24. November 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Saying YES! 

To devote oneself to God means to say YES to everything that 
God demands from you – any resistance is dissolved, the blockages 
are overcome and any desires are recognized as illusions. 

Freedom in its highest form is DEVOTION. 

Beloved Ones,

Whoever devotes oneself to God has decided to liberate oneself 
from slavery. And slavery means to serve many masters. And 
these “masters” are inside of you. An unredeemed soul is full 
of wishes, desires and opinions, a heart covered by dross of time 
is full of fears, worries and doubts, and such a human Being seeks 
handle bars everywhere in the world, in order to master life.
Thereby he becomes the complete slave of this matrix, because  
whoever seeks inner peace in the outer will always create 
only new dependencies instead of gaining freedom. 

To devote oneself unconditionally to God is the solution to every 
problem and brings Light to the deepest darkness; the soul can 
relax and will be freed from the pressure, which a godless human 
Being exercises on it due to ignorance.

Where do you stand in this view? Are you God’s servant or a slave 
of many masters? In the answer to this question lies your fortune 
or misfortune, and lies the fortune or misfortune of the whole world. 
Due to devotion to God, due to an unconditional YES to all divine 
providence, an advanced human Being releases all resistance. 
Based on this attitude the miracle of enlightenment occurs; 
entirely on its own the ankle joints release and the chains of
ignorance are blasted off. The more unconditional your devotion 
is, the closer is the hour of your rebirth.

Once a human Being captures the significance of devotion,
whereby he recognizes it as a sacred and most effective means 
for ascension, fears fade, which are connected with it.

Devotion correctly understood means self-recognition and not
“self-surrender”, because the divine self can recognize itself as 
divine only in God. Devotion to God brings about the gradual 
dissolution of the ego. And many human Beings back off from 
exactly that.
The declining attitude to this overriding spiritual attribute, to 
this unconditional YES, is based on the fact that human Beings 
are afraid to give up their own personality. This fear is looked 
through by genuine adepts and serves as a welcome excuse 
for a still immature soul.

True is: Before the divine can appear completely, the human 
Personality must be given up! And whereby could this be more 
successful than due to God, as soon as you accept God as your 
only Master?

The time of master ship means that you accept God as your Master 
and that you totally turn toward God and that you devote yourself 
entirely to God. 

Devotion is the highest form of freedom! 

Act accordingly and be glad, because the oneness 
with God fulfills your life in this world.

I am

Devotion to God – Archangel Michael 
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