10. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov 

Report: I am with my beloved son NOAH in the Vienna Prater
and we are considering, as so often, but more seldom recently,
to take the Lilliputian railroad for one round. As we head on to the
platform, two crows stroll along two meters in front  of us / beside
us in a quite sublime and leisurely manner. One on my left side and
one on Noah’s right side. They give us, ” escort” , as if they lead us
through the gates into the light. (End of report)

This scene illustrates the new doorways into the light.
So far, the crows pointed out to the approaching ascension,
now they accompany you to heaven. That is, the gates are opened
and the ascending humans will be now retrieved from this world.

The phase. in which the remaining dark beings from many realms will
experience their final Waterloo has begun. To participate directly in the
big and dramatic events is one thing, to be involved in them, is something
entirely different. And so it happens now that, while the world talks about
peace in Syria, in the background a war of an incredible magnitude is
It is always like that –  the more the world is talking about peace,
the closer a war is. And now it happens that it will come,
as it should come. The global problems are too big for the dark
forces to solve them with the previous tactics of “creeping manipulation“.
Thus, the conflagration that has been stoked so far must break out,
and the lies, on which this world was based, must discharge until
not a single stone is left unturned.

Fear not for a moment. Because these scenes will pass by
without leaving a trace on you and will devour the souls of
those people who need this deep experience to abandon their
current lives in ignorance. It comes and it goes away. The time in
which God’s grand plan with creation is revealed and implemented,
has arrived.

Calm before the storm? No. Calm before the cyclone, which now
accomplishes his work on this world – and calm before the sun will
no longer rise in the east and set in the west.
You are expected. You are all expected! Accept this time unconditionally.
Generate peace in yourself, this is very significant at present.
So that you can be at peace when the dawn of the day that marks
your transition into the light realms of creation draws near.
I am the love and all life,
omnipresent and infinite consciousness in God.


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