11. November 2015


This Essay was presented on October 28th, 2015 in Vienna 
during the Light Reading. This first part in written form cannot
exactly portray the spontaneous additions, which I always make 
live, yet the text in total is complete and represents what I have 
said. In some places it is further expanded.

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Helping until it hurts!

Said Austria’s President of Caritas Dr. Michael Landau regarding 
the immigration crisis in Austrian television ORF. I ask: 
Is this the right way, in order to stem the ongoing mass exodus 
or is it an adopted belief pattern done without reflection, which 
also Michael Landau falls for?

The mass exodus, which in the meantime has grown into an 
uncontrolled immigration, is predestined to activate guilt feelings,
forbidden thinking or also belief patterns, which, as they are not 
made aware, lead to false assumptions, false conclusions and to 
false behavior.

„Light Warriors you have much to do!“
said Mahavatar  Babaji in the message 

Does this include “Helping until it hurts”?
These and further issues deserve a detailed consideration 
and in the following article
Actualization of the Immigration Crisis
are carried out by me.

The more than just worthy to be examined “Word of the Month”: 
„Helping until it hurts!“ initially originated from Mother Teresa, 
the “Mother of the Poor”, which according to the Roman-Catholic 
Church may be openly revered and for which the illness of cancer 
symbolized the “kiss from Jesus”. What moved this “Saint” logically 
to deny the ill ones and the suffering ones any pain medication. 
Mother Teresa’s maxim was: The more pain the better. This is 
an image of suffering, which the Catholic Church endorses, 
and should be totally rejected according to my point of view.
Also here and foremost now regarding the immigration crisis.
It is necessary:

Erect „Stop Signs“!

„Helping until it hurts” is not a solution as well as repressing fears. 
And this is also true, if Angela Merkel means “Fear is not a good 
advisor” (Attention: belief pattern at the wrong place!).
Merkel thereby wants to cover up her true intentions and lead 
human Beings in the wrong direction; thereby it is suggested 
to us that our justified fears are crazy ideas and we should feel 
guilty for eventual objections or for help not carried out.

Fear as Protection

The „Stoking of Fears“ in the question of immigration is done 
by those, according to Merkel, who warn us of the results of this 
immigration policy. This is a complete reversal of the facts. 
Fear distributes this policy and not the human Beings, who 
declare a complete rejection of this policy, whereby they name 
the transgressions and stand up against it. In addition these 
justified fears serve us as protection. 

The many human Beings, whereby „80% are male and 
between 20-30 years old“, (Karin Kneissl, Near East expert 
in ORF), which immigrate without verification, must bring 
forth anxieties in human Beings. This is human, is 
understandable and entirely natural. 

Besides Merkel and Faymann, the Duo Infernale, all political 
parties, institutions or artists – the lobby of wanting to do good – 
want to convince us that these fears are unjustified.
Not so the mayor of Freilassing, who in an urgent request turned 
to the German Chancellor „Help, Mrs. Merkel, my city bleeds 
to death“. „Josef Flatscher, mayor of Freilassing at the German-
Austrian border describes how within a few weeks this place 
turned from a thriving city to the edge of a collapse.“1 

I say: Fear in this context is the BEST ADVISOR! 
Self-empowerment presupposes that we can see 
what is. And only then can we object and defend 
ourselves. It is stupidity to have no reservations 
in the case of the immigration crisis! When very 
different human Beings, no matter where they come 
from, cross our borders unchecked to this extent, 
whereby the border police are overrun and barriers 
are broken, one talks about the violent land grab 
and not about peaceful seekers of asylum.

This fact has the explosive power to destroy a state 
of law, because human Beings lose the belief in the 
power of the state to establish order and logically take 
their fate into their own hands. The command of the 
hour can only be: Set up “Stop Signs” and close the 

With every day of further waiting and hesitation, 
the situation for the immigrants and for us gets only worse. 

