13. November 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

God’s arrival is near, the return of human Beings in eternity 
fulfills itself. The great circle completes in the oneness of all 
Life and many human Beings return to the Source.


The time wherein your light-filled intentions work out 
has come and when they can be realized.
Light-filled and love-filled doings, actions, which occur 
in harmony with the divine assignments, manifest now the 
new reality. And therefore be aware that the old world dissolves 
with increasing velocity in front of you and you will experience 
the end.

The upcoming and already occurring discharges bring events 
with them, which demand everything of the human eye and 
a sympathetic heart.

God is with you! 

This short time for a new orientation of mankind and the planet 
can be best overbridged by some light workers, who remain on 
this earth until last, whereby the inner binding to the Light and 
to God can be maintained with all strength. 

The more disturbing the events are, the closer God is to 
you and the more you are aware of it, the better you will 
succeed in maintaining the divine vibration of Love. 

God is the refuge, the anchor and the way in this time. 
God is the Light, which radiates in you and it is the flame, 
which blazes for you and burns all impurities. 

Do not be afraid! The dark and the evil are in the process 
of devouring themselves, because they no longer find 
nutrition in this world. 

What your eyes will see and what your heart will experience 
is the oneness in God. And this occurs in the most restless 
and most exciting days of mankind.
Trust and be always aware of the fact that God is 
omnipresent and is with you.

God is with you.

In infinite Love

Return of the God’s – Master El Morya 
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