20. November 2015


Healing due to God's Grace

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Illusion of Death 

Beloved Ones,

Children of the One God, you, who are returning to 
the Source of all Life – to the Wellspring of All-That-Is.


1.) We now liberate ourselves from all fears, 
which have to do with your physical death.
2.) We liberate ourselves from all fears, which 
have to do with the extinction of all of mankind 
and with the fear of the end of worlds, and
3.) We redeem inner images, which are linked to 
the scenario of a third World War, whereby many 
fears are stoked and are uploaded in you.

With the aim to face the facts and any reality without fear, 
we dedicate ourselves to these urgent issues for this time 
quality during today’s healing in God’s Light.

At the very first we liberate ourselves from the 
illusion that you could die or that something may die.

The physical vessel, wherein particular parts of your immortal 
and omnipresent consciousness reside, can someday go away, 
because you withdraw your consciousness to lighter realms. 
Consciousness itself does not know death, does not know dying; 
it is eternal and immortal. If you consistently begin to view your 
life on earth from the perspective of your immortal consciousness, 
gradually all fears disappear.
Also here the key lies in you.
Wake up, be courageous and do not be afraid!

And foremost do not be afraid of the day, when your consciousness 
transfers from this to a higher level. Face this moment in joy and 
overcome the uncertainty due to a deep inner binding to God.


Wherever I am clarity instantaneously sets in and the required 
protection appears instantaneously, in order to be able to run 
through the lined-up realization processes.
I work with the golden-white spiritual Light and I penetrate 
any density, dense matter as well as subtler elementary conditions.
Wherever I am great inner peace comes in, the ocean of Love 
spreads out and it is Light – on all levels of All-That-Is.
Whatever you are, we will now illuminate it and wherever you 
go, we will experience it now, whoever waits for you and where 
you are expected, and that there is no reason to be paralyzed 
with fear, no matter what comes and no matter from where the 
wind of liberation may blow. 

Nowhere in the universe are you more secure 
than in the place, where God put you!

Where is your Place? 

Recognize this and internalize this fact: 

Nowhere are you more protected, more secure and 
better entrusted in God’s care as where you are now! 

It is no product of esoteric or spiritual phantasies, 
because God’s omnipresence is proverbial.
Know this, recognize it and always call it to mind,
foremost then, when doubts plague you:
There, where you are today, is your place. God put you 
there and at that place you perform service for you and 
for the world. Worship in its highest form, out of love, 
due to your Light and in the presence of the Lord, 
who is ALL-THAT-IS.

We start the journey into the Light now and we turn our 
attention to the hidden and always newly upcoming fears in you.

Now we direct Light to these shadow worlds.

Redemption of the Fear of Death 

Carefully and with determination you look inside. 
You are courageous and you recognize where the 
fear of your own death, of your own mortality, resides.
You look at it, you recognize this fear…
It has form, has a Gestalt and an expression…

Now you totally accept this Gestalt…
You embrace this subtle body, which 
represents your fear of death…
You direct love and Light there … 
until you recognize that the fear becomes 
less and less and the Gestalt, which represents 
it, releases from your embrace…. 


You are Life, you are Light and great peace spreads in you… 


The golden-white ray of healing works and I am with you…

Redemption of the Fear of the End of the World 

Now direct your attention to the sensations and the inner 
images, which come up, as we talk about the extinction 
of mankind or about the third World War.

Carefully and with determination you look inside. 
You are courageous and you recognize where 
these fears slumber…
You look at it, you recognize these fears….
And these also have form and a Gestalt….
And now you accept these Gestalts, 
each one by itself and one after the other…..

Take your time for it… 


Now you embrace these fears and you vibrate in pure Love… 
and now these fears begin to release from your embrace 
one after the other…. 


You are Life, you are Light and great peace spreads out in you…. 


The golden-white ray of healing works and I am with you…

Now the process of redemption of all fears addressed 
here occurs in you, who follow these lines… 


And while inner images on the emotional as well as mental 
level dissolve, I begin to guide you to your spiritual reality. 
Become familiar with your Self, with your eternal soul and 
your eternal universal and immortal consciousness.

„I love all parts of you“ Encounter with Self: 
Guided Meditation and Visualization by 

Close your eyes…

Observe your breathing, rhythmic and in deep peace 
you inhale Light and you exhale Love, the Creator’s Odem.

You are relaxed, your whole body is Light and your vibration
is pure Love.
Deep inner peace affects every cell in your body.

You are in the here and now and in deep inner peace.

Now you are in the temple of Light. Heavenly beautiful 
crystals sparkling on all facets surround you. Everywhere 
you look you see crystals radiating in all colors. Light 
penetrates the room, infinitely soft, nurturing and Light 
radiating in all colors.
Now a voice speaks to you: “Where were you?”
And in this moment you realize how your body dissolves 
into different great parts of Light; weightlessly they hover 
in different colors throughout the room, every part of unique 
beauty. Your physical body dissolves and you observe this 
miracle. You are clear, awake and alive like never before.