„It is not thinkable that thousands of human Beings march 
across the border, without being asked where they want to
go, where they come from! The state must protect the borders
for its citizens – and does not do it!“ Hermann  Schützenhöfer, Landeshauptmann der Steiermark (in ZiB 2, ORF, 21.10.2015)

Stop Sigs, which Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz 
also considers as necessary: 

Kurz criticizes the hypocritical” deal of the EU with Turkey. 
Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) criticizes the attempts to 
make the containment of the tide of refugees to Europe with 
promises of billions of Euros. During an interview with Austrian 
newspapers, Kurz mentioned that the EU resolution for cooperation 
with Turkey is in truth that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip 
Erdogan „shall get dirty hands for us.“
„But this shall not be openly discussed”, demanded the Foreign 
Minister from the daily newspaper „Die Presse“ (22.10.2015) as 
well as from the media in other parts of the country. „It is double 
tongued and hypocritical to pay Erdogan three billion Euros for 
the task to stop the refugees and then also boast about being 

„Uncontrolled influx cannot function“ 
Kurz instead demands understanding from the heads of state: 
„Europe should admit that an entirely uncontrolled influx to Mid 
Europe cannot function. One can and should express this truth; 
it is reasonable for human Beings. One should not only make 
this truth reasonable for the human Beings in Europe, but 
also to the many human Beings, who still want to come.2 

Putin supposedly said: „If you want to live 
in Russia, you must live like a Russian!“ 

Based solely on the uncontrolled and very often-violent 
border crossings, these ambitions can only be recognized
in very few immigrants. Just the opposite, the new immigrants 
convey the impression that we should adapt to them and not 
them to us. It is an impression, which is also increased due to
governments, politicians and artists in Germany and in Austria, 
whereby we are asked to be tolerant, something that many 
new inhabitants certainly do not bring forth. 

„Tolerance is good. But not toward intolerants.“ 
Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908), German writer and painter.

The world goes in the wrong direction and not only the politicians 
play mad. During the National holiday in Austria on 10/26/2015, 
when traditionally recruits are sworn in at the Vienna Heldenplatz, 
for the first time a Muslim Imam addressed the soldiers. 

„Since July the army has a Muslim minister for 800 Muslims 
in the army – this is anchored in Islamic law. 
Natural boundaries are crossed here, human Beings increasingly 
feel insecure in their own country. And in the meantime manipulations
from the media and political deceitfulness want to convince us that 
we should either cooperate or that we should be ashamed for our
unwillingness and our justified worries. 

Guilt feelings, where they do not belong, are stoked by 
the lie-press, the lie-politicians and naively blind “Helper 
brigades”, and “fears”, where they are justified, remain 
unheard. It is up to each one of us to look through this 
and to reject this monopolizing with full determination. 

The Merkel-Mantra: „We can do this!“ (Attention: belief pattern
at the wrong place!), if it were not so sad and dangerous, would 
be a joke! Who are we? Have we been asked? Have we been
asked, if we can truly do this? And besides, without giving up 
our identity and to abolish ourselves, we cannot do it!

Merkel’s Agenda
Is clear:
1.) To destroy Germany
2.) To destabilize Europe
3.) From the created chaos establish 
the New World Order (NOW)

Under the title “We can do this”, or should it not say:
“Merkel does Germany in”, Willy Wimmer on 10/20/2015 
published an article in Kopp online, where one read the 
following: „The previous judge of the Federal Judicial Court,
Di Fabio, recently made remarks concerning the legality of
the refugee proceedings. Generally he attested that very few 
of those who want to come have a judicial justification according 
to national and international laws. It is shabby from a human point 
of view, if one knows about millions of refugees in camps in Near 
and Middle East, and the United Nations then refuse to give the 
necessary means.“4 

And Stefan Schubert wrote: 400 000 Refugees in 40 Days 
„No, these numbers are unfortunately not owed to an exaggeration 
of the author, in order to increase the effect of the message, instead 
it is bitter reality. These are official numbers from the Interior Ministry.
According to this between September 5th and October 15th 2015, 
409,000 new immigrants were registered, 10,000 per day.
You rub your eyes in astonishment and think, if you have missed 
a report in the ARD regarding this topic or if you have overlooked 
a newspaper with a headline in large letters? Do not worry, your 
eyesight is perfect. Hand in hand all media and all parties in the
Bundestag kept this information secret.“5 

The elementary healthy human mind therefore must come 
to the following conclusion: 

Yes to the integration of those, who really want to and 
according to the Geneva Refugee Convention actually 
have a justification for the status of an asylum! No to 
mass integration! The commandment of the hour can 
only be: close the borders. 

Even if we were to close the borders today, we would have 
more than enough to do for several years, with registration, 
care, deportation or integration for the human Beings already 
having arrived in the country.

Necessary Emergency Measures

Which “emergency measures” in total should be carried out 
now as the situations increasingly gets out of hand and 
should be carried out immediately?

