18. November 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Cast out the lower nature and arise to the level of a fully 
conscious divinity – which you represent on all levels of 
All-That-Is and which you also are on earth! 


Open your hearts for God’s Love. Come to the source so that 
you may partake of the abundance and Grace, which springs
forth from this source. 

Being in the middle of life means to act out of your divine 
reality, and standing in the middle of life means to fulfill 
one’s inside with life so that it may radiate into the world. 

The curtain of ignorance begins to lift. Slowly you are made 
familiar with your true nature and the “Flower of Love” is 
revealed to you – whereby life of all entities in this as well 
as in all worlds of God’s infinity is determined.

The “Flower of Love” is your cosmic vehicle, is your light 
body, which you move with across space and time and far 
from it. Once a human Being attains consciousness about it, 
how and whereby he is protected from all influence, all fears 
begin to fall off like autumn leaves.

Vehicle of Love 

The spiritual realms of Light are entrusted to activate the 
light bodies of human Beings. Whoever is ready for it in
order to return to one’s reality, to him this service has 
already been given for several years. Gradually these 
human Beings are lifted into this vehicle of Love, 
until they have been fully anchored in it.

This work on your and with your energy bodies requires 
A.) The maturity of the soul is available for it.
B.) A deep longing for the return to God exists.
C.) The transformation of a human Being is far advanced.

Not every human Being, who asks for the light vehicle, 
may also be able to enter into it, because it is true and 
widely distributed among human children that they wish 
Heaven on earth without wanting to erect Heaven in their 
hearts. The activation of your light bodies and the visibility 
of it occurs step by step and is in direct correspondence to 
the degree of transformation, which you have performed 
on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

You will be given richly, after you have gifted 
yourself and have fulfilled yourself with new life.  

And so that you may succeed, the great number of Light 
forces from Heaven stand at your side. What counts is a 
deep inner longing for perfection, your deep soul wish for 
the end of the transitory journey and your readiness to 
give everything for it.
Whoever is fitted with these soul qualities will prevail over 
his lower nature and victory over all outer attachments is 
certain. For such a human Being, his days on earth and his 
time on this level of All-That-Is is being fulfilled.

The widely distributed opinion that the light body is built 
today in every human Being, because the Light influx from 
the CENTRAL SUN determines it, must be enlighteningly 
rejected here. True is, whoever is in resonance with the 
spiritual Light, for him everything is possible, whoever 
avoids it, remains captured in his reality and his ascension 
still does not loom today, despite the enormous influx of 
spiritual nutrition. 

The inner orientation of a human Being makes the 
difference in all things, which may or may not occur – 
the determining element in each creation is the inner 
strength, whereby a life is lived and consciousness 
wants to be attained. 

The “Vehicle of Love” is ready and the Angels of Heaven 
expect your signal, so that they may begin with their work 
or may proceed with it.

Therefore continue to remain a vigilant observer of your 
own driving force, recognize at which point of your long 
journey through time and space you stand; is the kingdom 
of Heaven alive in you or must it still be erected? 

Have you coaxed the Flower of Love into bloom? 

I am

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