26. November 2015

Stop the Immigration Flood! Avert Damage from the German People and from Europe – may God help You.

Open Letter to Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel,   
Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translation by Franz

Honored Mrs. Chancellor!
Honored Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel! 

I write to you as a human Being, who wants to have 
back the social peace in Europe and who never wants 
to experience war on our soil. 

A war between immigrants and immigrants or between new 
inhabitants and old inhabitants is already carried out today in 
many streets in Germany’s and in Europe’s “No-Go-Areas” or 
openly in our streets. The policy of unrestrained massive immigrations 
is demanding too much of one’s own population and disappoints the
immigrants and opens the doors for criminal activities.
The events in the French Capital on 11/13/2015 are among others 
also a result of the above and may only be a temporary high point. 
Are the events in Paris our future? Certainly, if the immigration- and 
war-policy of the West is continued.

The situation is precarious and due to your initiated immigration 
avalanche becomes even more dramatic also in Germany.
Human Beings in those European Countries, which have been 
captured by this epochal refugee flood, can no longer understand 
your “Invitation” to all the needy in the world and they no longer 
want to live with the consequences of this policy.
Your immigration policy has failed, human Beings are aghast about 
your “paroles of holding out” and wished you out of your office 
yesterday rather than by tomorrow.

Not only because you are mostly responsible for the stream of 
refuges, instead that you insist on your false policy of damaging 
the German population until today. 

Every single day thousands of immigrants cross our borders legally
or illegally and settle down somewhere in Austria or Germany, 
registered or not registered. This is an influx of new inhabitants, 
which is unique in the history and unique in its manner, and which 
until today has not been stopped. By now the population, marked 
as the “pack” by the political elite, rises up and no longer tolerates 
the failure of the system, the incompetence of most politicians and 
the ignorance, by which you overlook the fears of human Beings.

But you also must have heard about the following, that:
1.) Too many immigrants are not refugees.
2.) There are too many human Beings, who have a totally 
different cultural and religious background!
3.) There are too many, who cultivate a different worldview 
and a different image of being human and some new arrivals 
want to force it on us, which has the consequence of great 

Integration under these unfavorable omens only works, 
if the immigrants are conscious of their “obligation to deliver” 
and foremost if we had fewer immigrants. With this number 
of human Beings from many different Countries, the state can 
no longer do justice for the protection of its own population or 
for the claim of integration of the immigrants. It must even be 
more alarming that most refugees have absolutely no interest 
in integration. On the contrary the mostly young males (80% 
of the immigrants are between 20and 30 years old) expect in 
Europe, foremost in Germany, besides the applauding human 
Beings, also the paradise: Houses, which we build for them, 
money, which we give them, work, which we give them, 
healthcare, which they receive or education, which we offer 
them, and women, which……

This is the expectation, naturally not of all, but of most of 
them of us. „Germany has invited us all and has promised 
much. Why do they not do what they promised?“ 
(Sam Yuf, refugee from Iraq, in Germany since 
two weeks ago, Source: News Nr. 46)

This is a level of expectations, which you Mrs. Chancellor, have 
built in human Beings and due to the “welcome culture” is only 
strengthened. Even if we wanted to, we can never do justice to
these demands! And the latest, when human Beings, who have 
come, see that they have been disappointed or if based on 
non-valid reasons for asylum are threatened with deportation, 
must and will their fury and anger discharge.

In addition, as already mentioned, criminal elements, under 
the protection of the masses, come to Europe (there are not 
only families and children, like television wants us to believe!).
And these certainly have not the intention to integrate in our 
society, instead to undermine our manner of living, which 
results in the disintegration and destruction of Germany – 
and all Countries, which naively look aside.

Official numbers of the “illegals” do not exist, but you, 
Mrs. Merkel,  certainly must know the unofficial number 
of “terror cells” , which are already among us.
"The disappearance of refugees is the consequence of 
excessive demand of the State”, says Migrations-Expert 
Jochen Oltmer of the University Osnabrück. “The refugees 
disappear, because the officials have already lost control."
(Source: Focus online, 11/10/2015)

Therefore you know exactly what kind of explosive force 
this fact entails. But also in that case you do not react. It is 
unbelievable, but true – foremost as the elected Mrs. Chancellor, 
who according to the oath of office shall avert damage from the 

Less surprising, but also not consoling rather more tragically, 
is the fact that we have a similar situation in Austria, with similar 
political incompetence and similar failure in all areas.
But you, Mrs. Merkel, determine the direction and it is known
that Austria’s Chancellor Faymann comes to you without an 
opinion, in order to leave from you with your opinion.
Here is something entirely astray and I suppose that you 
know quite well the situation in Germany and Europe – 
not only based on the immigration crisis!
All the more I am astounded how little you do against these 
developments or that you pour oil into the fire, whereby until 
today you still insist on your mantra ”We can do it!”
That you want to reinstall the Dublin guidelines is owed more 
to the public pressure than to your understanding (it remains 
to be seen how this will be implemented). This is a placebo for 
the increasingly awakening population but not an overdue 
course correction of your immigration policy.

