5. November 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

It is the necessity of these days to work daily on your own 
perfection! Do not flag to put your open issues into the Light 
and thereby always turn directly to God, directly to the great 
Angels of the Light and directly to the Ascended Masters.

Avoid detours and forgo schooling from non- or half-knowing 


Therefore why was the “Golden Calf” worshipped?
What does this image represent?

It represents the perception of God in outer appearances. 
It represents that a human Being has not found his own 
access to divinity on the inside and therefore turns to this 

And the religions wanted and still want to feed you with this 
substitute, and Gurus and priests want that you come to them, 
instead of going inside.
Meet your Self, and then you have everything!

Today, as at all times before, the history of the Bible continues 
and human Beings are animated to worship the wrong God, 
only so that one may never meet one’s own divine Self.

Therefore I point in this message to the urgency, day by day, 
to seek access to your own divinity! The neighbor’s key only
closes the neighbor’s lock, the knowledge of somebody else 
is never yours and the steps to realization are so manifold as 
human Beings are! What all human Beings unite on the path 
into the Light is the longing for the Light.
If this longing exists, then the way will yield and God will 
reveal himself to you at the designated hour for it.
A light warrior is to be recognized in the desire and longing 
for the Light and the light warriors can be distinguished from 
each other. There are no other suitable criteria than this. 
Neither special abilities nor amazing magic tricks point to 
the degree of maturity of a human Being, instead it is only 
the longing for God whereby a mature soul can be distinguished 
from an immature one.
Only in this regard do old or young souls distinguish themselves 
and thereby one should assign great attention to this characteristic.

Therefore only old and mature souls are attracted to the daily 
work in God’s vineyard, because daily work means to go to the 
causes of one’s own blockages and thereby pave the way to God 
until the direct connection to the Source is established and until 
the longing for God is quenched. The mature soul does not know 
any other goal. The immature soul demands other experiences 
and does not long for God.

Prayer, Meditation & Master

What kind of help may or shall a mature soul utilize, 
in order to establish direct contact to God?

The prayer, the meditation and the Light of perfected 
Masters, which act on this side or beyond the visible.

How do you recognize a perfected Master?

In his lack of intention when you meet him!
The lack of intention is the characteristic. Such an entity 
is free of any wish wanting to help you, instead such a 
human Being serves, because it is his divine nature and 
it is always based on high and invariably noble-minded motives.

In these days discern exactly and orient yourself precisely: 
You yourself want to see God, and you want to experience 
God “personally”. Thereby the worship of a “golden calf” 
or a Master is not at all helpful. 

Whoever does not create new dependencies, you should 
welcome him, whoever leaves you alone with yourself, 
greet him, whoever loves you on account of yourself and 
not because you follow the requirements of a healing 
concept, trust him. 

There is only one concept in order to attain enlightenment: 
The living bond of a human Being with the Source. Only due 
to that can the essence of eternal life be gradually infused
into the soul of a human Being.

„Spiritual Industrialization“

Please pay attention to how the Gurus of this time represent 
themselves and what kind of motives moves them or still 
plagues them. The “spiritual industrialization” has started 
and the golden calves are in all places.
Spirituality, esotericism, religion and belief systems are 
offered like valuable silk in the market.
Each taste is being served, each healing modality complied 
with, only so that self-appointed Masters can gather disciples 
around them, wherefrom they draw vital energy for themselves 
and gain in self-worth, even if they allege the opposite and 
portray something else.
Frustration is pre-programmed for the seeker, because even
the most beautiful silk can only cover a body, but cannot 
liberate it from the stench of impurity.

This means, only the one, who throws you back to yourself 
until you have arrived at self, earns your attention.

Distinguish in each moment of your life whom you listen to, 
who you turn to and who is in a position to assist you without 
thereby pursuing his own interests. “Golden calves” are built 
and there are plenty of them, now as the day of truth comes 
closer and closer.


There is nothing on the outside what already exists on the 
inside since a long time ago. God is in you, through you 
and his voice speaks to you inside.
Become receptive for it, every day more, then you have 
everything and you will not waste any thought with Gurus 
or Masters.

I am with you. I know what it means to cross long stretches 
of way on this earth and I know what it means to fulfill these 
wanderings in God’s Light.

Remember, then it will also happen to you what 
I have experienced. Here and now and today. 

Where do you want to wait for the ONE, 
who is everywhere? Remember. 
It is only one step to enlightenment, yet it is a 
long way of mistakes, which precede this step. 


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