1. November 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Begin the process to sound out your limitations!
Start actions, which you did not dare so far for 
want of consciousness!


Beloved Siblings of the Light!

The seven Plagues 
Of a human Being are:
1.) Lack of self-confidence.
2.) Lack of trust in God.
3.) Lack of courage.
4.) Lack of determination.
5.) Lack of power of distinction.
6.) Lack of will.
7.) Lack of love.

Today it is the daily task of a light warrior to eliminate these 
flaws, those, who have signed up for one’s own transformation 
and the change of the earth. So it is now necessary to go to the 
limits in your thoughts and in your behavior.
But what does this mean in particular?

Manifest the new Energy 

I speak about that today that you should be in a position to bring 
forth a new quality in your behavior. Meaning that based on many 
healings, which you have received in the last years and which you 
have done yourself, you can manifest new energy, a power, which 
does no longer correspond to these seven items of lack of an 
unconscious human Being.

As you have eliminated your own blockages out of your own efforts 
and with the help of spiritual Light entities – and still eliminate them – 
it is now necessary to eliminate the blockages, which this matrix 
introduces, in order to keep you from ascending; courageously, 
resolutely and foremost out of a new self-image. 

Today a new power emanates from you.
And this power can turn any condition, change 
each situation and enables every impossibility. 

Know: Miracles occur beyond mental understanding. 
This new otherworldly energy, which I am talking about here, 
appears then, when a human Being is at loss, and it affects the 
unexpected, the impossible.

And now you shall open yourselves for exactly these possibilities, 
for this miracle. The battle against the monsters in you or against
the evil in the world is never a fight of David against Goliath. 
Just the opposite, it is a fight of two equal energies, whereby 
the energy prevails, which is freed from fear and is based on 
pure and light-filled motives.
Therefore you cannot even lose the “fight of the end time” 
between good and evil, you must only be always aware of it, 
behave accordingly and appear in this certitude.

You shall have trust in self and you may now take steps, 
which you were really afraid of so far, which you have 
never done before. This means in praxis.

A.) Speak up, where you were silent before and be silent 
where you have preached to the stones in many words.
B.) Change your environment, whereby you visibly and 
audibly react to the energies, which manifest in your environment.
C.) Create new energetic conditions in your sphere of influence, 
whereby you name the evil and ban it, and bring forth the good
and light-filled at any possible opportunity.

You are the one now, who counts, so that your environment 
an be newly oriented. There are enough one eyed ones 
amongst the blind ones. 

The task of a seeing one is to let one’s environment 
get used to the Light, which emanates from the one. 

The time, when you hid your light in a dark environment 
beyond recognition, is truly over. 

Do no longer adapt to the dim light in your environment,
instead illuminate the environment until every dark corner 
is flooded with Light. 

"Where one or two are together in my name, I am among them.”,  
said our brother, Master Jesus, and wherever Jesus is, there is 
Light and this Light illuminates everything. And this Light is also 
within you; therefore illuminate the place where you are.
Today it is therefore necessary to be wide-awake, and no longer 
let the energy of the environment be pushed or forced on you. 
Rather the opposite conclusion is the right one, namely, to no 
longer withhold one’s own Light from friends and companions,
from family and colleagues. It is no loner necessary to deny 
one’s own Light due to self-protection. Just the opposite, 
it is necessary to bring forth the Light, then, when you dare,
then, when it is appropriate. Act, be effective and be, 
without getting lost in doubt.

This matrix has, like any environment, its laws.
Also you, who have entered the path of realization, 
create legitimacy! And now it is necessary to make it visible – 
because it is true: 

You determine the rules of the game for this new 
time and this game can no longer be forced on you. 

Remember: From inner to outer! This matrix will at first 
be overcome in you, only then can the outer world be left.

Revolution is Now 

And to overcome it in you means that you discard your conditioning, 
which blocked your actions, that you begin to speak clearly and 
distinctly, you begin to act and be effective; there, where you 
are in the middle of your own life. 

Wherever you do not find fertile ground, stay away from, 
wherever you recognize a fruitful field; richly sow your 
good seeds of Love and kindness, so that life may be, 
where none has been before.
The actual revolution occurs in you and it occurs now. 

Never wait that something changes in you, or that a Master or Guru 
or a new Light gestalt changes something in the world. It will not
happen in this manner.
Each change not only goes from the inner to the outer, instead 
also from below, meaning from you, who so far felt hopelessly 
subjected to this system.
The exodus from Egypt was only possible, because a few human 
Beings made that decision and because there were human Beings, 
who were not inferior to me in courage and determination. 
The overwhelming majority of the people of Israel saw themselves 
helplessly subjected in Egypt to the slavery as “foreign and hourly 
workers”! Then as now, even though there are thousands of 
years between them.
And today you, the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
are the “liberators” of human Beings. You shake awake and 
you shine with your Light at the summit.
And as such, you may, shall and must appear today. 

Make yourself be recognized! 

The slavery in Egypt was “bearable”.

Human Beings of the people of Israel were cared for with 
everything that was needed for living and even more. Many 
different people of the great empire of the Pharaohs streamed 
to Egypt then, in order to be in service as “guest workers”.
Therefore the house of the rulers was dependent on good 
relationships with human Beings from different origins, 
which performed their work in the center of the empire. 
All human Beings were allowed a certain degree of freedom
and comfort. Nothing was lacking, except true inner 
self-determination and the possibilities to become aware 
of self. The priest held human Beings in ignorance and created 
false Gods; the Dark Age as well as the empire of the Pharaohs 
were in their bloom.

The pictures of the suffering people of Israel, which is conveyed 
in the Bible, is not correct in this regard, and is hereby expressively 
clarified. The history is corrected so that human Beings can release 
themselves from false images, which lead to false beliefs.

Meaning, the exodus therefore was not absolutely necessary. 
And today a great part of human Beings in this world behave 
exactly like that. They are being cared for, the ones well; the
others poorly, and they do not perceive the slavery, which 
surrounds them. As then, most human Beings today experience 
themselves as free and yet they are slaves.

As long as the basic necessities remain quenched or are even 
overachieved, it can barely be recognized what actually occurs. 
This is a factor, which in the coming weeks and months loses in 
significance for more and more human Beings, because the magic 
of this deception can no longer be maintained, and the basic 
necessities of human Beings can be quenched less and less.

Already very soon the necessity and the will for a change 
in the system will be mandatory for more and more human 
Beings and more and more people.

We are in the middle of events, which break the ice, so that 
it becomes easier, meaning without a battle of “life and death”, 
to be able to overcome this system.

No matter how subtly slavery is exercised, slavery remains 
slavery, and now this method, whereby slaves feel themselves 
as “free”, yet they are not, is being looked through by more 
and more human Beings. 

Despite the unique possibilities and the means of the Orion 
rulers to continue to keep human Beings on the ground and 
away from their center of being, the awakening on all lines 
and levels proceeds. 

And this message is directed to you, who increasingly
look through this deception. 

From now on dare more!

Have trust in your strength and in the inputs from your 
spiritual guidance. You are the solution and no longer 
part of the problem.
Become aware of the fact that the initially described seven 
emotional and mental plagues of this time have no more 
power over you.  
Be aware, we have left the empire of the Pharaohs then, 
and today we will overcome the empire of their descendants. 

It is true: Behind us there will be no Deluge, 
which takes life, instead from us the invitation 
will go forth to all of humanity, to encounter 
the earth and all life in the spirit of Love. 

Before us is the Way, is Life and the Truth is omnipresent.

And alive in us is ALL-THAT-IS, GOD.


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