1.) To close National Borders and the EU outer Borders!
2.) To send back all boats in the Mediterranean and to 
control the EU borders (48 hour rush proceedings)!
3.) Media campaign in the afflicted countries, that no 
more refugees will be accepted in Europe! (Australia 
acted accordingly and tides of refugee have ceased)
4.) Merkel must retract her “invitation” in world public, 
so that this will be heard in the farthest corners of the 
world. Thereby the tides of refuges can be stopped 
where they originate.
5.) Merkel must resign and must be held responsible 
for her policies in a court of law, so that trust in the 
constitutional state can be reestablished.

Furthermore it is necessary for each one of us to become 
aware that we are not guilty of this misery, instead it is 
our governments.

Reject any Guilt for this Situation!

Just as little are we responsible for Hitler’s crimes or the 
Second World War! Still how many more generations? 
Nobody would think to assign guilt to the French living 
today for the policy of Napoleon or to the Macedonians 
living today for Alexander the Great. Therefore do not 
let yourself be burdened with what does not exist. 

Our politicians are responsible for the immigration 
crisis, because they tolerated worldwide NATO and 
US wars originating from Europe. 

We the people and the overwhelming number of European 
citizens certainly do not want this! Obama’s drone war is 
directly carried out from Ramstein in Germany – and this 
worldwide. US-Drone pilot Brandon Bryant says:  
"German is essential for all US drone operations 
worldwide." (ARD-Panorama) 

ARD reported under the title: 
Without Ramstein this would be impossible  
„Germany plays a far more important role in the US drone war 
than is known so far. According to investigations of NDR, WDR 
and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, not only are drone attacks 
coordinated from the US base in Ramstein in Rheinland-Pfalz.
On the contrary the military base is the pivot for all drone
activities. Accordingly live images of the drones are evaluated 
here around the clock.6 

Without German technology absolutely nothing goes in Obama’s
drone war. If you, willing reader, would absolutely like to feel guilty 
for something, then please for the fact that you have elected these 
politicians (if you have voted).

Neither in Austria nor in Germany or anywhere else in Europe 
do human Beings want to have these massive tides of immigrants, 
as well as the majority rejects the US-NATO wars (surveys or 
no longer published regarding this).

Many say it, the opposition establishes publicity and we become 
more and more. Regarding the immigration policy, in these days 
we experience the failure of Germany and Austria as well as the 
EU. Europe sleepwalks into the catastrophe and in the meantime 
even the “helpers” must realize that they took on too much and 
have taken on too much suffering – in the meantime it really hurts. 

„Based on the extreme burden for voluntary helpers, a maximum
time of 24 hours per week is recommended. Due to personnel
shortage 70 hours per week would actually be required regularly. 
Psychological assistance is not offered for the helpers, even food 
is not always guaranteed, foremost during the night-shifts.
Gerhard V. (Pseudonym) knows what he is talking about: 
“The service is extremely taxing, because the housings are 
massively overfilled, often more than double the allowed 
number of persons, like in the “Blue House” at the Vienna 
Westbahnhof, where instead of allowed 800 persons up to 
1800 were counted. People lie on Iso mats on the floor in 
corridors; wash rooms and toilets are extremely messed up.”
And, according to the helper, "We are already used to lice and 
other vermin.”
Another problem is food. “Daily soldiers bring great pots with 
Goulash, which is cooked with extra pork – but people let it sit. 
The soldiers are extremely irritated, because almost always they 
must throw away two are three pots.” According to helper 
Gerhard V., who extracts from these rests his “salary” in 
natural produce. The immigrants cannot deal with child 
packages, Milupa baby food or other items, so that much 
remains unused: “But they eat fruits and chocolate,” 
knows the voluntary helper.“7 

My conclusion regarding the actual situation of the immigration 
crisis: Europe must pull the emergency brake, in order to 
divert damage from the population and from the immigrants! 
„Helping until it hurts” is no solution, instead it means too 
much for the helpers and disappointment for the needy; 
and for all a certain way to great conflict and civil war. 

And the USA want to drive Europe in exactly that direction.

What based on ever-increasing opposition and based on our 
efforts from all of us may not succeed – I am entirely convinced 
of this – and it will also not succeed.

Jahn J Kassl

The second part of „Europe’s Blind Flying into the Immigration 
Crisis + Context to the messages” will be published tomorrow 
at this place! 

Europe’s Blind Flying into the Migration Crisis–JJK 

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