16. November 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

What must happen so that Mother Earth heals and the 
hearts of human Beings are restored to health? 

The Revolution of Peace. 


Beloved Ones, Children of the One God, you, 
who give this world a new countenance.
Why does a large part of this mankind head toward 
a great conflict, toward a great war, toward great 
unrest and upheavals?

The Essence of human Dramas 

Because these human Beings love the drama, dramas, 
which have not been looked at in themselves and have not 
been redeemed. God’s Light does not penetrate into these 
hearts and therefore these dramas serve to break the ice 
and open the souls. It is appropriate to say, inner as outer, 
and therefore in the outer everything becomes visible, which 
is still unredeemed on the inside of human Beings and is still
unredeemed in the human collective and is in a disharmonious 

Harmony can only grow where maturity exists for it and 
not where individual adventures in this world still seem 
worthwhile for a human Being. 

Human nature loves excitement, loves tension. This nature 
demands its due. And so mankind weaves its fate and as 
well every individual human Being, whereby new situations 
are created, which satisfy this need. Whoever considers his 
life as insignificant and senses it as flat, whose life has little 
action and little movement, and for those, who experience 
daily life is monotonous and dull, the inner need for change 
and renewal appears during the course of one’s life.

Where little occurs on the inside, activities in the outer will 
be increased in order to compensate for the lack of “action”.

Whoever may not sense, feel and experience self in God’s Light, 
whoever evades the challenge of one’s awakening, asks for 
“excitement” on another level.

Thereby specific circumstances are attracted and new 
karmic loops are created. Every war is the result of the 
deep inner need of human Beings. The longing for God 
is replaced with the desire for earthly “drama”; as long 
until human Beings are satisfied by it and are ready 
to begin the greatest and most exciting task, namely 
the journey into the innermost and to oneself.

Is this process to be softened? Can these developments 
be dealt with, so that millions of dramas do not repeat and 
great suffering may pass? The solution lies in the “Revolution 
of Peace”. This requires fundamental inner self-reflection of 
a human Being.

Self Reflection changes the Energy 

Far from spiritual approaches and far from longing for God, 
every human Being can begin to redeem one’s own suffering 
and be spared of any new dramas. This does not require a belief 
system, nor divine worship or any prayer.

It requires clear thinking and consistent self-reflection, 
then a great step has been done to a life mostly freed of 
dramas, then the energy changes and the freed issues 
generate a light-filled daily life. This self-reflection can 
by all means also follow psychological motives, it is only 
important that the self-reflection is pursued accurately 
and ruthlessly. 

The revolt inside of you is the key, which opens 
the door to the kingdom of peace. 

This dedication offers enough tension and excitement, 
so that the need for outer dramas decreases to the extent 
of how one’s own peace work advances. Whoever observes 
in silence one’s own motivations and recognizes them, performs 
this contribution. Observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations; 
do not judge and do not evaluate them. Observe and follow these 
as long until they dissolve, until you become quiet inside, until 
calm sets in and peace is in you.

How are Souls being reached? 

JJK: Who of those, which it pertains to, will read this 
message? Who will receive knowledge of it – and foremost 

ARCHANGEL METATRON: All, who it pertains to, will
receive knowledge of it. We reach souls and the hearts 
of human Beings in different manners. Yet the written 
word and the published word create a collective energy 
field, which many human Beings can link into and also 

It is of significance for those, whom it pertains to now – 
and these human Beings will be reached. Awakening means 
to remember. And this togetherness in the Light supports 
this in an effective manner. 

Inner peace is the most exciting condition, which you 
can realize for yourself and in yourself, because you 
are confronted with everything, which opposes it, on 
the way toward it. 

To enter this path means pure action and thereby the longing 
of human Beings for aliveness is quenched. The interest in 
outer dramas dissolves.

It is worth knowing that harmony and peace may be experienced 
in different manners, namely flat or euphoric. Whoever creates 
inner peace due to moral or religious reasons, chooses hollow 
peace and his still unredeemed inner tensions are covered up 
with harmony displayed to the outside. We are not talking about 
this kind of “peace” and “harmony” in this transmission. I speak 
of the fact that only those, who deal with self and have attained 
the kingdom of peace due to the struggle with oneself, reach the 
condition of inner saturation and euphoria at the same time.

“Saturation”, because the need for outer action has been 
extinguished, and “euphoria”, because a liberated soul 
recognizes everything that is possible and what it has 
denied itself for so long. 

The following principle is true: The deeper a human 
Being penetrates into his own mystery, the more 
life-enhancing and life-giving attributes get anchored, 
which are connected with the attainment of the kingdom 
of peace. For those, who have attained peace in self, 
earthly dramas remain ineffective and they always miss 
the goal of destabilizing that entity.
The revolution of peace, in order to restore the divine 
order in oneself, is the path toward the liberation of 
mankind and the freedom of the individual. Whoever 
has established the inner divine order, has left this 
matrix and has overcome the kingdom of darkness. 

Focus on that and meditate about it: become familiar with
the truth inside and you will never again ask for another 
drama in the outer. 

The reality in God can only be experienced inside 
of you, and there is no other and more direct way. 

I am ready to assist you in your transformation, 
to serve you. Are you also?


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