27. Oktober 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov
New holograms now create a new reality.
The journey continues and you will arrive safely
in the realms of heaven.

I am the Enlightened

I have now the duty to bring to you the good news of the
coming Ascension. This, after in the past few weeks so many
potentials that have occurred and have been described to you
have been exhausted, this, after you have gained insight into the
many worlds and after you must all now know that everything
exists together and that every man himself weaves his fate.
Yes, after you are now so far advanced and aware, it is my task
to hand over to you the gift of ascension on God’s wings.

Who ascends, who elevates himself to us, will be supported and
heaved by God – and the world, as it is known to him, will be left
far behind. The annunciations of the past few weeks were rather tough.
Worlds collapsed and new worlds were created. And everyone,
who finds himself on one of these worlds, is affected. And there
are many, who are affected, much more than that – you are all affected.
Your multidimensional reality makes it possible, then you are  at the
same time in the worlds that go under and in the worlds that resurrect.
Fatigue, illness, discouragement, emotional and mental distress that
you have experienced in your bodies attest to this.

Beyond this: do not try to understand it, try only to capture it with
your awareness, try to grasp it with your Buddha nature.
The “middle way”, the way that is all in itself and integrates everything,
is the way that now each ascender should tread. Nothing that is not
there, nothing that is not, everything happens simultaneously and
at various levels of creation. At the place where you perceive yourself
now, where you are sitting or standing, while you follow these words
of the light and the love, only one thing counts: to align the crown chakra,
so that the light can flow!
Dimensions open their doors, distances are bridged in a
breathtaking speed, and you begin, as is reported to you,
to live in many places simultaneously. Still you cannot experience
this in the awareness of your whole nature, however, the time to
this end is very tightly measured – very tightly!
Mind reading, clairsentience and clairvoyance will become
your second nature before you will be fully determined by it.
You will wake up and know that you have arrived, even as you
still stand on firm ground with both legs.

A Buddha is the one who embeds his inconspicuous life,
his simple Being, his activity as a human in his divine nature.
A Buddha is somebody you would not think of, except if you are
able to see the obvious in the inconspicuous – and a Buddha is
the one who sits under a tree and cries with a smile when hilarious
or disgruntled monkeys throw ripe fruits on his head.
I am the one who has the privilege to report to you about the
most beautiful time before you will be heaved to heaven
through the ascension portal.

the Enlightened

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