29. November 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The time of miracles has come!

No dream can reflect what you will experience in miracles 
in coming times. Make yourselves ready; be ready for it
whereby you open yourselves internally.
Unexpectedly and like out of nowhere things will unveil 
and levels will reveal themselves, where you had neither 
knowledge nor a silent surmise of. God’s work and the 
Master’s presence create a new environment, a new 
energy and each one, who is receptive for it can partake 
in this mystery; as an awakened Being, which looks toward 
the Light and full of longing expects God. Heaven reveals 
itself on earth and great Angel Beings come down, in order 
to assist the children of Light. 

It is a characteristic of these days that the protection 
and accompaniment of Heaven for the Light siblings on 
earth, which serve peace and are full of Love, is absolute.

New Power is set free 

You will overcome hurdles, which seemed insurmountable 
so far, you will master situations, which seemed out of 
reach so far and you shall create facts, which so far 
were outside of human possibilities. 

A new energy is acting; a new power is set free, the 
energy of manifestation due to the power of your 
inherent divine reality. 

Awakening means to accept one’s great infinite divine 
nature. Recognizing means to remove everything out 
of the way that hinders or has hindered this insight.

For the Light Beings of this time the great task approaches
to liberate oneself and to be a Light for mankind. It is a 
service, which lasts until the last of all days. You are facing 
the task to act with this energy on this old, yet transforming, 
You face the task, to make your own transformation visible 
and serve as a reflection to human Beings, so that more 
and more human Beings recognize themselves.
It has been assigned to you, due to your will and due to 
your power of manifestation, to change the impure into 
pure, and the ignoble into noble.

Foremost the last days in this time also mean that new 
as well as the last opportunities for realization are offered 
to each human Being. After the process, when time stands 
still, has come to an end, the world will be new, and all will 
find themselves there, where they are expected; the ones 
in Heaven, the others in worlds far from it.
Whoever believes he could still postpone his transformation 
today, errs. Therefore at the end of time sufficient opportunities 
are created, in order to awaken, in order to strip off godlessness 
and to acknowledge the living and loving God.

Listen Beloved Ones:
Only whoever decides for darkness at the last of all 
moments or out of one’s free will carries the “sign of 
the beast” will continue his journey through time and 
space with the signature of the old world and as an 
unconscious entity. Therefore pay very close attention 
to the signs of this time, which reveal themselves to 
you on a daily basis; how does life face you and 
what do you see.

Open yourself to miracles and change continuously, 
until you have discarded the lower vibrating nature 
and have accepted the higher vibrating nature. 

The time has come, when reality 
surpasses your dreams. 


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