3. November 2015


Conversation with Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Fran

Store inner Stock!

JJK: Does it make sense to make provisions for the 
coming events, like storing food and more of the same?

BABAJI: I am amongst you!  

The only provision, which each human Being should 
make for the "Great Judgment" is reaching the binding 
with God and to invite Babaji's presence into one's life.

Safe are those, who are with God, who are cared for, who seek 
protection under my roof, and the kingdom of Heaven is open 
for God’s warriors.

To deduce this change from past history of mankind leads to 
false assumptions, because it befalls that everything will occur 
differently than before. Whoever seeks securities only on earth, 
will lose those, whoever seeks securities due to light-filled doings
in God, will overcome every circumstance and to him no event, 
may it be so insistent and so unimaginable, can upset him or he 
will not be damaged. Yet storing of food or making other preparations
for the great day are not wrong in principle.

Thereby it is important if one’s own spiritual truth, one’s own reality 
in God’s immortality has been recognized, or if this happens out of 
the motive to secure under all circumstances one’s life on earth 
and to “save” it.  

Whoever wants to protect one's life, will lose it, but 
whoever dedicates one's life for the change, will gain it.

Stock inner provisions: Love, understanding, trust, forgiveness, 
devotion, empathy, wisdom, clarity, courage and simplicity. 
Then you have cared for the “Day of Judgment” and no 
further measures are necessary.

This may be your guideline for these days 
and for the upcoming time. 

Never worry about your own life, 
because it is not in your but in God’s hands. 

I am with you and amongst you.


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