The voice speaks to you: I love all parts of you…


You are without a body and you are fully aware 
what occurs now in this wonderful place.


You are pure consciousness… 
you have overcome your own death and 
you are conscious of your immortality.


The voice says: Return back to earth…

And in this moment you see in front your inner eye, 
how your body recomposes, how individual light fragments
return and come together. Each spark of Light is a part of 
you and you are aware that God loves every part. 
„I love all parts of you.“


The voice says: „Go there and fulfill your assignments. 
It is time….“


You leave the crystal temple of Light and you walk across a 
great white hall along a wide corridor. The Ascended Masters 
and the Archangels have taken position on the left and right
side of the corridor and they welcome you into their company 
with approving looks, due to their smiling and due to embraces 
in the Light.


Again concentrate on your breathing…
You feel your body, and you have returned to the 
sacred physical vessel, you have arrived here and now.


For a short time open your eyes, until you recognize yourself 
entirely on this level, then you may begin again to close your 
eyes, in order to let this event linger in your soul.  
(End of guided meditation)

Death is defeated 

fear is overcome, you are eternal immortal consciousness, 
beyond your physicality and far from all earthly limitations.
Whoever has experienced that he is Light and infinite 
consciousness, the fears of one’s death, of dying, can no longer 
reach you.
I urge you to always repeat this visualization then, when 
self-doubts arise or you slide into fears of death.

If you surmise that you were imperfect or not worthy of God, 
then remember God’s words, given to you today: 
„I love all parts in you.“
These are God’s words directed at your eternal divine soul.
Whenever the shadow world expands, go very deep into the 
condition of being without a body and practice the “experience 
of pure consciousness”. This exercise strengthens your immune 
system and thereby you can overcome the “epidemic of godlessness”, 
which rules on earth, and you can overcome your own doubts.

New energetic Protection 

At the conclusion of this journey to Self, you are here and 
now outfitted with a new energetic protection. Thereby you 
increase your resistance to dark influences and you become 
increasingly unreachable for energies of misbeliefs and lack 
of faith and the world of darkness.
It occurs now, it occurs for your refinement and for the glory 
of all life, so that your purified Being creates consciousness 
where ignorance rules. 

Pause…the divine Light works! 

Beloved Ones,
Children of the One eternal God, who is in Heaven and 
who is omnipresent on all levels of All-That-Is! 

The perfection of your life continues. You still have 
something to do, your work in this world is still required 
and you are still needed. The tents still are not taken down; 
instead new tents are erected so that more and more 
light-warriors may come to this earth. 

The fears of this world can no longer reach you from now on, 
you know the way to their redemption and you yourself had 
the experience of the eternal Self.

Of „Fears“ which protect you 

And at this point please distinguish precisely:

There are “fears”, which are not owed to your ignorance,
instead are owed to the necessity on earth wanting to survive. 
And these necessarily need to be regarded. What is said thereby?

If you are attacked, a counter-reaction is activated in you. 
This is a natural and inherent behavior. Do not deny this instinct 
for survival; instead utilize this inherent protection in you – act with determination. Yet internally remain always bound to the immortal 
reality, which you are. 

Look through the illusion, but do not let the 
illusion force any reality on you. 

In order to be able to fulfill your assignments in this world 
it is necessary to accept the conditions in this world.
All parts born on this earth participate in this game of illusion, 
even the ones, which have looked through the game.

Whoever jumps into the water gets wet. And wetness, 
which is experienced, nobody can dismiss it as an illusion.

How can you deal with these seeming contradictions?
Due to your consciousness!

Know on which level your life is carried out and where you are. 
Know that you have a physical body on this physical level, 
which needs to be cared for and be protected.
Energetic protection includes your physical body and does
not exclude it.

It is time to draw the great arch, and to see the whole picture, 
the great circle. Do not look at individual pieces of your existence; 
instead recognize your greatness and your universality.
See the eternal consciousness, which experiences itself in the
tight corset on earth and yet is free, to create everything, 
which springs forth from God’s Glory.
For an awakened consciousness there are neither boundaries 
nor limitations. And no matter in which world it exists, an 
awakened consciousness always lives in God’s abundance.

This is a truth, which is now revealed to you and it becomes 
your new practice in your life.
Thereby break through the veil of ignorance and enter into 
the kingdom of knowledge.

At this sacred hour 

You shared in God’s Grace and the whisper from eternity 
reached your ear and into your heart. At first you found 
refuge in the crystal temple of Light, then you found peace 
and from now on the company of Archangels and Ascended 
Masters is certain to you.

On every step the Light cares for you and God nurtures 
your soul – on all of your paths. 

So go there and now act on earth –
And Heaven may be in you. 

I am


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