12. November 2015


This Essay was presented on October 28th, 2015 in Vienna 
during the Light Reading. This first part in written form cannot
exactly portray the spontaneous additions, which I always make 
live, yet the text in total is complete and represents what I have 
said. In some places it is further expanded.

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Context to the Messages

In this context the messages from the Elija Prophecies are 
interesting, messages, which I received in the years 2010 
to 2011. Here are some excerpts: 

1 – I see aimlessly wandering people; fields and meadows 
without green; soils that are barren, nothing grows anymore.
2 – I see caravans, long caravans without end, people, who 
lost their home, looking for a new place to live, because the 
countries they have lived in do not exist anymore.
3 – I see fearful, discouraged and hopeless humans, who 
wish death more than life and are envious of the dead.
4 – I see fire, which burns everything, huge countries are 
being destroyed by this fire and are being purified; it is a 
process, whose value in the moment of sorrow, in the 
moment of human suffering, cannot be assessed. 

1. I see:
“A wide landscape, hills, meadows and fields, which I walked 
through, yet there were barely any human Beings I could see, 
hardly any houses. I traversed kilometers, many kilometers, 
from south to north, in order to encounter again and again 
two or a maximum of three houses, which belonged to a 
widely scattered village. There were no more cities in this 
land. And this land was called Germany.”
(Prophecy 11/14/2011)
2. I see:
“A great fire, which burned everything, a land that is 
to the west of Germany.” (Prophecy 11/14/2011) 
4. I see: 
”A city, where riots broke out, narrow streets, it was hard 
to pass human Beings and vehicles similar to trucks, which 
traveled neither from here nor to there. 
It seemed that something has happened. 
And this city was Vienna.” (Prophecy 11/15/2011)

And in the course of the work for this essay on 10/20/2015 
I received the following dream:

„I perceive myself from the perspective of a bird and 
thereby I see all of Germany. I see how everywhere in Germany
unrest breaks out. Even in the smallest villages and communities 
people quarrel with each other. Thereby I see angry and violent 
immigrants and how they attack the inhabitants. I am aware 
that this situation has captured all of Germany.“ (End of dream)

In this context the book 2026 God’s Revelations 
(Book is in Preparation) gives some important insights 
regarding these events of this time quality. The section, 
which describes the timespan 2013 to 2016, says:
The new society is founded on three Columns.
These three Columns affect the first great transformation 
of society:

The uncompromising detection of life-lies from old time.
The unconditional reorientation of human relationships
in personal affairs.
The courageous refusal of each dishonesty in business 
These columns determine your daily life and increasingly 
challenge your capacity for distinction.
The healing of the planet is a daily process and is a 
challenge in all areas of life. 

Yet the beginning has to be searched in the personal 
sphere of each individual; everything is derived from that."

What do we have to do? 

„A monk withdrew into seclusion in order to be able to be entirely 
devoted to meditation. One time a traveler came by and asked him 
for some water. The monk went with him to the cistern. The foreigner 
thankfully drank the whole mug and asked: “Tell me, what sense do 
you see in your life in silence?”
The monk pointed to the stirred up water and answered: 
“Look into the cistern! What do you see?” The traveler 
looked deep, then raised his head and said: “I see nothing.”
After a while the monk encouraged him again:
“Look into the water of the cistern. What do you see now?” 
Again the foreigner looks into the water and answered: 
“Now I see myself!”
“Thereby your question is answered”, declared the monk. 
“When you looked into the cistern the first time, the water 
was still restless from bailing, and you could not recognize 
anything. Now it is calm – and this is the experience of 
silence: One sees and recognizes oneself!” 

And in this inner silence we can, despite the outer dramas, 
attune to a harmonic transition, whereby we sweep in front 
of our door until garbage is no longer left. 

Isaiah 30:15
15 This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of 
Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation,

in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would 
have none of it. 

The tasks are clearly distributed: Our actual task in self-responsibility 
is to look inside. Each one, as he has begun, knows how comprehensive 
this transformation task really is. And it is God’s task and the task of
our siblings from the Light to save us from disaster, and for human
Beings, who have no longer chosen dramas, to guarantee a harmonic 

This is well described in the book 
Telos-Welcome to Agartha


I am the navigator through this time.

I provide human Beings of upper earth with the necessary 
confidence, I spread certitude, I bring the power of love and 
light into your days, so that as a gift you may experience the 
cosmic transformation, which changes everything that has been 
familiar to you. I am the navigator of my Siblings from Telos, 
who expect the day of your arrival in joy and in great gratitude, 
as you do. Anybody who has truly decided to go into the light 
will not go astray now; the time is too advanced for it. Anybody 
we know about, who will be hosted by us and who enters the 
world of miracles, cannot lose the trail today. 
Today the only point is that the transition to the fifth dimension 
of All-that-Is and the arrival in Telos be harmonious and liberated 
from drama.


Once the signal for the evacuation of the surface of the earth 
has been given, everything will go very quickly. All of your 
yearnings will be fulfilled, for some within a few hours, or
for the majority of our brothers and sisters of upper earth 
within a few days; the miracle of the return into the union 
with God becomes true and the arrival into the Light is sealed.

The Galactic Federation of Light will initially mentor and care 
for many of you, before you are brought to us. The Galactic 
Federation of Light, as well as the Universal Federation of Light, 
has flight corridors and landing bases in Earth’s interior and there
is a lively exchange between the members of this insurmountable 
Entity of God and the Agarthans.
We are up to date in all matters that have to do with the 

We are also up to date as long as we look courageously what is
still unredeemed in us, and what aims for salvation in the world. 
And we may become aware that we are here to fulfill our assignments, 
our sacred duty, the service of Love for this mankind, but that we are 
passing through here on earth. The concluding Zen story illustrates
this beautifully: 

One time a tourist visited a famous Master and marveled 
how simple his room was furnished. Only books, a table 
and a bench.
“Master, where is your furniture?” asked the tourist.
“And where are yours?” replied the Master.
“But I am only passing through here.” said the tourist.
“Me too” replied the Master.2 

And You?

Jahn J Kassl 

1 (Zen-Geschichte, Coppenrath, GEH LANGSAM, WENN DU ES ELIG HAST)
2 (Zen-Geschichte, Coppenrath, GEH LANGSAM, WENN DU ES ELIG HAST)

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