I ask myself, what really drives you, what leads you to these 
conclusions and false decisions? Is it stubbornness, incompetence 
or simply an unconscious act, in order to undermine Germany from 
the inside? Do you hate Germany and its heroes, as Joschka Fischer 
does? „The world should simply kill German heroes, like it is done 
with rabid dogs.” Joschka Fischer, The Greens, Ex-Foreign 
Minister 1982, in the magazine PflasterStrand.
Or rather like Jürgen Trittin:„With every day Germany disappears 
more and more, and I find this simply great.“ Jürgen Trittin, 
The Greens, FAZ from 01/02/2005.

I really do not know, but I surmise nothing good and finally 
it also does nothing to the situation. Fact is, that you behave 
as an enemy of State and the People.
In every respect this is unworthy of a Chancellor, cannot be 
tolerated and borders on High Treason according to the 
German Constitution, article 56: 
„I swear that I devote my power for the benefit of the German 
People, increase its advantage, avert damage from it, preserve 
the Constitution and the laws of the Federal Republic and defend 
them, to perform my duties conscientiously and exercise justice 
against everyone. As God helps me.“ 

Whereby I remind you, with all respect for your office, 
to obey the Constitution and orient your policy according 
to this oath of office. 

Be ensured that I do not harbor any anger or even hate against you! 
No. Possibly you have good reasons for your behavior. May be you 
are subject to mind control or you are knowingly put under pressure? 
And under pressure much changes – not only for you. Whoever has 
been carved out of fine wood, foremost in politics?

Yet, no matter how difficult circumstances may be, 
they do not excuse us from our responsibility.

We have to fulfill the responsibility given to us, or the tasks 
taken on by us, to the best of one’s knowledge and belief, 
and for the benefit of all. And this applies even more to the 
office of the Chancellor!

In this sense I ask you not to do any more damage and to 
bring into order the dilemma, already caused by you, as well 
as possible. This incorporates from my point of view the following 
5 measures:

1.) Please retract your invitation in the media, so that all human 
Beings in the world may hear it! Due to a right word from you the 
migration movement to Europe will stop.

2.) Let the borders be closed and ensure that all human Beings, 
who have already come here, will be identified and will be examined 
for their actual reasons for asylum. This alone will keep the officials 
busy for several years, especially police and justice.

3.) End the chaos management, whereby you stop the migration 
where it originates! Help to end the dying in the Mediterranean and 
prevent further efforts in the cold winter. Protect your own population 
from the inevitable consequences of a policy of still mostly
“open borders”. The great number of human Beings from different 
origins and intentions started to move, because you called them 
and invited them. Please be aware of this fact.

4.) Please internalize that not all immigrants have a right for our 
hospitality and your paroles of holding out directed to the population 
are thereby more counterproductive than helpful! „Welcome culture“ 
for those, who reject our manner of living, culture and religion? 
Tolerance for those, who see us as non-believers, and where it 
is allowed to kill? If this is their beginning for a thriving 
coexistence of human Beings in Germany, so help us God. 
 „Tolerance is good. But not against intolerants.“ 
Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)

5.) Furthermore I ask you to condemn the war mongering 
of the USA and NATO, and to distance yourself clearly from 
it! This incorporates that all drone attacks, which are carried 
out from German soil, be forbidden! Germany, according to
its Constitution, is not allowed to carry out war and yet does it 
in a very active role in NATO and via Ramstein! Breach of the 
Constitution. End this intolerable situation, whereby for years 
thousands of innocent human Beings become victims, building 
up new hate against the West, and set into motion the streams 
of refugees (as a further fundamental reason besides your 
invitation). I expect from you that in the future you carry out 
your political actions according to the oath of office, from 
11/22/2005 in the Bundestag. From my point of view today, 
for you, as Mrs. Chancellor of Germany, for you, as a human 
Being and as a divine entity, there is really no alternative!

This writing attempts to bring this home to you. If it comes 
home to you, only you know and the Almighty. It would be 
most welcome for you and necessary for all of us.

Finally we will see each other in front of God. You as the 
daughter of a pastor know this. And you also know that 
we may escape from earthly justice, but we can never do 
so from God’s justice. Alone for this reason I would consider 
a fundamental change of policy and a turn of a life to the good. 
You must not do it for your people. Human Beings and people
are helped, even if you out of self-interest direct your life to 
more light-filled paths. A gleam of hope? For you? For us? 
We will see.

A Jewish proverb says: „Nobody can be a hero all the time, 
but he can always be a human Being.“ While I see the retraction 
of your “invitation” and the withdrawal of your “welcome culture”, 
on the basis of a sound human mind and a thrive for survival, as a 
long overdue course correction of a failed policy, your rejection of 
US-policy would certainly equal a small heroic deed.
Yet certainly one of both would bring you closer to the graceful 
smile of Heaven and foremost again much closer to human Beings. 

„A Nation can never expect the graceful smile of Heaven, 
if a Nation disrespects the eternal rules of order and the 
law, which Heaven itself has determined.” 
George Washington (04/30/1789)

Honored Mrs. Chancellor! 

Turn away from the New World Order and turn toward 
the benefit of your own people. Please return to the 
eternal rules of order and the law. 

Maintain the laws and stop the immigration flood. 

As God may help you.

Jahn J Kassl

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