people can wake up
and will do so. This fact is not necessarily new, but is a confirmation
of the current quality of the ascension process.

I now give the following for the record:

Currently, operations are performed “under false flag”.
On the upper 4D holograms an attempt has been made by
the dark forces to confuse the people and in particular those
that are ready for ascension.
The man in the White House is now presented by the dark forces
and also by his own people as “unsuitable”. This begins now, so that
the trust is recovered in the people in order to bring a new entity into
position that will fill in this office.
Additionally, UFOs or extraterrestrial flying objects appear
that are neither alien nor of heavenly light origin, but come
from the workshops of the dark forces that dominate this earth.
There are rumours that these UFOs have dismantled American
missiles that were supposed to trigger WW3. This happened very
often in the past (by the light forces) and describes a real scenario,
so that the reports are largely correct.

In the current crisis in the Middle East, this intervention by the
light forces was not necessary yet, since such a deadly attack on
a state that would turn the world upside down did not take place
in this twelfth hologram of 4D until now.
UFOs that were built by the dark powers themselves should appear
and be perceived as a threat to the world, so that humanity will unite
and will be welded into the New World Order. This is one option.

The second option offers the following scenario, where UFOs built by
the dark powers appear as the saviors, as mentioned in the above report,
as to allegedly prevent a deadly attack by the Western Armada.
Depending on how the things will evolve, the dark forces believe
that they can respond in these ways. The New World Order can be
achieved by a threat from space (evil UFOs) or by seemingly
well-meaning aliens” that will appear as the saviors of mankind.
These scenarios are already being implemented and the deception
of the people is complete.

How to counter this?
As you always, without exception,
pay attention to the light and the type of light that emanates
from such objects or beings. As you analyze the vibration and do
not respond to their cool promises and powerful tools. And as you
always, without exception, are armed with your lightsaber and
together with the army of angels and archangels, and with the
forces of the Federation of Light, to which all Ascended Masters
also belong, oppose these manifestations.

Nothing can happen to you, if you do not fall prey
easily and blindly to the first best UFO.

False holograms can be perceived by the fact that they are uninhabited,
inanimate, that is to say, they look absolutely unloving and unnatural.
As a Potemkin village, a facade and as soon as you enter, you realize that
something is wrong and that there is nothing and in particular that there
is nothing that you have expected to be light and love vibration.

You can escape from any artificial hologram as soon as you recognize
it and call the heavenly powers to escort you out of it. And any artificial
or possessed by evil entity will dissolve as soon as you urge it to present
its all loving Christ consciousness. The very moment you recognize the
evil, the unnatural or a synthetic world as an illusion, discern it and
named it with its proper name, it disintegrates, it disappears because
it is no longer allowed in your lives and it turns by itself to an e
nvironment that is fully captured by its fascination.
Now let us summarize it as follows:

1) Many UFO sightings are spawned by the dark forces.
2) The U.S. president has done his job and now manages the
estate of his complex agendas that made him what he is today:
an emissary of the highest ” Prince of Darkness” on earth.
3) The dark forces now throw everything into the final battle to
bring at least on one of their holograms 500,000 souls in their
captivity, so that they can continue to operate their game.
4) Not everything that appears in the sky is of light origin!
Be prepared that also in this the wheat must be separated
from the chaff.

With these words I bless you and I assure you my presence,
Until we are united in the kingdom of God  until we all come
together to the great celebration in heaven.

I am with you. All the time.


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